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MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide · fletcher/MultiMarkdown Wiki · GitHub
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Advanced Features and Customization
Applications that Support MultiMarkdown
Component Software
Known Issues
MultiMarkdown and LaTeX
MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide
Quickstart Guide to MultiMarkdown
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What Is MultiMarkdown
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This is a guide to the markup syntax used in the MultiMarkdown system.

Metadata -- MultiMarkdown has support for metadata, meaning that you can include information about a document that is not necessarily part of the document contents.
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CommonMark | Home
Because there is no unambiguous spec, implementations have diverged considerably. As a result, users are often surprised to find that a document that renders one way on one system (say, a GitHub wiki) renders differently on another (say, converting to docbook using Pandoc). To make matters worse, because nothing in Markdown counts as a “syntax error,” the divergence often isn't discovered right away. There's no standard test suite for Markdown; the unofficial MDTest is the closest thing we have. The only way to resolve Markdown ambiguities and inconsistencies is Babelmark, which compares the output of 20+ implementations of Markdown against each other to see if a consensus emerges. We propose a standard, unambiguous syntax specification for Markdown, along with a suite of comprehensive tests to validate Markdown implementations against this specification. We believe this is necessary, even essential, for the future of Markdown. That's what we call CommonMark.
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Babelmark 2 - FAQ
The official markdown syntax documentation is silent or vague on many issues, and implementations have diverged in their interpretations of the syntax. Even when the interpretation of the syntax spec is not in question, implementations may have bugs. So it is useful to be able to see at a glance how implementations differ on various inputs. The hope is that this tool will promote discussion of how and whether certain vague aspects of the markdown spec should be clarified. -- How does Babelmark 2 differ from Babelmark 1? Instead of asking the Babelmark maintainer to install all the converters on his server, and keep them up to date, we use a decentralized model. Each implementer provides a small “dingus server” that accepts textual input and returns HTML. Babelmark 2 queries these dingus servers asynchronously and combines their outputs into a page of results. This system puts the burden on implementers to keep their servers up to date.
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Pandoc vs Multimarkdown · jgm/pandoc Wiki · GitHub
Tables comparing file types that each can convert - pandoc really is "pan"
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