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Clarify-it.com - Tinderbox 6 Exporting OPML to Scrivener
OPML is an open standard for transferring outline-type data between applications.  Scrivener can import OPML, allowing Tinderbox data to be exported to Scrivener. Format limitations: OPML is a plain text format. Text formatting, i.e. bold, underline, font face/colour, highlighting can't transfer via OPML, nor may Tinderbox links between notes.

This tutorial was made using Tinderbox v6.0.2 and Scrivener v2.3. The built-in templates referred to here are those shipping in Tinderbox v6.
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october 2015 by dunnettreader
Aeon Timeline - ScribbleCode
Site with support, forum, blog -- trial version (full use for 20 actual days of use) has been downloaded; user manual has been downloaded and placed in EF
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september 2013 by dunnettreader

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