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Robert P. Irvine - Labor and Commerce in Locke and Early 18thC English Georgic (2009) | JSTOR - ELH
ELH, Vol. 76, No. 4 (Winter, 2009), pp. 963-988 -- importance of (agricultural) labor from Locke’s 2nd Treatise to "naturakize" money not just within the economy but within politics of the mercantilist imperial state - comparing Virgil use of georgics to encompass the Roman imperial state. Contrasts political agendas of Philips (Cyder 1707) and Pope (Windsor Forest 1713) in their use of georgics, both working within the Lockean framework of property. Extensive lit survey - lots of recent work on 18thC georgics to say nothing of cultural dimensions of political economy of expanding trade, commercialization and imperialism. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Corey Robin - David Ricardo: Machiavelli of the Margin - Nov 2014
In my course this semester at the Graduate Center, “The Political Theory of Capitalism,” we’ve been exploring how some of the classics of modern political economy translate, traduce, transmit, efface, revise, and/or sublimate traditional categories of and concepts in Western political theory: consent, obedience, rule, law, and so forth. Through economic thinkers like Smith, Ricardo, Keynes, Schumpeter, Jevons, and the like, we try and read political economy as the distinctively modern idiom of political theory. In the same way that religion provided a distinctive language and vocabulary for political thought after Rome and before the Renaissance, might not economics provide modern political theory with its own distinctive idiom and form? In other words, our interest in the political moment of economic discourse is not when the state intervenes or intrudes; it’s when economic discourse seems to be most innocent of politics. That’s when we find the most resonant and pregnant political possibilities. -- see site for some interesting comments -- downloaded pdf to Note
intellectual_history  political_philosophy  political_economy  18thC  19thC  20thC  Ricardo  rents  rent-seeking  surplus  labor_share  labor_theory_of_value  marginalists  downloaded 
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Franck Bessis , review essay - André Orléan, L’empire de la valeur - Vers un changement de paradigme en économie ? | June 2012 - La Vie des idées
Recensé : André Orléan, L’empire de la valeur. Refonder l’économie, Paris, Seuil, collection « La couleur des idées », 340 p., 23 €. -- Spécialiste des questions monétaires et financières, André Orléan fournit à travers la synthèse de ses recherches un ouvrage de référence pour renouveler l’analyse économique. Sa démarche invite également à repenser la place de l’économie au sein des sciences sociales et son rapport au politique. -- also available in English, downloaded French pdf to Note
books  reviews  economic_theory  intellectual_history  classical_economics  neoclassical_economics  labor_theory_of_value  marginalists  utility  financial_economics  monetary_theory  macroeconomics  political_economy  social_theory  ontology-social  social_sciences  downloaded 
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