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Xwavesoft - Cloud Outliner 2
Hierarchy, styling, notes, numbernig, checkboxes
Organize and protect your outlines
Light and Dark themes
Export to PDF, OPML, or Plain Text
Sync with Evernote and iCloud
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september 2015 by dunnettreader
This Is The App To Use When All Else Fails To Recover An iPhone Backup | Mac360
The best way was to erase and restore but the restore just would not work. We shopped around the web for backup and restore utilities. The third one we tried is appropriately titled iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. It wasn’t cheap but we were desperate. This is the kind of utility you want when the iPhone won’t restore from a backup or cannot be backed up.
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september 2015 by dunnettreader
How Mac, iPhone, And iPad Users Deserve Something Nice And Synced | Mac360
Nice Clipboard on the Mac resides in the background, constantly monitoring what you copy or cut to the Mac’s clipboard, then copies it to the library, and then synchronizes what you copied to iPhone or iPad using iCloud.

This is one of those nifty utilities that, once you set it up, just works. Whatever you copy or cut on your Mac will show up on your iPhone or iPad a few minutes later.
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september 2015 by dunnettreader
VoodooPad from Plausible Labs
VoodooPad for iOS is the mobile little brother to VoodooPad. If you need a wiki on your iOS device, this is the app you want. While not quite as powerful as its older sibling- VoodooPad for iOS does all the things you need, including syncing via Dropbox.
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september 2015 by dunnettreader
Taskmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS 7 technologies, gives you speedy, powerful tools that let you more productive. You'll get started in no time, entering and organizing your tasks, notes, or projects. Once your notes/tasks/projects are ready, access them anywhere with dropbox, send them to Pages, Microsoft Word, or Evernote, email, print, share, archive them - all right from Taskmator.

•Each element of UI (User Interface) is built for iOS 7
•Paper-like user experience
•Type your lists into Taskmator and each line is formatted into a Project, Task, or Note
•Distraction-free writing
•Support outlining, planning, scheduling
•Powerful search and filtering using live search method
•Untethered sync to Dropbox.com
•Full support of Mac OS X app TaskPaper
•Full support of third party app TextExpander Touch (latest SDK integration)
•Organize notes, tasks, or projects by tags
•Customize secondary keyboard keys, themes, fonts, icons, tags, file extension to create your own environment
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september 2015 by dunnettreader
CSV Touch
CSV Touch is a simple application for reading CSV files from a local cache on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The first line in the CSV file should contain the column titles, and using that every row in the file is then treated as an item; you can sort the items, live search in them, and customize which columns should be visible and sortable.

You can also have live links inside your files which when clicked will open Safari, create a mail, or start a phone call; see Linking for more details about how to use this. Similarly, if you reference pictures stored on the web, you can see these inside CSV Touch.
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september 2015 by dunnettreader

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