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R. Bin Wong - Entre monde et nation: les régions braudéliennes en Asie (2001) | Annales on JSTOR
Entre monde et nation: les régions braudéliennes en Asie
R. Bin Wong, trans. Pierre-Étienne Will
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales
56e Année, No. 1 (Jan. - Feb., 2001), pp. 5-41
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april 2017 by dunnettreader
Roger Chartier's emeritus pages - Écrit et cultures dans l'Europe moderne (2006-2016) - Collège de France
Écrit et cultures dans l'Europe moderne (2006-2016) - links to his courses and seminars while he held the chair, and location for subsequent work especially the Débats d'histoire discussions - once a month starting in December 2015 - during the school year (i.e. through May) with announced intention to restart this school year. Joined for several by Patrick Boucheron who arrived (Dec 2015) as Chartier's regular appointment came to an end.
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Vasant Kaiwar - The Postcolonial Orient: The Politics of Difference and the Project of Provincialising Europe (2015) | Haymarket Books
ISBN: 9781608464791 -- In this far-reaching and insightful work, Vasant Kaiwar analyzes the political, economic, and ideological cross-currents that have shaped and informed postcolonial studies. Kaiwar mobilizes Marxism to demonstrate that subaltern studies is marred by orientalism, and that far richer understandings of ‘Europe’ not to mention ‘colonialism’, ‘modernity’ and ‘difference’ are possible without a postcolonialism captive to phenomenological-existentialism and post-structuralism. -- Vasant Kaiwar (Ph.D. UCLA, 1989), Visiting Associate Professor of History, Duke University; founder-editor, South Asia Bulletin and Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; and co-editor, Antinomies of Modernity and From Orientalism to Postcolonialism.
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Jacques Revel, review - Jack Goody, Le Vol de l’histoire. Comment l’Europe a imposé le récit de son passé au reste du monde (2010 trans of The Theft of History, 2006) - La Vie des idées - 26 avril 2011
Jack Goody, Le Vol de l’histoire. Comment l’Europe a imposé le récit de son passé au reste du monde, traduit de l’anglais par Fabienne Durand-Bogaert. Paris, Gallimard, coll. « NRF Essais », 2010, 488 p. (édition originale : The Theft of History, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006). -- Mots-clés : historiographie | Europe | histoire globale | Asie -- Partant d’une comparaison entre l’Asie et l’Europe, l’anthropologue Jack Goody dénonce ce qu’il appelle le « vol de l’histoire ». Il reproche à Elias, Braudel ou Needham d’avoir conforté le grand récit qui fait de l’expérience historique de l’Europe à la fois une exception et la mesure de l’histoire du reste du monde. Cette critique est utile et légitime, selon Jacques Revel, mais repose sur des jugements parfois tout aussi globalisants que ceux qu’elle entend contredire. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Joseph Adelson, review essay - What Caused Capitalism? | Foreign Affairs - May 2015
Once upon a time, smart people thought the world was flat. As globalization took off, economists pointed to spreading market forces that… Includes new Cambridge History of Capitalism, Mokyr Enlightened Economy, Acemoglu and Robinson Why Nations Fail, and Beckert Empire of Cotton -- contrasts tales that are, in broad brush, optimistic and internalist re origins (especially Mokyr) vs pessimistic and externalist (especially Cotton) -- copied to Instapaper
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The Legacy of the U.S. Civil War: 150 Years Later - roundtable with historians | Cambridge University Press Blog - April 2015
Participants: Kathleen M. Hilliard  is the author of Masters, Slaves, and Exchange .  She is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Iowa State… Quite interesting, both for their insights and for how the historiography of the US in the 19thC has changed -- not simply looking at social groups (both as actors and victims) who had been ignored, but that historiographical shifts in specialties (e.g. military history, or the connections between legal and political history) have changed or broadened the focus when it comes to the Civil War. Lots of links to CUP books as well as (unlinked) other books and papers. S
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Issue TOC - THE RESILIENCY OF THE NATION-STATE IN SCHOLARSHIP AND IN FACT | JSTOR: Review (Fernand Braudel Center), Vol. 34, No. 3, 2011
Introduction: "Globalization" and the Nation-State in the Modern World-System (pp. 253-258) - Denis O'Hearn and Thomas M. Wilson. *--* Nationalism in a Post-Hegemonic Era (pp. 259-283) - Richard Lachmann. *--* The State of States in International Organizations: From the WHO to the Global Fund (pp. 285-310) - Nitsan Chorev, Tatiana Andia Rey and David Ciplet. *--* On the Study of Social Optics: Foucault, Counter-Surveillance, and the Political Underground in Northern Peru (pp. 311-331) - David Nugent -- lots of interesting bibliography
article  journal  jstor  20thC  21stC  economic_history  political_history  political_economy  international_political_economy  cultural_history  globalization  global_governance  global_economy  global_system  global_history  social_theory  political_sociology  political_culture  political_nation  nation-state  national_ID  elites  elite_culture  MNCs  international_organizations  international_system  international_finance  IR_theory  IR-domestic_politics  hegemony  Foucault  IFIs  world_systems  bibliography  EF-add 
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Shaking the Foundations: A Reply to My Critics | David Armitage
Armitage, David. In Press. “Shaking the Foundations: A Reply to My Critics”. Contemporary Political Theory. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Roger Chartier - History, Time, and Space | Republics of Letters - Volume 2, Issue 2 (March 2011)
Downloaded pdf to Note - looks like specifically commissioned historiography reflections after "crisis of history" in 1980s and 1990s - very useful Continental view with helpful ftnts - lead article in issue but doesn't deal with the Forum - read and annotated
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