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BBC Radio 4 - Germany: Memories of a Nation, Reichstag
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, explores 600 years of Germany's complex and often challenging history using objects, art, landmarks and literature.
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december 2017 by dunnettreader
Jenny Davidson - Footnotology | Light Reading
Have sacrificed my morning run in order to get a handle on the huge list of tasks that need to be done in advance of tomorrow's travels. First up: returning a…
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january 2016 by dunnettreader
Daniel Dennett - Information, Evolution, and intelligent Design - Video | 3quarksdaily - August 2015
2 YouTube videos, 1st (1 hour+) of Dennett's presentation and then the Q&A -- looks like it was at RI Institute. He's NOT dealing with Intelligent Design initial caps.
speech  video  Dennett  human_nature  epistemology-social  evolution-as-model  evolution-social  mind  cognition  information  information_theory  information-intermediaries  design  social_process  decision_theory 
august 2015 by dunnettreader
Laura Mayer, Capability Brown and the English Landscape Garden (2011) | Shire Publications
The name Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown (1716–83) has become synonymous with the eighteenth-century English landscape garden. Ruthlessly efficient, he could stake out the ‘capabilities’ of a particular terrain within an hour on horseback. Rising to the position of Master Gardener to George III, his trademark features included bald lawns, clumped trees, lakes and enclosing belts of woodland on the estate’s perimeter, setting a park formula that lasted well into the next century. Laura Mayer presents a concise and colourful introduction to Brown and other leading landscape gardeners of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, such as William Kent, Richard Payne Knight and Humphry Repton. She explores how competing ideas in garden design were shaped both by changes in prevailing fashion and by the innovations of particular designers, and why Brown’s designs are currently considered to be the epitome of landscape gardening in this period. **--** Introduction. *-* Informal Beginnings. *-* The Classical Arcadias of William Kent. *-* Rococo gardens. *-* Capability Brown and the Landscape Park. *-* A Picturesque Controversy. *-* Epilogue. *-* Further Reading. *-* Visiting the Landscapes. **--** Paperback; July 2011; 64 pages; ISBN: 9780747810490
books  cultural_history  British_history  18thC  19thC  gardens  aesthetics  country_homes  Brown_Capability  Kent_William  Repton  landscape  design  Rococo  elite_culture 
march 2015 by dunnettreader
WhatFontIs - the font encyclopedia
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wanted to know so badly a certain font name from an image and helplessly tried to find similar matches on font sites. I've even went to such lengths as to try and edit my own. And again, evolution of technology saves the day again as one more brilliant software emerges to make our lives easier.

I'm talking about WhatFontIs, which does exactly what the name says. More precisely, from a given image it can recognize the name of a font. It works with its own database, which spans to over 280,000 fonts. If it isn't found, the result will be the closest match possible.
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october 2013 by dunnettreader
Luisa Calè - Gray’s Ode and Walpole’s China Tub:The Order of the Book and The Paper Lives of an Object (2011) - Eighteenth-Century Studies
Project MUSE -- downloaded pdf to Note -- This essay tracks the inscriptions and disseminations of Thomas Gray’s “Ode on the Death of A Favourite Cat drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes” and of Horace Walpole’s china tub. An incongruous element of chinoiserie in the Gothic fabric of Strawberry Hill, the tub marks the intersections between the orders of the collection, the house, and the book. Building on Michel Foucault’s analysis of the orders of things and the unities of discourse, this essay follows the paper-trail of the object and the poem through their inscription and extra-illustration in books that prove unstable repositories in a dynamic order of collecting. -- some interesting factoids re Sir Robert Walpole, his houses, his 1st wife
article  cultural_history  literary_history  18thC  Britain  Walpole_Horace  collections  interiors  design  poetry  sociability  Walpole 
september 2013 by dunnettreader
James H. Bunn: The Aesthetics of British Mercantilism (1980)
JSTOR: New Literary History, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Winter, 1980), pp. 303-321 -- downloaded pdf to Note -- heavily cited
article  jstor  cultural_history  literary_history  17thC  18thC  Britain  mercantilism  consumerism  trade  exotic  popular_culture  collections  design  style  aesthetics  taste  downloaded  EF-add 
september 2013 by dunnettreader
Hannah Greig and Giorgio Riello - Eighteenth-Century Interiors—Redesigning the Georgian: Introduction | Journal of Design History
J Design Hist (2007) 20 (4): 273-289. doi: 10.1093/jdh/epm025 -- The eighteenth-century interior has been approached from a range of different perspectives. Recent research has significantly complicated our understanding of ‘Georgian’ style, bringing new questions and new methodologies to bear on the meaning, function, and contemporary perception and use of interiors in the 1700s. This special issue brings together some of these new perspectives in order to reflect on this changing and, over the last decade, particularly buoyant field. These articles are a selection from a larger body of research presented at a two-day conference on ‘The Georgian Interior’ held at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in November 2005.1 Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the V&A’s redesigned British Galleries, the ‘Georgian Interior’ event formed part of a series of conferences examining interiors from the Tudors and the Stuarts to the Victorians.
article  historiography  cultural_history  architecture  design  style  18thC  consumers  downloaded  EF-add 
september 2013 by dunnettreader

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