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This reports sheds new light on Obama's most controversial piece of foreign policy - drones
The White House has released data on the number of civilians killed in drone attacks . The United States has inadvertently killed between 64…
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The Caliphate’s Global Workforce: An Inside Look at Daresh’s Foreign Fighter Paper Trail (document leak to NBC News) | Combating Terrorism Center at West Point - April 18, 2016
Author(s): Brian Dodwell, Daniel Milton, Don Rassler
This report contains an analysis of over 4,600 unique Islamic State personnel records that were produced by the group primarily between early 2013 and late 2014. The importance of this data for understanding the Islamic State and, in particular, the foreign fighter flow, cannot be overstated. To put it simply, it is the largest cache of primary source documents produced by the Islamic State available in the open-source as of this date. These particular documents were acquired by NBC News from an Islamic State defector and subsequently provided to the CTC (and other entities). This report provides a window into the organization’s global workforce, revealing information about foreign fighters’ countries of origin, citizenship, points of entry into Syria, marital status, skills and previous occupations, education levels, religious knowledge, fighting role preferences in the group, and previous jihadist experience. In addition to analyzing the data at the macro-level, the report also highlights numerous anecdotes of individual fighters. Taken together, the analysis in this report reveals an organization that is attempting to vet new members, manage talent effectively within the organization, and deal with an incredibly diverse pool of recruits. -- downloaded via iPhone to DBOX
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