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Trump’s Self-Defeating Executive Order On Interrogation | Lawfare - Jan 2017
Author's Note: I wrote the following in the belief that the draft executive order published yesterday by the Washington Post and analyzed yesterday by the Times…
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january 2017 by dunnettreader
Kevin Drum - President Trump's tweet's are not for you
Over the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has tweeted that (a) he plans to send the feds into Chicago if they don't fix their crime problem, (b) he will be ordering…
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january 2017 by dunnettreader
The Complete Guide To Listening To Audiobooks on Android
I love listening to audiobooks when I’m cycling , commuting, or just doing chores. And it’s easy to see why. I can complete a book within a week or two, while…
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november 2016 by dunnettreader
4 Bluetooth Earbuds With Best Battery Life
If you’re looking to switch to wireless earbuds for the first time, one factor that might be holding you back is that you’d have to charge them. Wired earbuds…
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november 2016 by dunnettreader
Our failures of political rhetoric are asymmetric | xpostfactoid
The study of rhetoric can yield great insights into the way power is structured and masses of people are moved. But those who study rhetoric closely are prone…
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september 2016 by dunnettreader
Nausicaa Renner reviews Justin Smith's "The Philosopher" - The Gadfly and the Spider | The Nation - August 2016
Justin E.H. Smith wants to convince academic philosophers that it’s a problem to define philosophy narrowly as a Western endeavor.
The Philosopher: A History in Six Types, by Justin E.H. Smith$Princeton. 272 pp. $27.95.
AND The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments
By Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley, eds.
Liveright. 794 pp. $39.95.
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august 2016 by dunnettreader
Philip Ball, The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China – review - The Guardian - August 2016
Tourists watch floodwaters gushing out of the Xiaolangdi dam during a sand-washing operation of the Yellow river in Jiyuan, China, 2010.Photograph: Miao… Useless review the only thing mentioned is "thorough" - since the reviewer was only interested in China's history of millenia dominated by water politics, one assumes that if Ball had made a hash of it, the faults would have been mentioned - and since Ball is an excellent writer of non-fiction, the assumption is the book must be pretty good
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august 2016 by dunnettreader
Stitching together the global financial safety net | Bank Underground - July 2016
https://bankunderground.co.uk/2016/07/22/stitching-together-the-global-financial-safety-net/ - Very useful sketch of the various mechanisms, especially central bank swaps, that were put in place during the early part of the financial crisis that kept liquidity shocks from turning into a global crash - additional mechanism designed since then, with lots of attention on regional arrangements, and a boost to the IMF's capital. Still concerns re holes in the safety net - especially if there's contagion that's region-wide - and concerns that developing economies may not have access to sufficient resources to manage sudden stops. .
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Armada portrait of triumphant Elizabeth I now belongs to Britain | The Guardian - July 2016
The Armada portrait of Queen Elizabeth I circa 1590.Photograph: Michael Bowles/Getty Images for the Art Fund One of the most famous portraits of British… It's going to the Maritime
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Why Tax Havens Are Political and Economic Disasters - The Atlantic - July 2016
In the early 1990s, economists coined the term " the resource curse " to describe a paradox they observed in countries where valuable natural resources were…
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Benjamin Witte - Trump as National Security Threat | Lawfare Blog
I don’t, as a rule, endorse political candidates. I don’t do work for campaigns. I have never given a dime to a candidate—for any office. I have never signed up…
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Christopher Dickey - Confederate Madness Then and Now | The Daily Beast - July 216
Pimping his new book - history of British consul in Charleston who had a front row seat to the arrogant brutality of the slave-holding elite, how they were eager for secession if they didn't dominate the federal government, and thought that since King Cotton ruled the global economy, they'd be able to count on support from the European powers. His lead character, while socializing with the elites sent a steady stream of reports back to Foreign & Colonial about the real situation and the barbaric attitudes and conduct of those elites. - Dickey suggests that his guy's info made a difference in London anytime it looked there might be wavering in British policy- taking into account Britain’s immediate economic pain and/or assessment of how the Union was likely to prevail. He also apparently thinks his guy's reports in a few years before secession helped spur the British to accelerate the search for alternatives to the South as a supply source. -- The hook of the article is getting rid of the Confederate flag - and how, now as then, Southern leaders have been able to stir up racism among the lower class whites to see their culture under existential threat and pursue policies and violence that run counter to their objective interests. He wants to stop the elimination of Confederate commemoration to the flag - and leave the statues and monuments as a way of remembering the hideous moral monsters who drove the South to ruin. He doesn't address the issue of how those monuments will be used to glorify the "heroes" of the Lost Cayse.
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Why Fascist Is the Term That Best Describes Donald Trump - Slate - November 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses supporters during a campaign rally at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Nov. 23, 2015, in…
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Chris Lehmann - The Political Class Struggles | The Baffler - July 2016
“Elite opinion” is admittedly a baggy construct—whose opinion? which elite?—but thanks to the…
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Paul Glastris - Elizabeth Warren just gave the most sneakily important speech of 2016
Re pattern of industry consolidation in US, and need for aggressive competition policies - Glastris thinks EW has figured out how to package it as "common sense", easy to understand, political discourse for Democrats
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july 2016 by dunnettreader
Auswärtiges Amt - Federal Foreign Office - Holding Europe together (post Brexit)
Holding Europe together Commenting today (24 June) on the result of the EU referendum in the UK, Foreign Minister Steinmeier said “we must not allow ourselves…
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june 2016 by dunnettreader
Frances Coppola - Brexit Reveals A Deeply Divided Britain
All night, I watched the referendum results rolling in. The BBC relayed the results live, color-coding the decisions on a map of the UK . Yellow for Remain,…
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june 2016 by dunnettreader
There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove | Nick Cohen
‘Prospered by treating public life as a game’: Boris Johnson leaves his home in Oxfordshire on Saturday.Photograph: Peter Nicholls/Reuters W here was the…
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june 2016 by dunnettreader
World Consortium for Research in Confucian Cultures
http://www.confuciancultureconsortium.com/#!background-and-overview/c1aw7 -- 2014 and 2015 held multiday cinferences - sponsors incoude East-West Institute and U of Hawaii Press but the About section is remarkably light on info. Downloaded the programs and abstracts for the 2 years.
Instapaper  downloaded  paper  conference  Confuscianism  Chinese_philosophy  Chinese_intellectuals  New_Confucianism  Asia-Pacific  Asian_philosophy  Chinese_politics  China-international_relations  transnational_elites  virtue_ethics  from instapaper
may 2016 by dunnettreader
Ed Kilgore - Don’t Need a Christian Left -- NYMag - May 2016
It was inevitable, I guess, that the latest talk of the Christian Right "dying" — or at least suffering under divisions created or exacerbated by Donald Trump —…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Black and White Aren’t Opposites After All | The Getty Iris
Neuroscientists are still cracking the puzzle of why our brains process light and darkness asymmetrically. Co-published with Zócalo Public Square . Most people… -- neat illustrations of how light and dark contribute to visual perception in quite different ways, eg gauging depth, type of material, relatively among things - and we don't see them as the other's opposite or negative - eac5 contributes something affirmative, alone and in combo
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Game of Thrones, from Pixels to Parchment | The Getty Iris
We turn a Hollywood lens on medieval manuscripts, exploring parallels between illumination and TV storytelling If the GoT trailer were Getty manuscripts Death.…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Philip Ball - Worlds Without End | Public Domain Review - Dec 2015
At the end of the 19th century, inspired by radical advances in technology, physicists asserted the reality of invisible worlds — an idea through which they…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Menzie Chin - Thinking about The Great Leap Forward - April 2016
When Technocrats Are Pushed Aside Nearly 56 years ago, with the beginning of the second Five-Year Plan, Chairman Mao called for a “Great Leap Forward”. The…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Willem Thorbecke - “Exports, Exchange Rates, and the Return on China’s Investments” - Econbrowser - May 2016
Today, we’re fortunate to have Willem Thorbecke , Senior Fellow at Japan’s Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) as a guest contributor. The…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Diane Coyle - Adam Ozanne's "Power and economics" - April 2016
My esteemed colleague Adam Ozanne has written a very interesting, short book on the strange absence of the concept of power from mainstream modern economics.… [unfortunately Palgrave has been idiots again and have priced both the paper and ebook editions for libraries not for people who'd actually be interested and would boost sales by word of mouth - not clear that this is likely to find many library buyers either]
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Robert Waldmann - DeLong on Hayek, Smith, and Smith - May 2016
Brad answers a question raised by Noah with thoughts on Friedrich and Adam. I totally lost all self control in his comments section and waste even more pixels…
Instapaper  economic_theory  macroeconomics  markets  market_fundamentalism  Hayek  Friedman_Milton  Keynes  Smith  emergence  knowledge  information-markets  prices  Popper  from instapaper
may 2016 by dunnettreader
Bond Economics: review, "Capitalism" - By Anwar Shaikh - April 2016
Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises is a comprehensive overview of economics published by the noted heterodox economist Anwar Shaikh. This article is…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Leonid Bershidsky - Germany's Middle Class Is Endangered, Too - Bloomberg View - May 2016
Manufacturing jobs. Photographer: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Print Europe Leonid Bershidsky is a Bloomberg View columnist. He is a Berlin-based writer, author of…
Instapaper  Labor_markets  labor  middle_class  Germany  job_security  wages  precariat  hollowing_out  manufacturing  OECD_economies  from instapaper
may 2016 by dunnettreader
Matt Levine - LendingClub's Troubles Bring Back Bad Memories - Bloomberg View - May 2016
Renaud Laplanche with, awkwardly, a hammer. Photographer: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival Print Wall Street Matt Levine is a Bloomberg View…
Instapaper  financial_regulation  banking  securitization  disintermediation  lending_standards  consumer_protection  credit  from instapaper
may 2016 by dunnettreader
Perry Mehring - Shadow banking’s enduring perils - INET - May 2016
In the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis, most people thought that shadow banking was all in the past, and good riddance! Today, however, it is…
Instapaper  financial_system  capital_markets  money_market  shadow_banking  banking  leverage  financial_regulation  from instapaper
may 2016 by dunnettreader
Steve Cecchetti and Kim Schoenholtz - Liquidity Runs - April 2016
"We do not want to face Bear." Email from a Goldman employee to a hedge fund manager, March 11, 2008 ( Financial Crisis Inquiry Report , p. 288) Despite mixed…
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may 2016 by dunnettreader
Matt Levine - It Costs Money to Sell a Lot of Bonds - Bloomberg View - April 2016
One basic fact about markets is that, if there are 1,000 widgets in the world, and the "fair" price of a widget is $100, and you need to sell 200 widgets in an…
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april 2016 by dunnettreader
Barry Ritholz - Soaring Productivity Is Missing From the Numbers - Bloomberg View - April 2016
You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics. Government data this morning showed that the U.S. gained 215,000 new jobs last…
Instapaper  economic_growth  gnp  productivity  stats  US_economy  from instapaper
april 2016 by dunnettreader
On human races | Plato's Footnote - March 2016
Why then is the concept of race so widespread? The idea that races are a natural feature of human diversity has long been the standard for anthropological…
Instapaper  biology  genetics  biodiversity  race  constructivism  nature-nurture  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Richard Marshall - The Philosopher’s Library (Part 1) - 3AM March 2016
Original interviews by Richard Marshall. [Beckett’s bookshelf] The philosophers of the End Times series recommended books to readers to get further into their… selects recommended reading lists from 15 of his interviews
Instapaper  books  philosophy  bibliography  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Review of Richard Cross - Duns Scotus's Theory of Cognition // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
John Duns Scotus (c. 1266-1308) is one of the great medieval philosophers, but also one of the most difficult. Very few outside the group of scholars that work…
Instapaper  books  reviews  intellectual_history  medieval_philosophy  Duns_Scotus  cognition  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Robert Burstein - The Schlepic (vacuous blockbuster musicals schleping from London) - The New Republic Archives
It could be argued that we no longerhave theater in America, we only haveEvents. And the blame for this restssquarely at the door of economics andthe media.…
Instapaper  theater  20thC  cultural_critique  elite_culture  popular_culture  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Michael Strevens interview with Richard Marshall - Bigger Than Chaos - 3AM
Interview by Richard Marshall. Michael Strevens works on the philosophy of science, where his interests include explanation, complex systems, probability,…
Instapaper  interview  philosophy_of_science  complexity  complex_adaptive_systems  emergence  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco | The New York Review of Books
In 1942, at the age of ten, I received the First Provincial Award of Ludi Juveniles (a voluntary, compulsory competition for young Italian Fascists—that is, for… -- reprinted on his death when the nature of fascism and the process of fascist politics seems to have become relevant again
Instapaper  entre_deux_guerres  fascism  Italy  nationalism  national_tale  political_culture  WWII  resistance  post-WWII  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Andrew Gelman - The problems with p-values are not just with p-values: My comments on the recent ASA statement - March 2016
His blog Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science -- The American Statistical Association just released a committee report on the use of p-values. I was one of the members of the committee but I did not write the…
Instapaper  quantitative_methods  statistics  social_sciences  uncertainty  probability  methodology-quantitative  scientific_culture  research  publishing-academic  pharma  causation  evidence  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Mahrad Almotahari interview with Richard Marshall - Not and Other Metalinguistic Stuff - 3AM
Interview by Richard Marshall. Mahrad Almotahari is an Assistant Professor and a member of UIC’s Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience. He earned his PhD from…
Instapaper  interview  philosophy_of_science  neuroscience  cognition  mind  mind-body  linguistics  logic  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Noah Millman - Gonna Miss This President When He’s Gone - The American Conservative - March 2016
The foreign policy that President Obama describes in his extraordinary series of interviews with Jeffrey Goldberg is pretty much exactly the foreign policy that…
Instapaper  US_politics  US_politics-foreign_policy  Obama  US_President  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Andrew Gelman - More on replication crisis - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
The replication crisis in social psychology (and science more generally) will not be solved by better statistics or by preregistered replications. It can only…
Instapaper  scientific_method  social_psychology  evolutionary_biology  evo_psych  statistics  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
David Bell - Why Sanders Should Stop Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution - POLITICO Magazine - Feb 2016
Is America on the brink of a revolution? Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would like you to think so. “There’s a path to victory for our political revolution,”…
Instapaper  US_politics  Democrats  Democrats-strategy  elections-2016  left-wing  revolutions  French_Revolution-impact  from instapaper
march 2016 by dunnettreader
Katja Maria Vogt interview with Richard Marshall - The Pyrrhonian Skeptic | 3 Quarks Daily - Feb 2016
Interview by Richard Marshall. [All images: Jens Haas] Katja Maria Vogt is a specialist in ancient philosophy, ethics, and normative epistemology, and a…
Instapaper  ancient_philosophy  moral_philosophy  epistemology  virtue_epistemology  scepticism  scepticism-Academic  Pyrrhonism  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Brad DeLong - Robber Barons: Honest Broker/Hoisted from 1998
Matthew Josephson called them 'Robber Barons'. He wanted readers to think back to their European history classes, back to thugs with spears on horses who did…
Instapaper  political_economy  economic_history  US_history  US_economy  US_politics  economic_growth  economic_policy  economy-structure  investment  19thC  20thC  pre-WWI  entre_deux_guerres  robber_barons  Gilded_Age  Progressive_Era  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Ezra Klein - The Republican Party is broken | VOX - Feb 2016
Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images Could the Republican Party have stopped Donald Trump? The theory goes like this: The Republican Party had the chance to off…
Instapaper  elections-2016  GOP  US_politics  political_culture  political_discourse  parties-transmission_belts  elites-self-destructive  elites-political_influence  politics-and-religion  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Chris Dillow - Ronnie O'Sullivan & the limits of incentives
Ronnie O’Sullivan yesterday gave us a nice example of the limitations of basic economics. He turned down the chance to go for a 147 break because the £10,000…
Instapaper  incentives  incentives-distortions  executive_compensation  game_theory  microeconomics  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Richard Tuck - István Hont and Rousseau and Smith’s radical resemblances | TLS
Rousseau and Smith’s radical resemblances -- RICHARD TUCK -- István Hont, POLITICS IN COMMERCIAL SOCIETY Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith Edited by Béla Kapossy and…
Instapaper  books  reviews  kindle-available  intellectual_history  18thC  Rousseau  Smith  political_economy  commerce  protectionism  economic_growth  community  market-size_of  moral_philosophy  political_philosophy  human_nature  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
John Quiggin - Peak paper | Crooked Timber Feb 2016
I’ve recently published a piece in Aeon, looking at the peak in global paper use, which occurred a couple of years ago, and arguing that this is an indication…
Instapaper  economic_growth  economy-structure  industry  industrialization  commodities  Information_Economy  productivity  production  natural_resources  energy  energy-markets  environment  climate  consumption  international_political_economy  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Absolute Changes in Living Standards | Dietrich Vollrath - Feb 2016
Compares absolute increase in per capita income for high-income slow percentage growth (e.g. US) to low-income high percentage growth (e.g. India)
Instapaper  economic_growth  OECD_economies  LDCs  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Quaker bankers: building trust on the basis of sincerity, reciprocity and charity | Magic, Maths & Money - Feb 2016
This post follows discussions of the norms sincerity, reciprocity and charity in financial markets. It suggests that the success of Quaker finance, that funded… Tracks the importance of Quaker-owned banks to the development of UK financial system - the number of big-name banking families with Quaker founders is striking. Their personalized methods of working on reputation (theirs and their borrowers) based on shared standards of probity and transparency, disciplined by membership in the Quaker community - allowed them to not only grow in the loan business, but become big in the bills market. The Quaker method of collecting views re appropriate moral life practices, which were documented and circulated among the members - and set mutual expectations for ethical practices, including areas like bookkeeping and full disclosure. The Quaker firms were central to the system of country banks, capable of providing liquidity to halt bank runs, wind down problem institutions etc. Their bills business didn't survive the switch to the Bank of England becoming lender of last resort in the 1844 crisis. And their information advantages don't seem to have remained a competitive advantage as it had been in the pre Napoleonic_Wars era.
Instapaper  economic_history  financial_innovation  banking  17thC  18thC  19thC  British_history  Quakers  dissenters  Industrial_Revolution  ethics  norms  norms-business  accounting  accountability  reputation  disclosure  information-intermediaries  information-markets  money_market  Bank_of_England  country_banks  financial_crisis  bank_runs  lender-of-last-resort  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Brad DeLong - No: We Can't Wave a Magic Demand Wand Now and Get the Recovery We Threw Away in 2009 - Feb 2016
The estimable Mike Konczal writes: Mike Konczal: Dissecting the CEA Letter and Sanders's Other Proposals: "I would have done Gerald Friedman’s paper…
Instapaper  Great_Recession  macroeconomic_policy  macroeconomics  economic_growth  economic_models  hysterisis  elections-2016  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Larry Summers - No free lunches but plenty of cheap ones - Feb 2016
February 7, 2016 Trade-offs have long been at the center of economics. The aphorism “there is no such thing as a free lunch” captures a central economic idea:…
Instapaper  US_economy  US_government  Summers  stagnation  demand-side  economic_growth  Great_Recession  investment-government  government_finance  interest_rates  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Massimo Pigliucci, review - The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time - Scientia Salon 2015
He likes it quite a lot - downloaded as pdf to Note along with a second part that deals with the math portion of the book -- couldn't get the pdf to contain content beyond the pdf first page - saved to Instapaper
Instapaper  books  reviews  kindle-available  downloaded  cosmology  time  philosophy_of_science  physics  mathematics  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
TOC of Journal of the History of Ideas - . JHI 77:1 available - February 2016
We’re pleased to note that the January 2016 issue of the Journal of the History of Ideas (volume 76 issue 1) is available in print. As you’ll see from the table…
intellectual_history  Instapaper  article  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Branko Milanovic - Inequality: the structural aspects - February 2016
Despite the unprecedented attention that income and wealth inequality has received in this year’s presidential campaign in the United States and in several…
Instapaper  inequality-global  inequality-wealth  inequality-opportunity  inequality  political_economy  polarization  economic_growth  economic_history  labor_share  Latin_America  mobility  from instapaper
february 2016 by dunnettreader
Jenny Davidson - Footnotology | Light Reading
Have sacrificed my morning run in order to get a handle on the huge list of tasks that need to be done in advance of tomorrow's travels. First up: returning a…
Instapaper  English_lit  17thC  18thC  19thC  literary_history  history_of_book  print_culture  Swift  Pope_Alexander  footnote  marginalia  design  reception  from instapaper
january 2016 by dunnettreader
Paydaynomics — The Paydaynomist - Medium Jan 2016
The magic (money) roundaboutIn our second post we thought it would be constructive to put up a very simplified description of the economics of a payday lender…
Instapaper  access_to_finance  microfinance  OECD_economies  emerging_markets  financial_regulation  banking  credit  from instapaper
january 2016 by dunnettreader
A disrupters view on UK payday — The Paydaynomist - Medium Jan 2016
A disrupters view on UK paydayWe’d love to do it and you know you’ve always had it comingThis is our maiden post. It’s our birth story explaining why we, as two…
Instapaper  access_to_finance  UK_economy  UK_Government  financial_regulation  banking  credit  microfinance  OECD_economies  emerging_markets  from instapaper
january 2016 by dunnettreader
The Slavonic Tongue Is One | Language Hat
I’ve been reading Simon Franklin’s Writing, Society and Culture in Early Rus, c.950-1300, and I found the following passage so sensible and interesting I…
Instapaper  language-history  language-politics  language-national  medieval_history  Russia  Ukraine  from instapaper
january 2016 by dunnettreader
Dralyuk on Ready’s Dostoyevsky | Language Hat
I meant to post this months ago, but efficiency is not my strong suit: perennial LH favorite Boris Dralyuk has an LARB review of Oliver Ready’s translation of…
Instapaper  books  reviews  Dostoyevsky  translation  from instapaper
january 2016 by dunnettreader
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