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Anthony Page - The Seventy Years War, 1744–1815, and Britain’s Fiscal-Naval State | War and Society, 34:3 (8 2015), pp. 162-186
Anthony.Page@utas.edu.au -- University of Tasmania -- DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1179/0729247315Z.00000000053 -- This article argues that we should view Britain as fighting a ‘Seventy Years War’ with France between the battles of Fontenoy in 1745 and Waterloo in 1815. Through years of hot and cold war, Britain struggled to build the military power needed to prevent it from falling under the domination of France. In hindsight, many view the British as inevitable imperialists, confidently building towards their global empire of the 19thC. In reality, 18thC Britons frequently fretted about the threat of invasion, military weakness, possible financial collapse, and potential revolution. Historical developments only look inevitable in hindsight and with the aid of the social sciences. The struggle to defend itself in Europe during the Seventy Years War saw Britain develop a ‘fiscal-naval state’ that built a global empire.
Keywords: Britain, ancien regime, warfare, eighteenth century.
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Clarissa Campbell Orr, historiographical review - New Perspectives on Hanoverian Britain | JSTOR: The Historical Journal, Vol. 52, No. 2 (Jun., 2009), pp. 513-529
Reviewed work: War, State and Society in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland by Stephen Conway; Georgian Monarchy: Politics and Culture, 1714-1760 by Hannah Smith; Britain, Hanover and the Protestant Interest, 1688-1756 by Andrew C. Thompson; Hanover and the British Empire, 1700-1837 by Nick Harding -- paywall Cambridge journals -- quite long and looks very useful
books  reviews  jstor  bookshelf  paywall  18thC  19thC  British_history  British_politics  British_foreign_policy  Britain-Continent  Hanover-Britain_relations  Hanoverian_Succession  George_I  George_II  George_III  limited_monarchy  Absolutism  monarchy  diplomatic_history  court_culture  Ireland  Ireland-English_exploitation  political_culture  popular_politics  religious_culture  Whigs-oligarchy  Protestant_International  nationalism  national_ID  military_history  British_Empire  British_Army  British_Navy  War_of_Austrian_Succession  Seven_Years_War  American_Revolution  Anglo-French  Anglo-Dutch  Holy_Roman_Empire  Austria  Prussia 
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Review by: Jennifer Mori - Andrew C. Thompson, Britain, Hanover and the Protestant Interest, 1688-1756 | JSTOR: The American Historical Review, Vol. 112, No. 5 (Dec., 2007), pp. 1608-1609
Didn't download - revisionism (allegedly following Pincus though Pincus deals with entire century earlier and his later book severely plays down the Protestant International angle) breaks with "realist" model of IR - main criticism that the religious angle appears frozen though lots of shifts in attitudes from 1650 - Thompson pays lip service to changes, but it's the 1740s (War of Austrian Succession, emergence of impious Frederick the Great, and defeat of the '45) that are pivotal re shifting away from interventionism and links with Hanover in Thomoson's tale
books  reviews  jstor  bookshelf  18thC  British_history  British_politics  British_foreign_policy  Britain-Continent  Hanover-Britain_relations  Hanoverian_Succession  Protestant_International  anti-Catholic  popery  Whigs-oligarchy  Walpole  Walpole_Horatio  Newcastle_Duke_of  War_of_Austrian_Succession  1745_rebellion  Frederick_the_Great  IR-realism  IR-domestic_politics  EF-add 
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Jeremy Black, review - Nick Harding, Hanover and the British Empire, 1700-1837 | JSTOR: Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol. 41, No. 4 (Summer, 2008), pp. 587-588
Black isn't thrilled but interesting comments re historiography challenges in characterizing attitudes over long periods, Zeitgeist (eg Clark, Colley, Langford different conclusions), whether "strategy" even makes sense in or across the period etc
books  reviews  jstor  18thC  19thC  British_history  British_Empire-constitutional_structure  Hanover-Britain_relations  George_I  George_II  George_III  George_IV  William_IV  Britain-Continent  blue_water_strategy  EF-add 
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