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Oh, The Irony: Trump Aide Spent Career Framing Bill Clinton As A Sex Predator | Talking Points Memo - Oct 2016
Re Devid Bossie who specialized for decades in trying to frame Bill Clinton with limited success - now stuck trying to defend against similar sorts of claims, but with one big difference - these women are just confirming what Trump described about himself
US_politics  Trump  Clinton_Bill  scandal  alt-right  wingnuts  elections-2016  political_press  from pocket
october 2016
Iain Begg - Theresa May’s timeline for Brexit: Canny tactics or Brexishambles? | LSE blogs
Theresa May has stated that the UK will trigger Article 50 before the end of March 2017. Iain Begg writes that while her speech gave some indication of timing, there is still no concrete statement on what kind of relationship the UK would actually like to negotiate with the EU. In the absence of this level of clarity he argues that the process risks turning into a shambles.
Brexit  May_Theresa  EU_governance  UK_politics  Parliament  Parliamentary_supremacy  Brexit-hard  trade-policy  trade-agreements  immigration  from pocket
october 2016
Eric Holthaus - Bracing Ourselves for the Climate Tipping Point | Pacific Standard - August 2016
After Earth’s warmest month in history, climate scientists gather in Geneva to debate whether we’ve already gone too far.
Pocket  climate  energy-markets  climate-policy  climate-diplomacy  green_economy  green_finance  Innovation  from pocket
august 2016
New Brain Map Shows Nearly 100 Undiscovered Regions | Big Think - July 2016
Big splash including short video in Nature - combination of lots more subjects examined than usual, having them do more while examined, a verification/falsification stage where another large group was examined with same protocol, and using some machine learning to identify areas where they might find a region correlated with a function
Pocket  neuroscience  from pocket
july 2016
Jonathan Chait - American Politics Really Went Insane - June 2016
Responding to long read in the Atlantic that went through the last 3 decades of break down in norms, increased difficulties with constitutions veto points etc, Chait points out that only 1 of the 2 parties reacted in the destructive ways the author bemoans
Pocket  US_politics  political_culture  parties  partisanship  GOP  from pocket
june 2016
James Dyke - Meltdown Earth: the shocking reality of climate change kicks in – but who is listening? - The Conversation - March 2016
And another one bites the dust. The year 2014 was the warmest ever recorded by humans. Then 2015 was warmer still. January 2016 broke the record for the largest monthly temperature anomaly. Then came last month.

February didn’t break climate change records – it obliterated them. Regions of the Arctic were were more than 16℃ warmer than normal – whatever constitutes normal now. But what is really making people stand up and notice is that the surface of the Earth north of the equator was 2℃ warmer than pre-industrial temperatures. This was meant to be a line that must not be crossed.
Pocket  climate  climate-denialism  US_politics  GOP  climate-models  climate-adaptation  energy  Arctic  from pocket
march 2016
Revisiting the relationship between oil prices and costs in the upstream industry - VoxEU Feb 2016
Price goes up, and with a lag, the exploration and extraction costs go up, though by less than the price increase
Pocket  energy  energy-markets  oil_price  climate  from pocket
february 2016
Noah Smith - The Next Big Idea in Economic Growth - Bloomberg Feb 2016
neoliberalism is fundamentally an old idea. We’ve been trying to boost economic freedom for decades now, and there’s a good possibility that all the low-hanging fruit has been picked. So what else is there? Looking around, I see the glimmer of a new idea forming. I’m tentatively calling it “New Industrialism.” Its sources are varied -- they include liberal think tanks, Silicon Valley thought leaders and various economists. But the central idea is to reform the financial system and government policy to boost business investment. Business investment -- buying equipment, building buildings, training employees, doing research, etc. -- is key to growth. It’s also the most volatile component of the economy, meaning that when investment booms, everything is good. The problem is that we have very little idea of how to get businesses to invest more. Unfortunately, net U.S. business investment has been more or less in decline for decades:
Pocket  US_economy  US_politics  economic_growth  economic_policy  economy-structure  investment  investment-government  from pocket
february 2016
Pari Passu Closing Ceremonies Quote Parade - Credit Slips - Feb 2016
Lifting the Argentina injunction - the initial rationale(s) and the rationale(s) for what's changed for all the (old and new "me too" players) that changes the calculation of who's entitled to what equitable relief - like, what took so long?
Pocket  international_finance  capital_markets  sovereign_debt  default  international_law  equitable_relief  judiciary  common_law  common_law-equity  transnational_power  from pocket
february 2016
Bernin's "The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" has been restored -- The History Blog
The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a statue by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome, has received a thorough cleaning and restoration, the first cleaning in 20 years. There were water stains from a leaking window and layers of black grime from dust accumulation, smog and other airborne pollutants. Now the bright white Carrara marble shines like it did when Bernini first polished it in 1652. Restorers also found something previous interventions overlooked: stucco and paint added to part of the travertine base to make it blend into the background of the chapel walls. Those additions have been removed, restoring to the base, which is not the usual geometric pediment but carved to look like a rising swirl of clouds, its original balance.
Pocket  sculpture  art_history  17thC  Bernini  baroque  art_restoration  Counter-Reformation  religious_art  mysticism  Rome  from pocket
february 2016
Ada Palmer - Plato essay, #historypix, and the excessively exciting life of Pope Urban VIII - February 2016
Essay with pictures of a spectacular tapestry sequence in a corridor of the Vatican that's a perfect example of patronage, High Baroque, and Counter-Reformation iconography of legitimacy of authority of the Church hierarchy -- advancemeng of (classical) learning, military - new Fortress for Rome - mediator, peacekeeping within Christendom, straight pipeline to the heavens - both pagan and Christian -- a keeper!
Pocket  EF-add  17thC  art_history  Vatican  Rome  Papacy  baroque  iconography  Counter-Reformation  patronage-artistic  Papal_States  from pocket
february 2016
Joseph Fishkin & Heather Gerken - The Future of the Party and Campaign Finance — A Response to Bob Bauer | Balkinization Sept 2015
The debate between Bob and us centers on a simple question: what happens if we fund the formal parties in the same way we fund the shadow parties (the Super PACs and 501(c)(4) and (c)(6) organizations)? Our worry is that if the formal parties’ financing is identical to that of the shadow parties’, this will gradually transform the formal parties into institutions that look more like the shadow parties—hierarchical, almost entirely beholden to big donors—thus seriously eroding what remains of a reasonably pluralistic party system. Bob’s worry, on the other side, is that if we don’t do something to level the playing field between the formal parties and shadow parties, the formal parties don’t have much of a future in politics.
Pocket  US_politics  parties  campaign_finance  plutocracy  parties-transmission_belts  political_participation  political_culture  from pocket
january 2016
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