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User-centred design - YouTube
Sunita Yeomans is the Design Manager at Argos. Here, she talks about how Argos use customer research and user-centred design in their business, and how it has changed the way the business works.
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august 2012 by dunc
Open Source Urbanism - Op-Ed - Domus
As a technological practice of innovation, Open Source has not quite been about cities, but about the technology. Yet it resonates with what cities have and are at ground-level, where its users are. The park is made not only with the hardware of trees and ponds, but also with the software of people's practices.
convergence  urbaninformatics  urbancomputing  usercentred  usergenerated  social  architecture  cities  city  design 
march 2012 by dunc
Amazon's Flow app is augmented reality shopping goodness
"Flow allows the user to point their iPhone's camera at an object, like a book, DVD, Blur-ray disc, or video game (and Nutella, apparently) and get an instantaneous augmented reality overlay of the product information right on the iPhone's screen. The overlay is more than just a Buy It Now link to Amazon.com. The app utilizes Amazon's large digital media collection and allows users to instantly get audio previews of CDs they've scanned or video previews of DVDs, video games, and more." interesting to see if amazon can connect to the small independent retails to collaborate around this service (think local browseable physical store back-up with amazon logistics) - potential new interesting co-opetition
retail  GDR  amazon  augmented  AR  coopetition  app  convergence  usercentred  flow 
january 2012 by dunc
SENSEI AV demonstrator
The AV demo shows the various use cases developed as part of the investigative work done on an EU FP7 research project developing technologies to support an architecture for the internet of things.
sensei_fp7  eu  iot  usercentred  av  demo 
june 2011 by dunc
Stoic - The Stoic Process
"Our process begins with a clinical examination of the Client brief, where we challenge assumptions and work to co-develop a dynamic pro ject framework. How does the brief fit into the overall business strategy? " interesting presentation today from Stoic
design  stoic  usercentred 
december 2010 by dunc
New competition for funding in this area from Technology Strategy Board - People In Buildings
"The Technology Strategy Board yesterday launched a competition to attend a sandpit on ‘User Centred Design for energy efficiency in new and existing non domestic buildings’. You can download the full details in PDF form here. The competition is on the people-in-buildings topic of this website and we expect to find new solutions to the challenge of reducing energy use in buildings through buildings professionals and businesses working through human factors research and user centred design." Intro to upcoming TSB sandpit I am attending and link to the ning site
ucdeeb  energy  efficiency  buildings  usercentred 
march 2010 by dunc
Time for Marketing Innovation 2.0 | Blog | design mind
"For the first time in 23 years, Pepsi Co. has decided to not run any advertisements during the Super Bowl in 2010. Instead, the nation’s second-biggest soft drink maker is plowing marketing dollars into its "Pepsi Refresh Project," an online community that allows Pepsi fans to list their public service projects, which could range from helping to feed people to teaching children to read. Visitors to the site can vote to determine which projects receive money." interesting article about user centred design, design research and the role of innovation in marketing. Also has a link through to Rory Sutherlands great video on diamond shaped Shreddies from TEDGlobal.
innovation  openinnovation  convergence  designresearch  ethnography  usercentred 
december 2009 by dunc
do_matic: Business Design: The curriculum of 2012
In the near future, I believe that you'll be able to get an advanced degree in Business Design. Some programs like the d.school (a formative experience for me) and Rotman are playing with this idea, but I don't think these programs really nail it yet.
convergence  design  innovation  usercentred 
may 2009 by dunc
Herman Miller - for Business - Programmable Environments
via Jennifer Magnolfi at ETech "What if our buildings could respond to change as easily as we do? What if buildings never became obsolete, but instead could keep up with our own speed of adaptation and change? What if they were Always Building? Could technology reinvent our environments? If our habitats were programmable, what would we ask of them?"
convergence  design  transmedia  ubiquitouscomputing  usercentred  sensors  etech  Conferences09Redux  internetofthings 
march 2009 by dunc
Palm Pre Launch Video at CES
palm - human centred design philosophy - always connected to the cloud device, the multi-tasking focus, but most of all the focus on people not applications that synergy provides - fantastic, real human centred design. via - Engadget
convergence  design  usercentred  web2.0  mobile 
january 2009 by dunc
What Apple Learned from Kodak - BusinessWeek
"What Apple did was learn from history, and adopt, adapt, and assimilate past success to current context. That is simply good, intelligent design in action. It is also a very good lesson: an obsession with the new and original, without a deep literacy and appreciation for the past, leads to a path of missed opportunities." Bill Buxton on Business Week
convergence  innovation  design  business  strategy  usercentred 
january 2009 by dunc
Design Thinking
Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes—and even strategy. Tim Brown (Ideo) in Harvard Business Review
convergence  design  business  innovation  usercentred 
october 2008 by dunc
The Talent Hunt (Designophy, www.designophy.com)
Desperate to innovate, companies are turning to design schools for nimble, creative thinkers
convergence  usercentred  innovation  design 
october 2008 by dunc
Designing the Future of Business
Until now, companies have used design as a beauty station for identities and communications, or as the last stop in a product launch. Never has it been used for its potential to create rule-bending innovation across the board. Meanwhile, the public is developing a healthy appetite for all things design.
convergence  usercentred  design 
october 2008 by dunc
Design Council > The Value of Design Factfinder
The Value of Design Factfinder contains research from a number of sources. The main two sources are: * The Design Council National Survey of Firms 2005 * Added Value Research 2007
convergence  usercentred  designcouncil 
october 2008 by dunc
Innovation Universities Are Hot--Rotman, Ziba, IDEO, Continuum, Stanford, Institute of Design. - BusinessWeek
Posted by: Bruce Nussbaum on September 28 - I just got off the phone with Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the U of Toronto, who told me that corporations are flocking to his institution to learn integrative thinking (design thinking). I’ve heard the same thing from innovation consultancies who are setting up their own “universities” to teach design thinking to corporate managers.
convergence  design  usercentred 
september 2008 by dunc

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