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40 projects of smart furniture - Paris.fr
Translated by google from french - "Fifty proposals of all kinds were received at the end of the call in February 2011, and investigated by the City and the Laboratoire Paris Region Innovation. at the end of this evaluation, 40 projects were selected to be located in one or more places in Paris. This file presents each of them, their location (for those already installed) and a video presentation that allows you to get better acquainted with our future urban environment."
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november 2012 by dunc
BBC News - Audio slideshow: On the map
Until recently, what is often billed as one of Africa's largest slums - Kibera, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi - was a blank spot on official maps. But a group of volunteers have been training young people living there to create their own digital map of the area.
convergence  locationawareness  urbaninformatics  kibera  mapping  map  bbc 
july 2012 by dunc
Open311 Workshop - Code for America Summit
Interesting slide deck focusing on 311 / fixmystreet applications
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march 2012 by dunc
Welcome ! | Opencities
Open Cities is a project co-founded by the European Union that aims to validate how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation methodologies to the Public Sector in a scenario of Future Internet Services for Smart Cities. It will do so, by leveraging existing tools, trials and platforms in Crowdsourcing, Open Data, Fiber to the Home and Open Sensor Networks in seven major European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Bologna.
convergence  urbaninformatics  cities  crowdsourcing  iot  sustainability 
march 2012 by dunc
Reroute.It | Code for America
"ReRoute.it is a mobile application that helps people make informed transportation chioces. The app does so by turning the regular transit app on its head — and forces us to consider the consequences before we make our decision. ReRoute.it lets you compare every option with regard to time, cost, health, and environmental impact. Is a bike as fast as the bus but a quarter the cost? Info like that helps people understand transportation choices as something that impacts us all in a variety of ways."
convergence  urbaninformatics  transport  opendata  opengov  code  codeforamerica 
march 2012 by dunc
Code for America | A New Kind of Public Service
"The Code for America program is not a typical software development contract. Through our fellowship, we recruit the top talent from the tech industry to give a year building civic software that will help cities cut costs, work smarter, and engage more with their citizens. Our program is structured to not only create immediate impact with our projects, but also catalyze long-term, sustainable change for both our cities and our fellows."
convergence  urbaninformatics  code  community  government  opensource 
march 2012 by dunc
Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics: a matter of ‘U-City’ or ‘U-Citizens?’
"Yet, urban informatics is not the same as urban computing. It is not so much about the technology (computing), but rather about its implications for (human) city life" book review of Marcus Foths - research in urban informatics book
convergence  urbaninformatics  books 
march 2012 by dunc
Open Source Urbanism - Op-Ed - Domus
As a technological practice of innovation, Open Source has not quite been about cities, but about the technology. Yet it resonates with what cities have and are at ground-level, where its users are. The park is made not only with the hardware of trees and ponds, but also with the software of people's practices.
convergence  urbaninformatics  urbancomputing  usercentred  usergenerated  social  architecture  cities  city  design 
march 2012 by dunc
Urban Informatics » From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen (MIT Press 2011)
Chapters by leading researchers in the emerging field of urban informatics outline the theoretical context of their inquiries, describing a new view of the city as a hybrid that merges digital and physical worlds; examine technology-aided engagement involving issues of food, the environment, and sustainability; explore the creative use of location-based mobile technology in cities from Melbourne, Australia, to Dhaka, Bangladesh; study technological innovations for improving civic engagement; and discuss design research approaches for understanding the development of sentient real-time cities, including interaction portals and robots.
convergence  urbaninformatics  book 
march 2012 by dunc
Another data win: TfL opens up bus and tube timetables for developers | Technology | guardian.co.uk
"Want to get the bus and underground timetables, in a zippy XML format? You can, right now, via the London Datastore. As the page explains, "The data available in the attached zip file consists of almost 800 xml files, with each relating to a particular service i.e. one per tube line, bus route, riverboat route, dlr route etc. Each xml file contains the following data elements: StopPoints; RouteSections; Routes; JourneyPatternSections; Operators; Services; VehicleJourneys."" Excellent, next up if only they would turn the API to real-time data back on.
convergence  urbaninformatics  web2.0  data  transport  tfl  uk  uia 
september 2010 by dunc
Urbika - Architecture and city development
"Urbika is an online community for sharing information, news and media on city developments. Founded February 2010 and with already over 15.000 unique visitors a month, Urbika is one of the fastest growing architecture communities. At Urbika we keep each other updated on city development projects by using city overviews. You can share all kinds of projects from the newest skyscrapers to a renovated park in a small village. Any project can be interesting enough to share! " Interesting community sharing info on building projects in cities around the world, sharing images, videos, voting and 3D google warehouse models.
designbyarup  architecture  community  convergence  urbaninformatics 
august 2010 by dunc

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