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Network of Global Agenda Councils 2011-2012 - Reports - World Economic Forum
The Network of Global Agenda Councils has been closely monitoring the most important issues on the global, regional and industry agendas. Each council, consisting of the world’s foremost thought leaders has developed a brief report outlining the key findings from their deliberations over the last 12 months.
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may 2013 by dunc
In the future | HSBC Holdings plc
"With the rapid growth of the emerging markets, the global economy is experiencing a seismic shift. In 'The World in 2050', we argue that this shift is set to continue." HSBC view of the future
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september 2012 by dunc
The top 10 emerging technologies for 2012 | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum
At the Summit on the Global Agenda 2011 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies asked some of the world’s leading minds within the entire GAC Network which technology trends would have the greatest impact on the state of the world in the near future.
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april 2012 by dunc
Fujitsu - Technology Perspectives
Fujitsu technology trends and scenarios of the future from their CTO office
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october 2011 by dunc
An Interview with Gary Wolf on the Quantified Self | Institute For The Future
"Self-tracking will disappear because it will be taken for granted. The quantitative tools in our lives will produce data that will be incorporated into some feedback mechanism; we will look at those mechanisms and they will influence us in some way. For instance, we will get biometric data in the form of feedback about how well we’re eating and sleeping, but we won’t have to peel back that information and do the analysis ourselves. Of course, the people who will be making these products and services will be highly aware of their tracking components, but if they’re successful, users won’t think about those aspects."
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september 2010 by dunc
The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine
"Over the past few years, one of the most important shifts in the digital world has been the move from the wide-open Web to semiclosed platforms that use the Internet for transport but not the browser for display. It’s driven primarily by the rise of the iPhone model of mobile computing, and it’s a world Google can’t crawl, one where HTML doesn’t rule." great diagram showing the traffic through different internet sources showing a peak in 2000 for web based (browser) internet activity - peak web
convergence  apps  internet  web  trends  wired  economics 
september 2010 by dunc
About PSFK, A Trends & Innovation Company - PSFK
"We are a New York City based trends research and innovation company that publishes a daily news site, provides trends research and innovation consultancy, manages a network of freelance experts and hosts idea-generating events. We aim to inspire our readers, our clients and our guests to make things better – whether that’s better products, better services, better lives or a better world."
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august 2010 by dunc
Departure 2093 - Finnair
"What will the world be like in 85 years' time? How will we fly then? There are no absolute answers, but the visions are fascinating. This Internet site is divided into five sections, in which experts from different fields envision the future of air travel. Hopefully they also inspire You to discuss the future of flying!" Finnair vision of the future of flying - via their annual report on a plane to helsinki
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may 2010 by dunc
shifthappens - home
"This wiki is designed to give you a little more background on the Did You Know?/Shift Happens (original, version 2.0, one referred to as 3.0, version 4.0) presentation. The wiki also will connect you with some resources to learn more about the shifts that are occurring in our world and their implications for K-12 and higher education."
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may 2010 by dunc
Z_punkt The Foresight Company: MEGATRENDS APP
"Climate change, health care, demographic change – megatrends will shape tomorrow’s markets. Megatrends is your personal iPhone trenddatabase: Survey the 20 most important megatrends! Evaluate and filter issues which have strategic relevance for you! With Megatrends, key facts and charts are always at your fingertips – in every meeting, on every trip, whenever you deal with the future of your business." iphone trend app similar to that in the pipeline for drivers of change
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april 2010 by dunc
Mag+, a concept video on the future of digital magazines – Blog – BERG
"Magazines have articles you can curl up with and lose yourself in, and luscious photography that draws the eye. And they’re so easy and enjoyable to read. Can we marry what’s best about magazines with the always connected, portable tablet e-readers sure to arrive in 2010? This video prototype shows the take of the Mag+ project." great piece of work by the guys at Berg
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january 2010 by dunc
Twitter is not for teens, Morgan Stanley told by 15-year-old expert | Business | guardian.co.uk
"Report on young people's media habits written for investment bank by teenage intern causes huge interest in the City" worth a read of the actual report.
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july 2009 by dunc
Design Feature - Designers of the Future: Continuing the Journey - TAXI Design Network
To accomplish this, we have conducted surveys, assembled focus groups of leading design thinkers and educators and conducted extensive interviews. The outcome will serve at least three purposes: for educators, it will help to refine the demands of the educational curriculum in preparing future professionals; for designers and corporations, it will help to understand the range of skill sets and organizational models for which they should be preparing today as they recruit new designers; and for developers creating the tools for future designers, it will help to focus product development efforts that improve the way designers work.
design  trends  future 
january 2009 by dunc
Future Files
Future Files is a new book filled with provocative forecasts about how the world might change in the next half century. It examines emerging trends and developments in society, technology, economy, and business, and makes educated speculations as to where they might take us.
trends  future  foresight  books  innovation 
october 2008 by dunc
trendwatching.com: 2007 Trend Report
trendwatching.com logo * Trend Briefings * Trend Database * Trend Services * 2007 Trend Report * About us * Trend Report * Table of contents * FAQ * Buy now * Premium access * Contact You know you need to do at least one trend session this year. 2007 Tren
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march 2007 by dunc

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