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About USE Eff Project
USE Efficiency intends to create a common stream for energy efficiency systems in university buildings. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples both for energy efficiency solutions and for energy efficiency behaviour.
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august 2012 by dunc
Energy Sixth Sense for Commercial Buildings – Demo | Antoine Auriol's personal website
"This animation is connected to Arup’s headquarters building energy database. Energy consumption values are either live feeds or pulled out of a one day long history. All data are handled through the internet, thanks to the Pachube platform. " an updated link to Antoines Arup Demo including a full screen version.
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january 2012 by dunc
Energy Sixth Sense for Commercial Buildings | v2
This animation is meant to be displayed on the lobby information screen, directly in front of the entrance. It monitors the electric consumption of small office appliances employee use and display the results in visually emotional way - work by Masters student at Brunel on visualising the building 8 data.
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september 2011 by dunc
CPB9 green screen
This swf on the intranet is based on the application developed for an external client. It has been repurposed and fed live data from Building 8 and shows comparative values for small power and light.
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september 2011 by dunc
YCT - feed browser
Mobile pages for browsing pachube data. Written in coldfusion these scripts are accessing the pachube feeds and displaying: the list of all feeds available with their current values, links to feed pages with last 24 hours and last 3 days graphs.
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september 2011 by dunc
google charts example
Benson and Francesco's early demo of pachube feeding google charts for energy comp - this display shows stacked view of data in one chart.
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september 2011 by dunc
Energy Sixth Sense for Commercial Buildings | v1
Antoines v1 energy vis demo using thermal images of offices. Uses data from bldg 8 via pachube.
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september 2011 by dunc
8 Fitzroy Street | Unity WebPlayer
David's first prototype of live data feed from pachube being imported into a unity model. Data in model is refreshing every minute.
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september 2011 by dunc
Video from NHS Online with CEO and COO of green energy options talking about their products - i have on of these at home on trial. Only downside is that i cannot access my raw data.
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september 2010 by dunc
2050 pathway
"This tool is an interface to the first version of a calculator to help policymakers, the energy industry and the public understand these choices. This work is not about choosing a pathway out to 2050 today — such a task would not be feasible given the major unknowns and timeframe involved. However, this work enables us to better manage some significant long-term uncertainties and helps us to avoid making long-term decisions that are incompatible with meeting our 2050 emissions target."
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august 2010 by dunc
Coalition sets out energy policy as new analysis points to scale of 2050 challenge (Press release) - Department of Energy and Climate Change
"Groundbreaking ‘2050’ analysis is published alongside, including six illustrative ‘pathways’ showing that meeting the target of an 80% cut in emissions by 2050 is ambitious but achievable, and compatible with maintaining security of energy supplies. A do-nothing ‘reference’ scenario highlights the risks of a high carbon future. An online ‘2050 Calculator’ also goes live today, enabling the public to explore the trade-offs inherent in designing the future secure, low carbon energy system and wider economy."
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july 2010 by dunc
In-car 'coach' helps Ford drivers save fuel - Springwise
"Building on the coaching concept Ford pioneered on its SmartGauge with EcoGuide cluster for the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, among other cars, MyFord Touch enables drivers to monitor and track their vehicle's real-time fuel economy performance and mile-per-gallon averages for the past five, 10 and 30 minutes." next please - a review of the first years use to see if it does affect behaviour change across a fleet
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july 2010 by dunc
CHANGE project - home
"The CHANGE project is a collaboration between Goldsmiths, Nottingham University, Sussex University and The Open University. We are exploring how novel technologies can provide insights into, and potentially change, patterns of human behaviour, particularly those that have an impact on the environment. "
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may 2010 by dunc
Carbon.to - Carbon so you can understand it
"In everyday life we encounter more and more carbon dioxide information. However, it's difficult to understand the magnitude of the numbers told. What does a kilogram of CO2 really mean? Convert between a CO2 amount to other units as cups of tea or hours in flight." an outcome of a 24 hour hackday - a tool to compare CO2 to ..... other stuff
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may 2010 by dunc
Dynamic Demand
"Dynamic Demand aims to promote the introduction of “dynamic demand control” technologies on the UK power grid by advocating institutional change and stimulating research and discussion."
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may 2010 by dunc
Can I turn it on?
"The frequency of our electricity supply" current load on UK network
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may 2010 by dunc
EnergieVisible | A Cudrefin02.ch and ETH Zurich Project
"The project was initiated by the Curdrefin 02 foundation for sustainability in cooperation with the Institute for Pervasive Computing of ETH Zurich in frame of the Web of Things project." Pervasive workshop
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may 2010 by dunc
Novelties - New Monitors Will Be Energy Scoreboards for the Home - NYTimes.com
"The Picowatt, which plugs into an ordinary wall outlet, is small — slightly larger than a cellphone charger. But it can communicate with the Wi-Fi router on a home network just as laptops do, said Jennifer Indovina, chief executive of Tenrehte. Plug an audio system, for example, into the Picowatt, then plug the Picowatt into a wall outlet, and it will calculate information on energy use and beam it to the router, she said." via Chris who met Jennifer at TED
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april 2010 by dunc
Tech.view: Home sweet passive home | The Economist
"The heart of Mr Calder’s system is an intelligent wireless hub which interrogates sensors attached to the HVAC system, the boiler and the various electrical appliances around the home. It monitors their activity and relays the information to an account that the user can see via a personal computer or smart-phone. On being set up, the system learns the user’s preferences for four different situations: when the occupants are home; when they have gone to sleep; when they are out for a short while; and when they are on holiday. " via Colin post his trip to Clean and Cool Mission 2010 - on sale next month
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march 2010 by dunc
"Pixelache and Helsingin Energia are collaborating to produce artworks related to collective energy consumption in Helsinki area. The artworks will be located in public space in Helsinki and/or presented as online projects. In the first round of the project, following artists were invited to submit proposals for artworks: Miska Knapek, Andy Best, Maria Duncker, Unsworn Industries (Erik Sandelin & Magnus Torstensson) and 4um (Karthik Acharya, Arto Tommiska, Elina Alatalo ja Jukka Hautamäki). The proposals were made public in October 2009 so that citizens of Helsinki, energy consumption experts and the electronic art community could give feedback on them." Interesting ideas, looking forward to seeing how they get realised this year.
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january 2010 by dunc
Shaspa - Smart Shared Spaces , Smart Home, Smart Building
"Shaspa captures data directly from the building or group of buildings in near real time. These live data feeds provide a unified view across the technical silos in the building and across the real estate property portfolio. It also provides a means of control based on the energy and carbon policies an organisation defines." great examples out in the field
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december 2009 by dunc
Hohm: Microsoft Gets Into the Energy Business
"Today, we can finally reveal what Hohm is really about. At its core, Hohm is Microsoft's answer to Google's PowerMeter and similar services. Hohm is dedicated to giving consumer's information about potential energy savings, while at the same time connecting those consumers whose energy providers already use smart meter technology with real-time information about their own energy consumption at home."
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october 2009 by dunc
Official Google Blog: Google PowerMeter's first device partner
"Those of us lucky enough to have one of these devices installed in our homes experienced first-hand how access to high-resolution energy use information drives meaningful behavior change (PDF). So we set out to make that data easier for everyone to access and understand by sending the collected data to our Google PowerMeter software." Google announce the first device partner for google powermeter - consumer focus in this product
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october 2009 by dunc
T.E.D. : TED 5000 Overview
"The complete TED 5000 system includes one Gateway, one pair of CTs, one MTU, and the optional TED 5000 Display. Users who choose to simply access their data via computer can opt for a display-free system." the display is optional - nice - integrates out the box with google powermeter
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october 2009 by dunc
How to Monday: How to visualise energy savings | News | guardian.co.uk
we are eco-hackers - great summary post of the different ways people are montoring energy use in the home. Includes a nod to Dan's PWTE post at the end...
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october 2009 by dunc
Welcome to TAHI - Interoperable Services for Smart Homes
"To accelerate the adoption of products and services by connected home-based users. TAHI consists of many member organisations which work together to achieve this mission. The important issue is to ensure that all the support frameworks are in place to allow service providers to deliver services to people, to ensure that applications can use the available systems in people's businesses and homes, to ensure that they can work together and can interoperate." Corporate driven interoperability standard setting.
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september 2009 by dunc
HOME — Esmig
"The foundation of the European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) recognises the fact that the relevant industries have a key role to play in:
the general roll out and adequate use of Smart Metering technology,
a consistent technological roll out in each of the 27 Member States of the EU and
the provision of maximum benefit from the new technology for users, utilities and the environment." A pan European group promoting interoperability.
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september 2009 by dunc
BBC - Open Secrets
"Since last October, larger public buildings with many frequent visitors have needed to have Display Energy Certificates (DECs) setting out their annual carbon dioxide emissions and comparing their energy efficiency to properties of the same kind. These certificates must be displayed so they are clearly visible to the visiting public. And the information they contain is also stored on the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register - if you happen to know a building's 20-digit certificate reference number, you can enter it in the register database and retrieve a copy of the certificate and the advisory report on how the building's efficiency may be improved. To that extent, the data has always been public."
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september 2009 by dunc
BeAware » Blog Archive » Energy Awareness and Conservation through Pervasive Applications
Call for Position Papers - Energy conservation is a growing area of interest for pervasive computing. Recently the problem of conserving energy through involvement of consumers has become topical. The multidisciplinary challenges for pervasive applications are numerous, including pervasive sensing of energy consumption, energy efficient infrastructures for sensing energy and users, and designing engaging applications that do not disrupt but support everyday activities.
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september 2009 by dunc
Online Energy Management Company, Electricity Meter UK, Energy Conservation Solutions, Electricity Meter Manufacturer : PRI
"As the intelligent metering specialist, PRI is a market leader in the development, production and supply of smart electronic meters. It provides intelligent products, systems and services for energy and utility revenue management world wide." green screen installed in I Mech E
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september 2009 by dunc
"The Digital Environment Home Energy Management System (DEHEMS) project aims to improve the current monitoring approach to levels of energy being used by households, with an overall aim of reducing CO2 emissions across Europe. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7. " and the project site for the EU energy monitoring trial in the previous linked youtube vid
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august 2009 by dunc
Save Your Energy - Birmingham March 2009
"The Save Your Energy Project is launched in Birmingham. This video takes you through the uses of the Save Your Energy project equipment and the use it will have in Summerfield in Birmingham." summary youtube vid of EU project on using energy monitors at eco village in birmingham
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august 2009 by dunc
AMEE - The world’s energy meter » Blog Archive » First open, real-time grid-emissions monitoring system
Realtime Carbon - AMEE users automatically have access to this feed from their existing accounts. Sign up now and use the code examples
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july 2009 by dunc
RealTimeCarbon forum • View topic - What are the data feeds?
"The 'data feeds' supplied by this site are small well defined pieces of information. They are supplied in ways that can be accessed and read by people as well as machines. First data is taken from a data service provided on behalf of the National Grid. This data is updated every 5 minutes and provides a snapshot of the proportion and volume of generation from plant with different fuel types. For instance, it shows the proportion of the fuel mix represented by coal, oil, nuclear, gas, wind, pumped storage and so on. The data is then sent to AMEE where emission's factors for each fuel type are applied and the results stored." how to get the Real time Carbon cost to use in your own data vis
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july 2009 by dunc
Pachube :: blog: Pachube augmented reality demo, with Dennou Coil-style chalk-drawn space-hack
"see this augmented reality demo where 3D Pachube visualisation data is overlayed in realtime 'on top' of Arduino sensor boxes that we have around the office" - great demo of WIP at pachube, we are working with them on creating an interface to the Arup office feeds - more soon...
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july 2009 by dunc
Google Public Policy Blog: Open standards for a smart electric grid
"Congress recently provided $4.5 billion to build a smarter electricity grid that can empower consumers with information about their electricity consumption. Studies have shown that having such consumer energy information in real-time can reduce energy use by 5 to 15 percent." Links through to testimony by Ed Lu which gives some insight into the motivation behind google powermeter
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june 2009 by dunc
MyEnergy - Making energy visible in homes and businesses
"Welcome to the Visible Energy Trial. This dashboard enables you to update and amend information about your energy usage and any changes or improvements you make to your home." Have just set-up basic info on my home at the start of the Green Energy Options home monitoring trial.
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may 2009 by dunc
How to build a web connected gas meter with your Arduino « Brain-things: Richard Parker’s blog
What follows is how I set about using my Arduino, an Ethernet Shield and various other parts in order to build the gas meter!
seewatt  arduino  gas 
april 2009 by dunc
Jokamajo Instituut
At Jokamajo we're currently alpha testing a social metering application called Flukso. Flukso lets you compare your total electricity consumption to that of other households. These can be family, friends, colleagues, you name it. With Flukso, we're trying to turn those abstract watts and kWh's into something more tangible.
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april 2009 by dunc
Mazzini Monitors Its First Appliance | MCQN Limited
"This past week the Mazzini project, my controllable electricity monitor, has taken a great step forwards. The initial hardware prototype I talked about earlier has undergone a few tweaks and is now soldered up rather than push-fitted together on breadboard." via homecamp he interested in collaborating with others to get these made in batches.
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april 2009 by dunc
GREEN ENERGY OPTIONS :: Making energy visible
"What we are doing is producing a range of products that will make energy visible and help both home and business users manage, understand and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they produce." if you live in east anglia and are interested in energy use then sign up for this excellent trial
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april 2009 by dunc
Rab Bennetts on why sustainable signature architecture isn't green - Building Sustainable Design
We need to break down this resistance to sharing what we sometimes don’t want to hear. Publishing pre- and post-occupancy information is an essential part of UK Green Building Council’s quest for greater sustainability. Energy performance certificates are an imperfect part of this process but at least they are a start. The government needs to find a way of using them to increase the stock of available knowledge.
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march 2009 by dunc
The Green Soda Project
ACme is an open source hardware and software platform that enables wireless energy/power measurement and control of AC devices. The ACme node (pictured on the left) fills the gap between inexpensive LCD watt-meters (e.g. Kill-A-Watt) and expensive networked enterprise energy monitors. The ACme network (pictured on the right) is an IPv6 based mesh network that enables direct IP communication with individual ACme nodes.
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march 2009 by dunc
MAKE: Blog : Tweet-a-watt - our entry for the Core77 & Greener Gadgets design competition
Using "off-the-shelf hardware", we have modified a Kill-a-Watt(TM) power meter to "tweet" (publish wirelessly) the daily KWH consumed to the user's Twitter account (Cumulative Killowatt-hours). We are releasing this project as an "Open source hardware" project - in other words, anyone can make these, modify them and make a commercial product from the ideas and methods.
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march 2009 by dunc
Arduino PowerMeter, connect and display
"It appears that EDF, the historical french electricity distributor, has alreayd thought about people wanting to retrieve electronically information from their home control panel. At the bottom right of this picture, you can see 2 holes named “Sortie de téléinformation client (unidirectionnelle)” which is a serial port, with certain specifications, that sends a binary stream of the informations available on the LCD panel." via James
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march 2009 by dunc
Visible Energy - Smart Appliances Interactive Energy Management
One to watch... Consumer energy monitoring kit with iPhone interface. "Visible Energy products change the way we use electricity in our every day lives. See me launch at Green:Net 09 — San Francisco, March 24 We are in stealth mode and launching our products at Green:Tech 09 startups launchpad on March 24."
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march 2009 by dunc
AMEE Trac - Trac
"Welcome to the AMEE Technical Docs. AMEE is a REST API exposed as XML or JSON. Once you sign up for your developer key you'll get emailed with a username, password and URL. The URL let's you browse the API in full via a web interface (the web interface actually just makes API calls). "
seewatt  energy  AMEE 
march 2009 by dunc
Energy Monitoring with AMEE
Had a great chat with Gavin about AMEE - one to work on for building data feeds... "Data is uploaded into AMEE from a real-time display/smart-meter every minute. It's retrieved as an Atom feed and graphed on this website. CO2 emitted is calculated in real-time."
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march 2009 by dunc
The Decision Tree » Changing Our Energy Habits, By the Numbers:
Thomas Goetz blog via his ETech ignite talk on health algorithms (2 factors - eat less, exercise more). Nice quote that at weightwatchers they also have 2 fundamental activites - self monitoring + groupwork. Translated this could also be read as - data + social networks. From his blog: "So the parallels here are quite neat - in both circumstances (health and energy), new tools are emerging that suddenly turn our invisible lives into stark, bold numbers, numbers that we can give us insight into exactly where we stand, as well as direction for where we might want to go. In both cases, it’s not going to be easy to actually stick to our principles and change how we do things. It’s no easier to stop driving than it is to stop eating (or in the case of In ‘n’ Out burger, doing both at once). But gaining perspective on the relationship between our actions and our greater context - be it our health or our planet’s health - is a necessary first step."
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march 2009 by dunc
Stanford University, Storey House - Building Dashboard® | Lucid Design Group
Lucid Designs green screens are looking pretty impressive - much nicer, and more informative than previous versions i have seen. Also like their modular approach to the display screens. Need to find out more about the sensing / metering hardware they use...
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
march 2009 by dunc
Energy Information
Google PowerMeter is one way to accomplish this; it takes advantage of our scalable, secure IT architecture and our popular iGoogle gadget platform to show you your energy use in near real-time (and it's free to both utilities and consumers). But empowering consumers with energy information is too important to rely on just one provider, and we welcome and encourage other approaches.
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february 2009 by dunc
Pages Lane - monitoring
live reading from the house with links through to 24 hour dataset on pachube.
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february 2009 by dunc
For Utilities - Greenbox Technology - Interactive Energy Management
Greenbox provides a web-based interface for your residential energy customers, empowering them to manage their usage and change their consumption habits.
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
february 2009 by dunc
The Greener Grass: Concept - Current State
We were inspired by the energy visualization concepts and the lack of well design device timers to create this high tech system to help individuals take control of their energy usage. Current State is a real-time energy use monitoring system and timer for powered devices combined into one.
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
february 2009 by dunc
Design Research: Concerning Energy: Graduate Program in Design at California College of the Arts
Concerning Energy is the theme for the 2008 course in Design Research. This design research practicum will use a variety of human-centered research methods to explore the awareness, attitudes, information sources and choices regarding the personal and domestic energy use among diverse groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Knowing what people think and how their attitudes have been informed at the grassroots level will inform speculative design interventions that meet segments of the public "where they are" in our efforts to inform and influence behavior.
design  seewatt  research  energy  uia  ucdeeb 
january 2009 by dunc
powerAware energy monitor
powerAware : a power strip that generates visual awareness of the user’s energy consumption through active full color lighting as well as logging the energy usage data via WiFi to a web application allowing for further analysis of consumption habits.
arduino  seewatt  energy  itp 
january 2009 by dunc
FT.com / World - MPs support tough bill on CO2 reporting
Mid-sized companies face mandatory reporting of their carbon emissions from 2012 after MPs on Tuesday night passed sweeping legislation setting ambitious targets to tackle climate change.
seewatt  carbon 
october 2008 by dunc
Adam Greenfield keynote talk - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
some quick notes from Adam Greenfield's keynote talk. Adam is instructor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program & well known from his book Everyware about the social & ethical implications of ubiquitous computing. some general observations, including 5 ethical guidelines for the design of ubiquitous systems
ubiquitouscomputing  convergence  spimes  seewatt  internetofthings  iot 
september 2008 by dunc
Hacking the Coffee Maker - Caffeine Viewer | FlowingData
The colmeia group recently installed their Caffeine Viewer project where they hacked their coffee maker to log their "insane coffee consumption" in real-time. Every time a person presses a button on the coffee maker data are logged, but there's a slight twist - the data are available to everyone via the caffeinated API. That's some serious self-surveillance. There are also a few visualizations, but mainly, they invite others to create their own.
seewatt  selfsurveillance  convergence 
september 2008 by dunc
T.E.D. : PC Interface
TED Footprints is data-logging software designed to provide very detailed information about your use of electricity. TED Footprints is available as an option for TED
seewatt  energy 
september 2008 by dunc
all manner of distractions » Source Code
For this first release, I am showing how I go about making a generic particle emitter. I used Processing v.135 and Karsten Schmidt’s Vec3D library.
seewatt  processing.org  visualization  particle 
september 2008 by dunc
Indianapolis Museum of Art: Dashboard
Welcome to IMA Dashboard, an ongoing effort to measure various aspects of the Museum's performance. To navigate the Dashboard in particular areas, the tabs at the top of the screen drop down to allow for more detail. The goal of the Dashboard is to seek to quantify and report out on areas of activity of general interest to museum observers and to particular interest to museum studies specialists, colleagues, and patrons
visualization  seewatt  energy 
august 2008 by dunc
welcome @ <>TAG: activities_321_artist_and_work
TAG gallery, the site of the Eco-Aesthetics exhibition
visualization  energy  seewatt 
august 2008 by dunc
Constellation NewEnergy Announces the Creation of the NewEnergy AllianceSM :: Tridium
“The goal is to create Energy Responsive BuildingsSM by integrating building automation systems with real-time energy market data and pricing signals,”
seewatt  convergence  energy  BIM 
june 2008 by dunc
UBC Energy Management Dashboard
an exanple of where things are heading with the Arup resource vis intranet
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Products :: Agilewaves
Agilewaves' flagship product, the Resource Monitor, constantly monitors electric, gas, and water consumption of a home or office and reports consumption and carbon footprint through a built-in touchscreen interface or a password protected web page.
seewatt  energy 
june 2008 by dunc
putting power in the hands of consumers through technology
he Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory announced today the results of a year-long effort to put the power grid in the hands of consumers through technology. On average, consumers saved 10 percent on their electricity bills.
seewatt  energy  sustainability 
june 2008 by dunc
Products - Dashboards - Utilities & Energy - t-mac
Utilities and Energy Monitoring Dashboard is targeted at site utilities management. It allows electricity, water, gas usage to be monitored.
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Home - Quality Attributes Software
QAS is a software company immersed in the Cleantech and Green Building industries. QAS develops enterprise intelligent building software solutions that include energy monitoring & verification, ongoing commissioning and renewable energy.
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Lucid Design Group - Our goal: a dashboard for every building
Building Dashboard® is a web-based display technology that provides real-time feedback on resource use and helps us to improve the environmental performance of buildings.
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Harvard University - Building Dashboard® | Lucid Design Group
sample building dashboard - also includes public transport access...
seewatt  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Building Sustainablity
Building Sustainability's Footprint Tracker is a Management Information System which collects all information about the energy usage of a building and its occupiers.
seewatt  energy  dashboards  greenscreen 
june 2008 by dunc
Interactive Institute › SWITCH! › The Swedish Energy Agency
Interactive institute's Design Research Unit is happy to announce that funding has been granted from STEM (Energimyndigheten/The Swedish Energy Agency) to launch the project 'SWITCH! Energy Ecologies in Everyday Life'....
seewatt  energy  visualization  pwte 
april 2008 by dunc
Buildings 2.0 a grand vision of the future of internet-centric buildings. Following two years of industry roundtables, in 2008 BuilConn will host an industry discussion on the subject of green energy, sustainability, and the role that Buildings 2.0
pwte  seewatt  energy  wsn  bms  sustainability 
april 2008 by dunc
Land Securities energy management
Reducing energy usage, an office case study by Dave Farebrother FEI Environmental Director - pdf of slides from energy institute presentation. A case study from an office in London, UK
seewatt  energy  pwte  bop 
april 2008 by dunc
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