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New York's Port, Beyond Dubai (Gotham Gazette, March 2006)
"For many New Yorkers who make their living from the city’s harbor, the high-pitched, month-long debate over the so-called Arab takeover of the port was beyond baffling."
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Kilowatt hour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
definition + plus link through to difference between energy and power
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C40 Cities - Climate Leadership Group
Cities have a central role to play in tackling climate change, particularly as cities bear a disproportional responsibility for causing it. In fact, cities consume 75 per cent of the world's energy and produce 80 per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions. That is why it is so important for cities to work together, set the agenda on this issue and show leadership on this issue.

Through effective partnership working with the Clinton Climate Initiative C40 will help deliver emissions reductions and better energy efficiency
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WorldChanging: Zerofootprint Cities
London Mayor Ken Livingstone, chair of the C40, said at the launch of the programme: “National governments still struggle to agree a way forward on global warming, but cities, which are responsible for around three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, are today demonstrating the leadership and decisive action necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change.”
This is what has motivated us to launch Zerofootprint Cities, an initiative to link the citizens of the world’s cities around software that combines an environmental footprint calculator, linked to social networking and business intelligence tools.
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The role of cities in tackling climate change - Climate Action
THE C40 LARGE CITIES CLIMATE LEADERSHIP GROUP - All over the world, city governments are taking their own initiatives, recognising the need to cooperate across national and international boundaries. Substantial carbon reductions have been achieved by 670 municipalities through ICLEI’s ‘Cities for Climate Protection’ campaign.
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