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"Centre for London will promote wider understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing London and develop rigorous and radical policy ideas for the capital."
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december 2012 by dunc
Demos | Publications
All over the world governments dream of creating centres of digitial innovation to rival Silicon Valley. The British government is no exception. Over the last two years it has led a high profile drive to support 'Silicon Roundabout' - the high tech cluster that has emerged in Inner East London - and turn it into something bigger: Tech City.
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november 2012 by dunc
China to Launch National Internet of Things Plan
"It started on Aug. 7, when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made a speech in the city of Wuxi calling for the rapid development of Internet of Things technologies." the China plan
iot  iotexpertgroup  china  internet  policy 
december 2010 by dunc
Obsession With Nanotechnology Growth Stymies Regulators
"The Obama administration's 2011 budget illustrates the scant federal resources devoted to nano-safety. It proposes spending $1.8 billion on nanotechnology overall, but just $117 million -- or 6.6 percent -- of that was earmarked for the study of health-related issues surrounding the engineered particles." a summary of the reasons why the US has a more relaxed approach to new nanotech products coming to market than say EU or Canada
convergence  nanohazards  policy 
september 2010 by dunc
Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society
"SAGE Reference's pioneering new, two-volume Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society is the first available reference work to cover the ethical, legal, policy, social, cultural, economic, and business issues raised by the science and technology. Highly accessible, expertly written A-to-Z entries describe nanoscience's technical achievements, history, and prospects. " looks interesting but expensive collection of reports.
convergence  nanohazards  report  social  cultural  policy 
september 2010 by dunc

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