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Joyce Timber - Timber Merchants
We offer a range of products that includes: softwood and hardwood timber, general hardware, doors, sheet materials, mouldings, decking, fencing and hardwood flooring.
timber  wood  north  london 
september 2017 by dunc
Arup | Publications | Future Cities: UK Capabilities For Urban Innovation
This report, produced by the Future Cities Catapult and Arup, sets out the UK’s strengths in the global market for urban solutions. These strengths include the UK’s heritage in urban planning and reinvention, its commercial expertise in managing large scale urban projects, its diverse creative services, combined with its fast growing digital expertise and development of world leading standards for urban design and open data, among other areas.
FCC  arup  smartcities  london 
july 2016 by dunc
Smart City London 2016
report by arup for smart london board on market in london 2016
smartcities  london  arup 
july 2016 by dunc
London Air Quality Network || The comprehensive source of information about air pollution in London || Home
Primary AQ site for London run by Kings College Environmental Research Group - lots of projects linked from here.
airquality  project  london  L3  data  environment  Kings  KCL 
april 2014 by dunc
Cleaner Air 4 Schools | Greater London Authority
To reduce the risk of air pollution to London's children the Mayor is working on a programme with London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) to raise awareness of air pollution in and around schools. The Cleaner Air 4 Schools programme aims to educate school communities about what they can do to reduce their impact and to protect themselves from the health risks caused by pollution.
airquality  L3  london  distance  GLA  project 
november 2013 by dunc
How polluted is my school?
Research by the Campaign for Clean Air found that 1,148 schools in London are within 150 metres of roads carrying 10,000 or more vehicles per day, and a total of 2,270 schools are within 400 metres of such roads.
airquality  london  L3  distance  schools 
november 2013 by dunc
ClearfLo Project
The ClearfLo (Clean Air for London) Project is a collaborative scientific project involving several academic institutions in the UK, to set up air pollution monitoring sites alongside meteorological measurements to investigate boundary layer pollution across London.
l3  airquality  london  clearflo  particulates  project 
november 2013 by dunc
ViziCities development diary #1: One month in | Rawkes
At the most basic level, ViziCities is about bringing cities to life using the power of the Web. At a slightly more wordy level, it's about creating an interactive 3D city visualisation platform that is beautiful, fun and engaging.
javascript  map  visualization  london 
october 2013 by dunc
DataStore's First Outing — Londonscape
The DataStore had its first few outings in the last fortnight. In the first instance we set up aspects of the DataStore in the Sackler Centre at the V&A Museum. This was part of the Digital Futures:Urban Open Space alongside NASA and other winning teams from the Urban Prototyping Festival.
london  data  store  londonscape  soda 
september 2013 by dunc
What is the OI London? :: Open Institute London
London has plans to develop an OI – an ambitious infrastructure that seeks to offer new opportunities for Open education, enterprise, and everyday life for its citizens.
This could be achieved via a range of shared resources; spaces, tools, and platforms. Which are then put them in a commons, where anyone can access them.
The first instance of the OI is being developed in London, backed by £50m investment from the government. And the institution itself will be shared so that other cities can create their own OI.
open  openinstitute  OI  london 
august 2013 by dunc
Observing London | Publications | London Climate Change Partnership
London has a surprising amount of weather data – about 260 stations that measure some aspect of London’s atmosphere, including rainfall, temperature and air quality. These are operated by a wide range of organisations and individual volunteers, however, there is a general consensus that:

the data are not available at a high enough density across the city
many users cannot take full advantage of the data collected because they are not discoverable nor available in quality controlled, easily accessible formats online
Observing London makes the case that we could and should harness this wealth of information, most notably through the creation of a focused weather portal for London.
icricities  london  livinglab  weather  climatechange 
july 2013 by dunc
Vision 2020 | Greater London Authority
The Mayor’s 2020 Vision presents London as a city that looks outwards to the world and the future with growing confidence. It sets a broad course that communicates our readiness and ambition, and our city’s ability to meet the connected challenges of rapid population growth and economic success.
GLA  mayor  vision  london  icricities 
july 2013 by dunc
Demos | Projects
"Centre for London will promote wider understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing London and develop rigorous and radical policy ideas for the capital."
london  cities  demos  centreforlondon  research  policy 
december 2012 by dunc
Demos | Publications
All over the world governments dream of creating centres of digitial innovation to rival Silicon Valley. The British government is no exception. Over the last two years it has led a high profile drive to support 'Silicon Roundabout' - the high tech cluster that has emerged in Inner East London - and turn it into something bigger: Tech City.
london  policy  techcity  intel 
november 2012 by dunc
"Use your Oyster card to play online Chromaroma takes your travel data and makes it into a game where every journey counts in a competition for the city!"
convergence  selfsurveillance  games  tfl  data  datalogging  rfid  london 
october 2011 by dunc
tinkerit | H3: RFID workshop
Inspired by a series of workshops conducted in Italy in 2006, Massimo Banzi will lead a 2 day workshop around using the Arduino board and RFID, an electronic identification technology
london  rfid  workshop  arduino 
october 2007 by dunc
Serpentine Gallery: Serpentine Gallery Experiment MarathonStarts Saturday 13 October 12 noonEnds Sunday 14 October 3 pm
The 24-Hour Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon, introduced by Julia Peyton-Jones and presented by Olafur Eliasson and Hans Ulrich Obrist, will feature experiments performed by leading artists, architects and scientists
art  london  science  event 
october 2007 by dunc
Excellent art
things we wish we could do
art  london 
april 2007 by dunc

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