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Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator - innovateuk
The Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator is funding 8 business-led projects to deliver and launch ‘Internet of Things clusters’. Each cluster has a clearly defined application scenario and is an ‘open zone’ for experimentation and innovation. This will help industry address issues such as ecosystem development, validating business models, interoperability, data availability, trust and cost.
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august 2013 by dunc
internet of things | Convergence
We are at the cusp of the emergence of a network of objects that empowers computers to perceive the world for themselves and act independently on our behalf. This has the potential to significantly impact the way we optimise the operation of cities, buildings, infrastructure and business.
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november 2012 by dunc
Top 100 Influencers- Postscapes
"The Internet of Things continues to expand its reach with many platforms becoming more mature and products and services making it into the wild.  We have compiled a list of 100 people influencing the topic on a daily basis whether through their evangelizing, standardizing or through their own companies."
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november 2012 by dunc
The Good Night Lamp
"Keeping in touch with people has gradually become more than being “always on, sometimes off”. At Good Night Lamp, we would like to think that people can share parts of their lives with their families, friends and lovers in more subtle ways with the help of an ever sensitive, invisible and intelligent technology. Lighting!" great little product idea
ambient  convergence  internetofthings  iot  light  brig  designswarm 
june 2012 by dunc
BBC News - Smart hand pumps promise cleaner water in Africa
"The technology has other potential benefits. It will allow scientists to compile a real time database of how much water is being used across the continent. Greater predictability of breakdowns could also help drive down the cost of repairs." interesting use of mobile phone networks in Africa for proactive maintenance - aim is to reduce repair time from 1 month to 1 day.
mobile  smart  water  convergence  internetofthings  iot 
june 2012 by dunc
Technology: Smart move? | Architecture Today
"This privatisation of the immaterial city is akin to that of its material host which has been exposed by the recent Occupy movements and discussed in books such as Anna Minton’s Ground Control. When access to data is privatised, we become the product and the advertisers become the users, a phenomenon already being witnessed in the privatisation of the internet by companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon, in which we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, complicit. This is something that needs careful consideration before we all sign up to being ‘smart’." great points
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january 2012 by dunc
Tell-all telephone | Data Protection | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE
"Green party politician Malte Spitz sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to ZEIT ONLINE. We combined this geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, such as Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, all of which is all freely available on the internet. By pushing the play button, you will set off on a trip through Malte Spitz's life."
convergence  privacy  iot  internetofthings  data  location  mobile  phone  geoweb  locationawareness 
january 2012 by dunc
Agheera Real Time Tracking
"Using advanced GPS, GSM, and iridium technology we bring end to end transparency into the world of logistics. With our real time visibility solutions, we deliver a constant monitoring of shipments and assets around the globe."
iot  logistics  tracking  convergence  internetofthings 
june 2011 by dunc
Wind @ primary Hukushima - Market
"Wind across the country, activity mapping the distance from the primary site
Get emergency flashlight buzzer - latitude and longitude on a map the distance to the primary location of each point on a map to the current offshore wind map of the current value of the national disaster operations for a replacement battery action (such as shelter 炊出) perseverance will be a link to search for GPS maps can be obtained by address and zip code in the position of the radio hit is not available, we look forward to report such actions to speak for Hack Nozomi Kaname Japan has agreed to East earthquake (Tohoku region Pacific earthquake)"
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june 2011 by dunc
Cities of the Future « 2011 Cities
a collection of links to smart city webpages
iot  smartcities  internetofthings 
june 2011 by dunc
Welcome to the IoT-Week website — IOT Week
"The IoT Week is an event organised together with four European Projects, IoT-A, IoT-i, CASAGRAS2, SMART SANTANDER and with the support of the European Research Cluster on Internet of Things (IERC). During this week, you can get to know some of the most advanced EU research projects and initiatives regarding Internet of Things, along with international speakers."
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may 2011 by dunc
YouTube - The Internet of Things
IBM Smarter Planet video introducing the internet of things
iot  internetofthings  video  IBM 
april 2011 by dunc
YouTube - The Internet of Things: What is a Spime and why is it...
Bruce Sterling Google Talk on Spimes and the Internet of Things.
iot  internetofthings  spime  google  video  sterling 
april 2011 by dunc
Stats: The Age of the Internet of Things Has Dawned: Tech News and Analysis «
"The nation’s two largest carriers added more connected devices last quarter than postpaid subscriptions, according to data released this morning by Chetan Sharma, a wireless analyst. Carriers added 2.6 million connected devices and 1.2 million contract customers. "
iot  internetofthings  US  statistics 
april 2011 by dunc
Overview of China's 12th Five-Year Plan
"In 2011, China will enter its 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). The development goals, directions and industry strategies for the entire plan were set in October 2010, and will be of critical importance for China's development over the next five to ten years. This report looks at the core directions for development in the 12th Five-Year Plan."
iot  china  internetofthings 
april 2011 by dunc
IoT Database Interface — IOT-I: Internet of Things Initiative
One of the goals of the IoT-i project is to observe, structure, and shape ongoing research activities in the field of the Internet of Things, in order to establish the leadership of Europe in this domain.
iot  sensei_fp7  database  internetofthings 
april 2011 by dunc
RFID Privacy Impact Assessment Framework
'The "Privacy Impact Assessment Framework for RFID applications" has been endorsed by the Article 29 Working Party on 11 February 2011 successfully completing a task that started nearly two years ago.'
iot  iotexpertgroup  privacy  rfid  internetofthings 
april 2011 by dunc
YouTube - Qiy turns the world upside down
"Qiy is an independent and secure utility, which enables an individual to create an intelligent personal domain online, thereby giving an individual control, overview and insight into their personal data." interesting video
iot  privacy  data  internetofthings 
april 2011 by dunc
Architecting the Internet of Things
"Many of the initial developments towards the Internet of Things have focused on the combination of Auto-ID and networked infrastructures in business-to-business logistics and product lifecycle applications. However, the Internet of Things is more than a business tool for managing business processes more efficiently and more effectively – it will also enable a more convenient way of life. Since the term "Internet of Things" first came to attention when the Auto-ID Center launched their initial vision for the EPC network for automatically identifying and tracing the flow of goods within supply-chains, increasing numbers of researchers and practitioners have further developed this vision. The authors in this book provide a research perspective on current and future developments in the Internet of Things."
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april 2011 by dunc
"SmartSantander proposes a unique in the world city-scale experimental research facility in support of typical applications and services for a smart city. This unique experimental facility will be sufficiently large, open and flexible to enable horizontal and vertical federation with other experimental facilities and stimulates development of new applications by users of various types including experimental advanced research on IoT technologies and realistic assessment of users’ acceptability tests. The facility will comprise more than 20,000 sensors and will be based on a real life IoT deployment in an urban setting. The core of the facility will be located in the city of Santander, the capital of the region of Cantabria situated on the north coast of Spain, and its surroundings. SmartSantander will enable the Future Internet of Things to become a reality."
smartcities  iot  Santander  eu  fp7  internetofthings  from delicious
april 2011 by dunc
The "internet of things": The internet of hype | The Economist
"MANAGEMENT gurus are always discovering the next big thing (and source of income). Last year it was emerging markets and "frugal innovation". This year it is "the internet of things", or, as it has rapidly become 'the internet of everything'." interesting 'doubter' piece that is so important for tech developers to read and understand.
iot  internetofthings  economist  from delicious
december 2010 by dunc
Objects Outpace New Human Subscribers to AT&T, Verizon
"... non-human objects, internet connected devices like digital picture frames, web-connected GPS devices and broadband TVs, came online with AT&T and Verizon in greater numbers last quarter than new human subscribers did."
data  internetofthings  networks  iot  convergence 
december 2010 by dunc
ERRT - ERRT - European Retail Round Table
"The ERRT is a network of business leaders established to express the views of large retailers on a range of issues of common interest.Their businesses operate worldwide and represent a cross-section of the retail sector. The combined turnover of the ERRT members is over €400 billion."
internetofthings  retail  iotexpertgroup  alliance  networks  convergence 
september 2010 by dunc
The Future of the Internet | Europa - Information Society
"Already today, 1.5 billion people use the Internet. In a few years, once the Internet has become genuinely mobile, over 4 billion users and billions more devices and objects will be connected anywhere and anytime. But before this can happen, the Internet must undergo important changes. Designed in the seventies, it is starting to face technical limitations which hamper its potential. Browse through our website: discover the opportunities and challenges facing the Internet, and Europe's leading role in shaping its future." the main EC future internet portal - should point to most of the FI activity in Europe.
internetofthings  iot  iotexpertgroup  future  internet  eu  research  futureinternet  convergence 
september 2010 by dunc
TRON Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"TRON is an open real-time operating system kernel design, and is an acronym for "The Real-time Operating system Nucleus". The project was started by Prof. Dr. Ken Sakamura of the University of Tokyo in 1984. The project's goal is to create an ideal computer architecture and network, to provide for all of society's needs." an early example of internet of things research via Larry Taylor from Zigbee Alliance 'why would you want a connected vacuum cleaner? so that it turns off when your phone rings'
internetofthings  iotexpertgroup  example  wiki  history  tron  os 
september 2010 by dunc
IPSO Alliance | Enabling the Internet of Things
"The IPSO Alliance is the primary advocate for IP networked devices for use in energy, consumer, healthcare and industrial applications. The IPSO Alliance is a non-profit association of more than 50 members from leading technology, communications and energy companies." IP for Smart Objects, founded 2008, via Patrick Wetterwald (Cisco)
internetofthings  iotexpertgroup  convergence  alliance 
september 2010 by dunc
the internet of things | Are you ready for the Internet of Things?
"Council is a loose group of professionals with different ideas and opinions. We sometimes differ and will probably clash. We prefer to host the full range of opinions on what will be a small avalanche of disruptive innovations. We do have something in common though. We have been through the full range of emotions and conceptual breakdown that comes with grasping the territory, the full logistical, business, social and philosophical implications of the Internet of Things."
internetofthings  iotexpertgroup  fp7  culture  media  art  research  convergence 
september 2010 by dunc
Internet of Things - Architecture — IOT-A
"IoT-A, the European lighthouse integrated project addressing the Internet-of-Things Architecture, proposes the creation of an architectural reference model together with the definition of an initial set of key building blocks. Together they are envisioned as crucial foundations for fostering a future Internet of Things. Using an experimental paradigm, IoT-A will combine top-down reasoning about architectural principles and design guidelines with simulation and prototyping to explore the technical consequences of architectural design choices."
iot  iotexpertgroup  internetofthings  architecture  convergence  research  fp7 
september 2010 by dunc
IERC-European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things
"The aim of European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things is to address the large potential for IoT-based capabilities in Europe and to coordinate the convergence of ongoing activities."
iot  iotexpertgroup  fp7  convergence  internetofthings 
september 2010 by dunc
CONET, the Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence
"CONET, the Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence, is a EU-funded project under ICT, Framework 7. The CONet project started on June 1st, 2008 and has a duration of 4 years, with a total funding of 4 Mio. EUR. The CONET Consortium is working on building a strong Community in the area of Cooperating Objects including research, public sector and industry partners from the areas of embedded systems, pervasive computing and wireless sensor networks."
iot  eu  fp7  iotexpertgroup  convergence  internetofthings 
september 2010 by dunc
Frito-Lay shows consumers where their chips came from - Springwise
“ 'Lay's chips are made from potatoes grown by farmers across America,' the brand explains. More than 80 farms from 27 states across the country, in fact, grow the potatoes that become Lay’s potato chips. With that idea in mind, Frito-Lay last year launched a campaign featuring the farmers that grow them. The “Lay's Mobile Farm” Tour — which wraps up this week — has been part of that effort, as is the Chip Tracker, which lets consumers trace where a particular bag of chips was made."
convergence  spimes  rfid  tracking  traces  food  internetofthings  geoweb  locationawareness  iot 
august 2010 by dunc
The Internet of Things: The Difference Engine: Chattering objects | The Economist
"The questions then become: Who assigns the identifier? Where and how is the information in the database made accessible? How are the details, in both the chip and the database, secured? What is the legal framework holding those in charge accountable? Glossing over such matters could seriously compromise any personal or corporate information associated with devices connected to the internet. Should that happen through ignorance or carelessness, the internet of things could be hobbled before it gets out of the gate." interesting comments in response to this 'where is the of IoT' article.
convergence  internetofthings 
august 2010 by dunc
IxD Spring Summit 2009 videos finally online! | Interaction Design Umeå
Good collection of videos from IxD earlier this year (just after ETech).
video  design  interaction  internetofthings 
november 2009 by dunc
SANY - an open service architecture for sensor networks | SANY Sensors Anywhere
"this book summarises the approaches and results of the SANY project by following the example of the ORCHESTRA project, whose work on an open architecture for risk management has provided the foundation for SANY. The acronym SANY stands for Sensors Anywhere and embraces trends and approaches identified by ORCHESTRA, many of which have by now developed into reality. As a major Integrated Project in the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission, SANY extends the work of ORCHESTRA into the domain of sensor networks and standards based sensor web enablement."
sensei_fp7  internetofthings  sensors  convergence 
october 2009 by dunc
Business Models of The Internet of Things - An Analysis of Pachube's Open Source Platform
"This is Part 3, where we'll look at Pachube's business model and delve into its platform. I spoke at length to Pachube founder Usman Haque to find out how Pachube intends to make money, how it will compete against big vendors such as IBM and Microsoft, and why it chose to be an open source platform." open to get them using it today and then once they like it they will he prepared to pay for the necessary tweaking (privacy, scalability, security etc.)
sensei_fp7  pachube  internetofthings  business  convergence 
october 2009 by dunc
Business Opportunities from Remote Device Management M2M and the Internet of Things
"This survey and report has been researched and published by Beecham Research, an independent analyst and consulting firm that specializes in M2M and the “Internet of Things” and serves both the adopter and technology supplier communities." free but you need to sign up to their site.
sensei_fp7  convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings  rfid  monitoring 
september 2009 by dunc
CORDIS : ICT : Programme : Components, systems and engineering : NECS
Final Workshop of the Study on "Monitoring and Control: Today's Market and its evolution till 2020" Some useful facts and figures on ubicomp market esp. in Europe
sensei_fp7  convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  rfid  monitoring  internetofthings 
september 2009 by dunc
RFID | Europa - Information Society
New, Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the EESC and the committee of the Regions: Internet of Things - An action plan for Europe (June 18 2009). pdf is at http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/policy/rfid/documents/commiot2009.pdf
convergence  internetofthings  eu  spimes  iot 
june 2009 by dunc
Pulse Laser: The New Negroponte Switch...
"…is the title of a talk I gave at Frontiers of Interaction V in Rome yesterday, primarily about the territory of “the Internet of Things” moving from one of academic and technological investigation to one of commercial design practice, and what that might mean for designers working therein." excellent talk by Matt Jones - worth a flick through the pdf - i loved the Negroponte / Gerschenfield switch!
convergence  spimes  internetofthings  thingfrastructure  schulzeandwebb  innovation  iot 
june 2009 by dunc
SENSEable City
"The real-time city is now real! The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure." and in particular the flickr tourism project: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=4653470
convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  visualization  sensors  crowdsourcing  etech  Conferences09Redux  internetofthings 
march 2009 by dunc
Herman Miller - for Business - Programmable Environments
via Jennifer Magnolfi at ETech "What if our buildings could respond to change as easily as we do? What if buildings never became obsolete, but instead could keep up with our own speed of adaptation and change? What if they were Always Building? Could technology reinvent our environments? If our habitats were programmable, what would we ask of them?"
convergence  design  transmedia  ubiquitouscomputing  usercentred  sensors  etech  Conferences09Redux  internetofthings 
march 2009 by dunc
When can i get these..."Siftables are cookie-sized computers with motion sensing, neighbor detection, graphical display, and wireless communication. They act in concert to form a single interface: users physically manipulate them - piling, grouping, sorting - to interact with digital information and media. Siftables provides a new platform on which to implement tangible, visual and mobile applications."
convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  interactive  interface  etech  gesture  Conferences09Redux  internetofthings 
march 2009 by dunc
Manifesto of Open Disruption and Participation by Eric Paulos
Eric Paulos manifesto: We must change our mantra: “not usability but usefulness and relevancy to our world, its citizens, and our environment" We have the power to create an entirely new form of citizen volunteerism, community involvement, and participation. We need to think big impact – outside of our immediate world of academic ubiquitous computing.
convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  voluntourism  citizenscience  etech  Conferences09Redux  internetofthings 
march 2009 by dunc
7.5th Floor » Blog Archive » On Urban Attractiveness
A city’s attractiveness is determined by a wide range of elements based on their own wealth, security (i.e. The Safe City By Leo van den Berg), history, cultural assets, and excellent landscape, measured with quantitative data such as in Richard Florida’s work and the indexes of Mercer, and the UN’s State of the World’s Cities, Quality of “Business” Life.
convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  selfsurveillance  uia  urbanlife2030  internetofthings 
january 2009 by dunc
Position Paper - RwiWiki
The Internet is evolving - in its use and in its technology. Born from the vision to create an open infrastructure to network computers across the world, the Internet has become a socio-economic backbone of our society, with countless private and business users as well as governments relying on it on a daily basis. The drivers for this evolution are a mix of emerging players with diverse and potentially changing interests, be it users, operators, manufacturers, service and content providers, together with advances in technology that have become available over the years.
convergence  sensei_fp7  internetofthings 
january 2009 by dunc
e-AR Sensor to Improve Athletes' Performance - Medgadget - www.medgadget.com
Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, Chairman of the Imperial College London Imaging Sciences Centre, and colleagues, are developing a miniaturized Bluetooth enabled monitor that promises to improve training and performance of athletes. In addition, Dr. Yang's startup called Sensixa is working on a whole line of interesting physiologic monitors.
convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  health  sensors  wsn  internetofthings 
january 2009 by dunc
30. The Internet Of Things - TIME's Best Inventions of 2008 - TIME
In September, a group of high-tech companies that includes Cisco and Sun formed the IP for Smart Objects Alliance.
convergence  sensei_fp7  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings 
december 2008 by dunc
Detecting earthquakes with laptops | Shake it all about | The Economist
IF YOU drop your laptop computer, a chip built into it will sense the acceleration and protect the delicate moving parts of its hard disk before it hits the ground. A group of researchers led by Jesse Lawrence of Stanford University are putting the same accelerometer chip to an intriguing new use: detecting earthquakes. They plan to create a network of volunteer laptops that can map out future quakes in far greater detail than traditional seismometers manage. [via olivier, thanks!]
convergence  selfsurveillance  spimes  ubiquitouscomputing  monitoring  internetofthings  iot 
october 2008 by dunc
Adam Greenfield keynote talk - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
some quick notes from Adam Greenfield's keynote talk. Adam is instructor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program & well known from his book Everyware about the social & ethical implications of ubiquitous computing. some general observations, including 5 ethical guidelines for the design of ubiquitous systems
ubiquitouscomputing  convergence  spimes  seewatt  internetofthings  iot 
september 2008 by dunc
Tracking productivity in the workplace | Every move you make | The Economist
Each badge is fitted with a set of motion-sensors, a microphone, a microprocessor and a radio transceiver that allow it to sense and broadcast back to base a person’s location, the direction he is moving in if walking, the movements of his body if he is stationary, and the timbre and inflection of his voice if he is talking—together, of course, with the length of the conversation and the identity of the other party if he, too, is a badge-wearer.
productivity  ubiquitouscomputing  convergence  sensors  sensei_fp7  internetofthings 
september 2008 by dunc
Participatory Urbanism
Urban Atmospheres' Participatory Urbanism presents an important new shift in mobile device usage - from communication tool to “networked mobile personal measurement instrument”. We explore how these new “instruments” enable entirely new participatory urban lifestyles and create novel mobile device usage models.
convergence  spimes  urbancomputing  uia  co2  internetofthings  iot 
september 2008 by dunc
Wireless Sensor Networks | Ofcom
As a research area, wireless sensor networks have been investigated for number of years, primarily for military purposes. However, there is increasing interest in developing such technology for civilian and commercial applications.
convergence  spimes  wsn  survey  internetofthings  iot 
september 2008 by dunc
thisplacement » Adventures in Urban Computing
This is a write-up of my diploma project in interaction design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project is entitled ‘Adventures in Urban Computing’ and this weblog post contains a brief project description and a pdf of the diploma report.
urbancomputing  convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings 
august 2008 by dunc
Podcast: You are a Sensor -
Clever researchers have determined that you, even without a portable device can be an effective geographic sensor. This week we explore examples of how individuals can act as effective sensors for disease or natural disaster.
convergence  wsn  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings 
july 2008 by dunc
arsenal research | R & D Topics | Mobility | Telematics solutions for mobility applications | People Flows and Crowd Dynamics
One of the key objectives of arsenal research is to gain quantitative insights into the motion and orientation behavior of people in infrastructures such as train stations, airports and shopping centers.
cim  peoplecounting  tracking  convergence  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings 
june 2008 by dunc
Fuel Conservation No Idle Matter at UPS
UPS uses GPS to "minimize the number of left turns... reduces idling which in turn lowers fuel consumption... multiply it across 88,0000 vehicles making nearly 15 million deliveries every day during the course of a year, it adds up."
convergence  gps  ubiquitouscomputing  internetofthings  geoweb  locationawareness 
may 2008 by dunc
Orange Cone: Sketching Smart Things, a presentation for CHIFOO
lecture theme this year is "From Ideation to Innovation," and I used the theme as an opportunity to describe our recent projects, including our work with the Henry Ford, and our products, and the theoretical framework that we're developing to think about
ubiquitouscomputing  convergence  physical_computing  internetofthings 
february 2008 by dunc
cityofsound: The Personal Well-Tempered Environment
Excellent write up by Dan of his talk at Interesting South, Sydney. If you want to understand why i am measuring *stuff* or what is that i am doing then read this.
ubiquitouscomputing  convergence  wsn  internetofthings 
january 2008 by dunc
Workshop on the Issues of Designing and Evaluating Ambient Information Systems :: Conference on Pervasive Computing
Ambient information systems (which include ambient, peripheral, glance-able, and subtle displays) are non-invasive and provide useful information while blending smoothly into our surroundings. These technologies are meant to be minimally attended and perceivable from outside the range of a person's direct attention, providing pre-attentive processing without being overly distracting. Examples range from large ubiquitous public displays to small bouncing icons on the Macintosh's dock.
conference  ubiquitouscomputing  2007  convergence  selfsurveillance  internetofthings 
december 2006 by dunc

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