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The Enfield Experiment | Cities | The Guardian
The Enfield Experiment focuses on the fortunes of the London Borough of Enfield, home to some of the wealthiest parts of England – but also some of its most broken, where manufacturing has gone, to be replaced with deprivation. The local council is trying a series of big and risky manoeuvres to bring back industry and create jobs – but will it work? How will businesses respond? Are council staff up to their immense new task? The Guardian will track their progress over the next couple of years, in the paper, on the web and in films. The project is led by the Guardian's senior economics commentator, Aditya Chakrabortty
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february 2014 by dunc
Services - Performance Platform - GOV.UK
Services providing detailed performance data to GOV.UK
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november 2013 by dunc
Intel at Maker Faire Rome
On October 3, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich spoke at the first European edition of the Maker Faire in Rome, which is described as the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to innovation, creativity and enterprise. Maker Faires celebrate the "maker" movement and lovers of the "do it yourself" spirit. Intel is a main sponsor of Maker Faire Rome and supports the maker movement because it aligns with the company's long-term support of STEM education and innovation both inside and outside of the classroom.
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october 2013 by dunc
Tranquilien - Assistant comfort on board
Tranquilien predictions are updated in real-time using the information provided by travelers. This allows to continuously improve the service and to predict the impact of new events on the network.
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august 2013 by dunc
Sense Tecnic Systems
Sense Tecnic is a software company developing technologies for the next big evolution of the Internet – the Internet of Things (IoT). The core to our approach is a web-centric sensing platform called the Web of Things Toolkit (WoTKit) that makes it easy to connect real-world objects to the Internet to sense the real world and to engage end users as ‘participatory sensors’, allowing our customers to offer new and revolutionary services.
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august 2013 by dunc
Isis Education Centre - The LookOut, Hyde Park London - Royal Parks Foundation
The Isis Education Centre at The LookOut is an idyllic sanctuary in the middle of Hyde Park. People of all ages, abilities and communities can escape the hustle and bustle of the city; learn outside the classroom, connect as a team out of the office or enjoyhealth and wellbeing activities, such as yoga and meditation.
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august 2013 by dunc
ARM to bring the Internet of Things to life at its Cambridge Campus
July 25, 2013, Cambridge, UK -- ARM announces work is underway to transform its headquarters into a hub for its partners’ Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. ARM and its partners won £800,000 in a competitive funding call from the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, to deploy network technology and over 600 connected sensors across its premises in Cambridge. All of these connected sensors are controlled by smart ARM-technology based chips. The project will provide information and finer grained control of the site and its 75 car park lights, 40 meeting rooms, heating and water management systems. The company believes that making connected assets across the ARM campus work together will demonstrate tangible business benefits and help it achieve a reduction in energy use. Based on open internet standards and designed to help application developers mobilize connected assets of all kinds, the API specification will be made public to achieve broader deployment and to benefit businesses and individuals around the world.
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august 2013 by dunc
Urban Observatory
The focus of the Urban Observatory is on the people who live in cities, the work they do there, the movement made possible through transportation networks, the public facilities needed to run the city, and the natural systems which are impacted by the city's footprint. If you are a city with datasets in any of these categories, we urge you to contribute it to the project. See the Participation Guide<http://www.urbanobservatory.org/pdfs/uo_participation-guide.pdf> [PDF] for more information.
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july 2013 by dunc
Observing London | Publications | London Climate Change Partnership
London has a surprising amount of weather data – about 260 stations that measure some aspect of London’s atmosphere, including rainfall, temperature and air quality. These are operated by a wide range of organisations and individual volunteers, however, there is a general consensus that:

the data are not available at a high enough density across the city
many users cannot take full advantage of the data collected because they are not discoverable nor available in quality controlled, easily accessible formats online
Observing London makes the case that we could and should harness this wealth of information, most notably through the creation of a focused weather portal for London.
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july 2013 by dunc
About | Boston Complete Streets
Led by the Boston Transportation Department, key city agencies have been meeting with some of the country's most innovative practitioners in an unprecedented collaboration to develop new street design guidelines and implement projects informed with the new Complete Streets approach.
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july 2013 by dunc
How data can bring schools together | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional
If schools are really going to crack the issue of chronic educational underachievement among traditionally disadvantaged groups of pupils, they need reliable data on the scale and varied nature of their attainment gap, and how they compare to other schools in a similar context. This will allow them to learn from other schools about how to improve.
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july 2013 by dunc
OU research can deliver ‘revolution’ in teaching computing in schools | Platform | Open University
The OU researchers are reaching out to new generations of young IT enthusiasts and their teachers by presenting its novel software and hardware at Digital Summer Camp, the biggest digital learning event in the UK this summer.
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july 2013 by dunc
solutions for cities
solutions for cities report from TSB by Arup on a review of the 30 future cities proposals.
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july 2013 by dunc
Vision 2020 | Greater London Authority
The Mayor’s 2020 Vision presents London as a city that looks outwards to the world and the future with growing confidence. It sets a broad course that communicates our readiness and ambition, and our city’s ability to meet the connected challenges of rapid population growth and economic success.
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july 2013 by dunc
Future Cities Special Interest Group - innovateuk
The thirty councils will receive £50,000 each from the government's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (www.innovateuk.org) to complete feasibility studies showing how they could integrate their transport, communications and other infrastructure to improve the local economy, increase quality of life and reduce impact on the environment.
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july 2013 by dunc
Future Cities Solutions - Funding competition - innovateuk
The Technology Strategy Board is investing up to £5m in an SBRI competition to stimulate solutions in three areas, where UK cities face many of the same specific challenges: in energy, data and transportation.
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july 2013 by dunc

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