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"Many things are going on in the visual thinking community and the blogs (see the blog role along the side) have been capturing much of it. Two of our facilitators and one of our attendees from VizThink ‘08 were involved in a significant visualization effort for one of the most famous conferences in the world, TED." we are aiming to do something similar at an internal TED event this July
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june 2010 by dunc
Brandy Agerbeck's Graphic Facilitation Work
Graphic facilitation is the practice of using words and images to create a conceptual map of a conversation. A graphic facilitator is the visual, usually silent partner to the traditional, verbal facilitator, drawing a large scale image at the front of the room in real-time.
graphics  facilitation 
february 2009 by dunc
More Associates
More Associates' current focus is on delivering carbon reduction and energy-literacy strategies across populations to produce widespread behaviour change and help transform markets toward carbon- and energy-efficiency.
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april 2007 by dunc

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