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The Enfield Experiment | Cities | The Guardian
The Enfield Experiment focuses on the fortunes of the London Borough of Enfield, home to some of the wealthiest parts of England – but also some of its most broken, where manufacturing has gone, to be replaced with deprivation. The local council is trying a series of big and risky manoeuvres to bring back industry and create jobs – but will it work? How will businesses respond? Are council staff up to their immense new task? The Guardian will track their progress over the next couple of years, in the paper, on the web and in films. The project is led by the Guardian's senior economics commentator, Aditya Chakrabortty
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EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Environment: New policy package to clean up Europe's air
The Commission is responding with new measures to reduce air pollution, adopted today. The clean air policy package updates existing legislation and further reduces harmful emissions from industry, traffic, energy plants and agriculture, with a view to reducing their impact on human health and the environment. Air pollution causes also lost working days, and high healthcare costs, with vulnerable groups such as children, asthmatics and the elderly the worst affected.
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Monitoring, review and assessment of Enfield’s air quality - Pollution control – air quality - Enfield Council
We currently have two automatic air pollution monitoring stations that monitor for nitrogen dioxide, small particulates (PM10) and sulphur dioxide.

The quality of the data collected is assured and controlled by Environmental Research Group, and the data is available on London Air Quality Network website. The data is used to write government air quality reports and report changes in Enfield's air quality.

Using the data and air quality dispersion modelling, we concluded that Enfield has areas exceeding the objectives for nitrogen dioxide and PM10 at busy roadside locations; for this reason, we declared the entire borough as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). We then issued an Action Plan that contains details about how we intend to work towards meeting the air quality objectives.
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