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internet of things | Convergence
We are at the cusp of the emergence of a network of objects that empowers computers to perceive the world for themselves and act independently on our behalf. This has the potential to significantly impact the way we optimise the operation of cities, buildings, infrastructure and business.
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november 2012 by dunc
Fujitsu - Technology Perspectives
Fujitsu technology trends and scenarios of the future from their CTO office
fujitsu  scenarios  trends  driversofchange  convergence 
october 2011 by dunc
Jordan Business Magazine - Winds Of Change
"In a world constantly in flux, the range of challenges facing Jordan both internally
and externally require new perspectives on plotting the course for Jordanians to
collectively steer their own future. With this in mind, Zaina Steityeh sat down with
Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, the president of the Royal
Scientific Society, to discuss the newly launched Drivers of Change initiative." great intro to our Jordan DoC project
driversofchange  Jordan  HRH  magazine 
june 2010 by dunc
Z_punkt The Foresight Company: MEGATRENDS APP
"Climate change, health care, demographic change – megatrends will shape tomorrow’s markets. Megatrends is your personal iPhone trenddatabase: Survey the 20 most important megatrends! Evaluate and filter issues which have strategic relevance for you! With Megatrends, key facts and charts are always at your fingertips – in every meeting, on every trip, whenever you deal with the future of your business." iphone trend app similar to that in the pipeline for drivers of change
driversofchange  iphone  app  trends 
april 2010 by dunc
Dezeen » Blog Archive » Competition: five copies of Drivers of Change to be won
Dezeen have got together with Arup and publishers Prestel to give away five copies of Drivers of Change by Chris Luebkeman, Arup’s leader of global foresight and innovation.
july 2009 by dunc
cool idea for sharing news - one for drivers of change?
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june 2009 by dunc
The Big Ideas - for a changing world
"The Loughborough research team was tasked to explore issues that will impact the construction industry in the next 20 years. Further the team sought to enhance understanding of these important issues by investigating their interconnectivities as perceived by key industry stakeholders and decision makers in order to provide a useful research output which is relevant to the needs of the industry, both now and in the future." DoC 2006 used in the research process
foresight  doc  driversofchange  construction 
april 2009 by dunc

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