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Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal
"Nature's elegant solutions to building challenges include the Scots pine's adaptive growth, the thorny devil's passive water collection, and a leaf's on-site energy production. AskNature can help you solve your design challenges." via the Biomimicry Institute - I was at one of the early design workshops of this excellent project - great to see how it turned out.
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august 2010 by dunc
What Futurists Actually Do - GOOD Blog - GOOD
"The rise of the professional futurist is important. Although humans are capable of thinking through the implications of our actions, we are still notoriously bad at acting in our own long-term best interests, let alone the long-term best interests of society at large." IFTF on futures work
future  research  forecasting  design  culture  ideas  scenarios  foresight 
july 2010 by dunc
Jump Associates
"Jump Associates is a hybrid strategy firm. We help companies create new businesses and reinvent existing ones. Our people work with business leaders to tackle big, ambiguous growth challenges — the kinds of things you don’t know how to face, but can’t afford not to." interesting mix of services
innovation  design  strategy  business  ethnography  research  foresight 
june 2010 by dunc
Design Research: Concerning Energy: Graduate Program in Design at California College of the Arts
Concerning Energy is the theme for the 2008 course in Design Research. This design research practicum will use a variety of human-centered research methods to explore the awareness, attitudes, information sources and choices regarding the personal and domestic energy use among diverse groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Knowing what people think and how their attitudes have been informed at the grassroots level will inform speculative design interventions that meet segments of the public "where they are" in our efforts to inform and influence behavior.
design  seewatt  research  energy  uia  ucdeeb 
january 2009 by dunc

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