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Hello Health for Patients
"What is Hello Health? Hello Health is the marketplace where our growing community of patients and health professionals meet up and transact, through online and in person communication. It’s our mission to better the health and lifestyles of both, and to eliminate all barriers to high quality health care." I like the focus on patient and physician in this service model - it doesn't "feel" like there is other bloat involved in the process
convergence  health  health2.0  social  design  innovation  inspiration  service  health2_0 
september 2010 by dunc
Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal
"Nature's elegant solutions to building challenges include the Scots pine's adaptive growth, the thorny devil's passive water collection, and a leaf's on-site energy production. AskNature can help you solve your design challenges." via the Biomimicry Institute - I was at one of the early design workshops of this excellent project - great to see how it turned out.
design  biomimicry  convergence  research  sustainability  nature  inspiration 
august 2010 by dunc

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