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Wired 14.06: The Rise of Crowdsourcing
"iStockphoto, which grew out of a free image-sharing exchange used by a group of graphic designers, had undercut Harmel by more than 99 percent. How? By creating a marketplace for the work of amateur photographers – homemakers, students, engineers, dancers. There are now about 22,000 contributors to the site, which charges between $1 and $5 per basic image."
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october 2010 by dunc
"StickyWorld is our new web 2 project review and exhibition platform for creative business and education. We are currently completing the StickyWorld collaborative research and development project, part funded by the TSB, and exhibting the project work at the Collaboration Cafe all of March in the Building Centre in central London. To sign up for a free account for your organisation, visit www.stickyworld.com." via Michael at TSB sandpit
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march 2010 by dunc
PatientsLikeMe : Patients Helping Patients Live Better Every Day
“The whole point of PLM is sharing, changing the paradigm of medicine where everything is private, learning from each other and contributing to research into our particular conditions...so that others...may also benefit.” An interesting portal for patients to share health experiences - health2.0?
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june 2009 by dunc
Life With Alacrity
"This term comes from Will Hill of AT&T Laboratories, who said, "A major reason why user-contributed content rarely turns into a true community is that all aspects of Internet use are characterized by severe participation inequality." It's often equated with the 1% law, though I like to be more precise and say that 90% of an online community tends to be lurkers, 9% tends to be intermittent participants, and 1% tends to be active participants." interesting article on the numbers required to build online communities or in Arup lingo - networks.
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april 2009 by dunc
Meet-O-Matic: The World's Simplest Meeting Scheduler
Welcome to Advanced (Beta) Meet-O-Matic with 15-minute time slots and more!
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january 2009 by dunc
About Meet-O-Matic: The World's Simplest Meeting Scheduler
Very cool - just works... "Use a simple web form, email participants, visually juggle constraints, presto: the precise opposite of all the meeting scheduling software that no one uses! 100% free; 100% private; no registration; no setup; no hassle."
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february 2008 by dunc
NineSigma: Accelerating the Innovation Cycle — Ninesigma, Inc.
NineSigma enables clients to source innovative ideas, technologies, products and services from outside their organizations quickly and inexpensively by connecting them to the best innovators and solution providers from around the world.
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november 2007 by dunc
Open Innovation| Crowd Sourcing| Contract Research| RFP| Prize Philanthropy| CRO -InnoCentive
Solvers - Join the InnoCentive community to apply your expert knowledge and creativity to InnoCentive Challenges™ posted by organizations eager to present their toughest problems to thousands of the world's most creative minds.
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november 2007 by dunc
digg labs
nice visualisations of data flow
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may 2007 by dunc

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