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Cities are where the future happens first. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, now in its 10th year, connects more than 80 of the world’s greatest cities, representing over 600 million people and one quarter of the global economy.

Created and led by cities, C40 is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens.
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july 2016 by dunc
Plenar.io - A spatio-temporal open data platform
Plenario is a centralized hub for open datasets from around the world, ready to search and download.
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october 2014 by dunc
The Enfield Experiment | Cities | The Guardian
The Enfield Experiment focuses on the fortunes of the London Borough of Enfield, home to some of the wealthiest parts of England – but also some of its most broken, where manufacturing has gone, to be replaced with deprivation. The local council is trying a series of big and risky manoeuvres to bring back industry and create jobs – but will it work? How will businesses respond? Are council staff up to their immense new task? The Guardian will track their progress over the next couple of years, in the paper, on the web and in films. The project is led by the Guardian's senior economics commentator, Aditya Chakrabortty
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february 2014 by dunc
Urban Observatory
The focus of the Urban Observatory is on the people who live in cities, the work they do there, the movement made possible through transportation networks, the public facilities needed to run the city, and the natural systems which are impacted by the city's footprint. If you are a city with datasets in any of these categories, we urge you to contribute it to the project. See the Participation Guide<http://www.urbanobservatory.org/pdfs/uo_participation-guide.pdf> [PDF] for more information.
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july 2013 by dunc
Future Cities Special Interest Group - innovateuk
The thirty councils will receive £50,000 each from the government's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (www.innovateuk.org) to complete feasibility studies showing how they could integrate their transport, communications and other infrastructure to improve the local economy, increase quality of life and reduce impact on the environment.
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july 2013 by dunc
Future Cities Solutions - Funding competition - innovateuk
The Technology Strategy Board is investing up to £5m in an SBRI competition to stimulate solutions in three areas, where UK cities face many of the same specific challenges: in energy, data and transportation.
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july 2013 by dunc
Demos | Projects
"Centre for London will promote wider understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing London and develop rigorous and radical policy ideas for the capital."
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december 2012 by dunc
Surely there's a smarter approach to smart cities? (Wired UK)
"It should actively and consciously enable us to contribute to data-making (rather than being mere consumers of it), and encourage us to make far better use of data that's already around us." Usman on the smart city
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november 2012 by dunc
In the future | HSBC Holdings plc
"With the rapid growth of the emerging markets, the global economy is experiencing a seismic shift. In 'The World in 2050', we argue that this shift is set to continue." HSBC view of the future
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september 2012 by dunc
Announcing the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Cities | Research@Intel
"At this London-based institute; Intel principal investigators (PI’s) shall collaborate with PI’s from  Imperial College London and University College London to drive new frontiers in the application of computing technologies to advance the social, economic and environmental well being of cities. Together we envisage the opportunity to collectively research and create the evolutionary leap for cities in terms of resource efficiency, new services and ease of living. Using a quadruple helix innovation approach involving Government, Industry, Academia and city dwellers we hope to catalyze and drive a new vision for sustainable cities."
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june 2012 by dunc
Digital Urban: PGR 4 - Building the City Video
"Project Gotham leads the way in digital city production and we can often be found not playing the game as such but driving around to simply look at the 3D city models."
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may 2012 by dunc
Vertical farming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vertical farming is a concept that argues that it is economically and environmentally viable to cultivate plant or animal life within skyscrapers, or on vertically inclined surfaces. The idea of a vertical farm has existed at least since the early 1950s and built precedents are well documented by John Hix in his canonical text "The Glass House"
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april 2012 by dunc
Welcome ! | Opencities
Open Cities is a project co-founded by the European Union that aims to validate how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation methodologies to the Public Sector in a scenario of Future Internet Services for Smart Cities. It will do so, by leveraging existing tools, trials and platforms in Crowdsourcing, Open Data, Fiber to the Home and Open Sensor Networks in seven major European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Bologna.
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march 2012 by dunc
Open Source Urbanism - Op-Ed - Domus
As a technological practice of innovation, Open Source has not quite been about cities, but about the technology. Yet it resonates with what cities have and are at ground-level, where its users are. The park is made not only with the hardware of trees and ponds, but also with the software of people's practices.
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march 2012 by dunc
Needed: An Economic Performance Index for Cities - Jobs & Economy - The Atlantic Cities
"There are far more meaningful and investment-worthy cities than there are nations. But we need better metrics to measure their performance and invest in their potential.

It is time for a serious city performance index to emerge that provides real-time data which banks, insurers, property developers, investors, and municipalities can actually use to capture rapidly changing urban dynamics. Earlier this year, the Financial Times reported that hedge funds sought to short U.S. municipal bonds on the basis that data was insufficient as whether cities were actually solvent. Some of the data that will necessary include indicators around entrepreneurship levels and capital investment, education and creativity, political stability and hybrid governance institutions."
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november 2011 by dunc
Share an Idea
"Thanks for all your ideas! We have received more than 90,000 ideas for the redevelopment of the Central City. That's outstanding!" sounds like a great project
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august 2011 by dunc
WorldChanging: Zerofootprint Cities
London Mayor Ken Livingstone, chair of the C40, said at the launch of the programme: “National governments still struggle to agree a way forward on global warming, but cities, which are responsible for around three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, are today demonstrating the leadership and decisive action necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change.”
This is what has motivated us to launch Zerofootprint Cities, an initiative to link the citizens of the world’s cities around software that combines an environmental footprint calculator, linked to social networking and business intelligence tools.
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september 2008 by dunc

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