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"Coders and architects are different beings and speak different languages, this issue seems to conclude. Since merging virtual and physical requires knowledge about both worlds, this reality should be overcome. So this Volume is not just about framing the issue, but also about indicating a practice in the making: we call it correlation designing."
iot  volume  magazine  code  architecture 
november 2012 by dunc
Urbanflow Helsinki
Urbanflow, a joint effort of Nordkapp and Urbanscale, envisions an operating system for cities. The scenario explored in the video revolves around situated urban screens and their potential uses.
architecture  city  urban  visualization  intel 
september 2012 by dunc
Open Source Urbanism - Op-Ed - Domus
As a technological practice of innovation, Open Source has not quite been about cities, but about the technology. Yet it resonates with what cities have and are at ground-level, where its users are. The park is made not only with the hardware of trees and ponds, but also with the software of people's practices.
convergence  urbaninformatics  urbancomputing  usercentred  usergenerated  social  architecture  cities  city  design 
march 2012 by dunc
No Joke: These Guys Created A Machine For Printing Houses On The Moon | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
"Using a technique called contour crafting, they propose sending robots to seed the surface of the moon with the basic infrastructure for a moon base (landing pads, roads, hangars, etc.). Once the construction is completed, human crew could lift off and move into their new home." 3D printing of concrete on the moon.
3Dprinting  convergence  maker  prototyping  arupexplores  architecture 
february 2012 by dunc
BLDGBLOG: Architectural Criticism
"The Archigram of today works for Electronic Arts, has no idea who Walter Gropius is, and offers more insights about the future of urban design, space, and the built environment to more people, in more age groups, in more countries, than any practicing architectural critic will ever do, writing about Toyo Ito. Videogames are the new architectural broadsides. "
convergence  transmedia  blogs  architecture  criticism  design 
october 2010 by dunc
Internet of Things - Architecture — IOT-A
"IoT-A, the European lighthouse integrated project addressing the Internet-of-Things Architecture, proposes the creation of an architectural reference model together with the definition of an initial set of key building blocks. Together they are envisioned as crucial foundations for fostering a future Internet of Things. Using an experimental paradigm, IoT-A will combine top-down reasoning about architectural principles and design guidelines with simulation and prototyping to explore the technical consequences of architectural design choices."
iot  iotexpertgroup  internetofthings  architecture  convergence  research  fp7 
september 2010 by dunc
OpenBuildings | Architectural Directory
"OpenBuildings is a new community-driven website that lists architecture from across the globe; be it historic, contemporary or conceptual, enabling a more open way to share architectural knowledge. OpenBuildings was founded by architects and architecture fanatics who became increasingly frustrated by the lack of online resources for learning about architecture and buildings. Until now this has been a protracted and fragmented experience, with no single website offering a serious informational resource. OpenBuildings solves this problem: an openly editable encyclopedia of buildings from around the world. "
designbyarup  architecture  design  crowdsourcing  community  iphone  convergence  infinitecontent 
august 2010 by dunc
Arup, London, United Kingdom | Emporis.com
Emporis.com is the world's largest free-to-use website about buildings. Professionals and people with an interest in structures can find buildings, developments, and photos in thousands of cities worldwide. Professionals from the building industry and people with a love for architecture are allowed to participate in the completion of information. " listing of Arup buildings
community  architecture  crowdsourcing  designbyarup  infinitecontent 
august 2010 by dunc
ARUP | Project Teams | Browse | MIMOA | Modern Architecture Guide | Contributed, organised, and mapped by you.
"MIMOA is an online architecture guide. It is the best source of information for your city trip with all Modern Architecture in one view. MIMOA shows Modern Architecture on a map with the address and all additional information you need to actually find and visit interiors, parks, public places, buildings and bridges. " great summary page of Arup projects listed on MIMOA, not sure why Oresund Link gets a low review - should we care?
designbyarup  architecture  community  convergence  infinitecontent  crowdsourcing  usergenerated 
august 2010 by dunc
Urbarama - Atlas of architecture
"urbArAmA is a collaborative world atlas of architecture and civil infrastructure. Discover great projects in a world map. Browse trough projects by category (architecture, infrastructure...), designer, function or tags"
architecture  designbyarup  community 
august 2010 by dunc
Urbika - Architecture and city development
"Urbika is an online community for sharing information, news and media on city developments. Founded February 2010 and with already over 15.000 unique visitors a month, Urbika is one of the fastest growing architecture communities. At Urbika we keep each other updated on city development projects by using city overviews. You can share all kinds of projects from the newest skyscrapers to a renovated park in a small village. Any project can be interesting enough to share! " Interesting community sharing info on building projects in cities around the world, sharing images, videos, voting and 3D google warehouse models.
designbyarup  architecture  community  convergence  urbaninformatics 
august 2010 by dunc
"The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change in the way in which we operate within it." via Kim Quazi at ArAs
architecture  video  design  augmented  ar 
june 2010 by dunc
"StickyWorld is our new web 2 project review and exhibition platform for creative business and education. We are currently completing the StickyWorld collaborative research and development project, part funded by the TSB, and exhibting the project work at the Collaboration Cafe all of March in the Building Centre in central London. To sign up for a free account for your organisation, visit www.stickyworld.com." via Michael at TSB sandpit
ucdeeb  collaboration  architecture  design  planning  web2.0 
march 2010 by dunc
Situated Technologies: Toward the Sentient City
An exhibition critically exploring the evolving relationship between ubiquitous/pervasive computing and urban architecture - SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 27, 2008
architecture  competition  ubiquitouscomputing 
may 2008 by dunc
Life After the Atelier
Van der Heide also draws clients into the creative mix. “If you go to the theater, why is it beautiful? It’s the magic of sharing the moment.... interesting interview with Rogier VdH
architecture  arup  lighting  convergence  holistic 
january 2008 by dunc
Seduced By Light - Projects - Dazed Digital
Be enlightened... over the next few weeks, tune into three exclusive documentaries focusing on artists that work with light - Jason Bruges, UVA's Matt Clark, and David Batchelor.
architecture  interactive  lighting 
october 2007 by dunc
Stats1: An entire “island” composed of trash churns in the Pacific Ocean. It is as large as Central Europe and weighs approximately 3,000,000 tons and is situated between California and Hawaii, is formed by circular ocean currents.
architecture  poverty  sustainability  convergence 
september 2007 by dunc
IDEO’s Urban Pre-Planning
In 2000 IDEO had begun designing spaces, including hospitals, schools, and hotels. A couple of years ago IDEO’s Smart Space practice, led by architect Fred Dust, now looks a lot like urban planning—but not in any conventional sense.
architecture  community  ideo  urban  planning 
july 2007 by dunc

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