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Amazon's Flow app is augmented reality shopping goodness
"Flow allows the user to point their iPhone's camera at an object, like a book, DVD, Blur-ray disc, or video game (and Nutella, apparently) and get an instantaneous augmented reality overlay of the product information right on the iPhone's screen. The overlay is more than just a Buy It Now link to Amazon.com. The app utilizes Amazon's large digital media collection and allows users to instantly get audio previews of CDs they've scanned or video previews of DVDs, video games, and more." interesting to see if amazon can connect to the small independent retails to collaborate around this service (think local browseable physical store back-up with amazon logistics) - potential new interesting co-opetition
retail  GDR  amazon  augmented  AR  coopetition  app  convergence  usercentred  flow 
january 2012 by dunc
Fitting Room Firemen - Penningtons Styled to Surprise Campaign Wows Unexpected Shoppers
"Penningtons Styled to Surprise campaign featured a “magic mirror” triggered by a motion sensor. Once a shopper stepped on a strategically placed rectangle on the floor, two firemen appeared in the mirror, descending from poles. The firemen would looked appreciatively at the shopper’s outfit and then proceeded to compete against each other for her attention—for instance, one would offer the shopper flowers while the other would draw a heart on the mirror." interesting use of play
retail  GDR  augmented  AR  personal  play  fun  euphorium 
january 2012 by dunc
SightSpace 3D for Google SketchUp - Limitless Computing Inc.
"Augmented Reality superimposes digital Google SketchUp model to scale and geo-located on the physical world. View construction projects before they are built, preview kitchens, furniture in place, the options are endless. Simply move the device to change the Augmented Reality view in real-time. No markers needed."
yct  augmented  ar  visualisation  google  sketchup 
september 2011 by dunc
"The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change in the way in which we operate within it." via Kim Quazi at ArAs
architecture  video  design  augmented  ar 
june 2010 by dunc
America 2010 Video: Pachube AR Tools for Sensors & Environments (Usman Haque) - Emerging Communications Blog
Usman presents on viewing building sensor data via mobile devices (bms->pachube->AR device) with an interesting take on the authentication model. Next step for us - make the sketchup model more granular and start displaying the tags in building...
wsn  pachube  AR  sensei_fp7  sensors 
june 2010 by dunc
Pachube :: blog: Pachube augmented reality demo, with Dennou Coil-style chalk-drawn space-hack
"see this augmented reality demo where 3D Pachube visualisation data is overlayed in realtime 'on top' of Arduino sensor boxes that we have around the office" - great demo of WIP at pachube, we are working with them on creating an interface to the Arup office feeds - more soon...
seewatt  AR  pachube  visualization  energy  openframeworks  ucdeeb 
july 2009 by dunc

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