IoT - Getting started with the Intel® XDK IoT Edition | Intel® Developer Zone
This guide contains steps for installing the Intel® XDK IoT Edition, as well as creating and running a simple application on the Intel® Galileo or the Intel® Edison board. These are steps for all supported operating systems. Intel® XDK IoT Edition lets you create and test applications on Intel® IoT platforms. It provides code templates for creating new applications that interact with sensors, actuators, and so on, enabling you to get a quick start on developing software for your Intel board.
edison  xdk  sdk  setup  iot 
9 weeks ago
IoT - Flashing the firmware on a system with Mac* OS X* (manual process) | Intel® Developer Zone
This guide contains steps to update (flash) the firmware on your Intel® Edison board. The firmware is your board’s operating system, and also allows for use of Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth*, analog and digital controls, and other functions.  It’s important to keep your firmware up-to-date to ensure the best stability and performance for your board.
edison  flash  setup 
9 weeks ago
[no title]
Our speakers will be talking to the theme "Next Generation Inspired” and share their experiences of creating, developing or delivering innovations that have been produced with, for or by younger people.
iost  distance  corporateunion  iot 
10 weeks ago
GitHub - CodeClubStrad/CodeClubStrad-Spring-2016: Contains all code week by week for the Stradbroke High School Code Club (Spring 2016)
Contains all code week by week for the Stradbroke High School Code Club during the spring term 2016. You can re-use any of the code under the MIT License.

We'll be using the credit card sized Raspberry Pi computers to try:

Programming Minecraft with Python
codeclub  rpi  minecraft 
12 weeks ago
Photosynthetically active radiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Photosynthetically active radiation, often abbreviated PAR, designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. This spectral region corresponds more or less with the range of light visible to the human eye.
light  qeop 
february 2016
Conversion - PPF to Lux
The conversion from PPF (μmol m-2 s-1) to Lux varies under different light sources. For a complete discussion please see the reference listed below.
light  sensor  qeop 
february 2016
Product - Sheet Plywood | Richard Russell
A Decorative Very High Quality Plywood, similar to the standard Latvian Birch we stock, however this BB grade us  known for its clean and light face, with few imperfections
shelving  wood 
november 2015
This repository holds all the information for the Intel Edison Demo Day run by designswarm, Intel® Corporation and MCQN Ltd on November 28th.

It collects together all the code, etc. that we'll be using on the day and includes the steps that we'll be running through as we explore the Edison board.
intel  edison 
october 2015
Noah Raford » How to Build a Collective Intelligence Platform to Crowdsource Almost Anything
This approach then asks a series of sequential, logical questions, the answers of which form specific guidelines for all CI systems:
Can activities be divided into pieces? Are necessary resources widely distributed or in unknown locations?
Are there adequate incentives to participate?
What kind of activity needs to be done?
Can the activity be divided into small, independent pieces?
Are only a few good (best) solutions needed?
Does the entire group need to abide by the same decision?
Are money or resources required to exchange hands or motivate decision?
crowdsourcing  MIT  noahraford  futures  collectiveintelligence 
october 2015
AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices -- cars, light bulbs, sensor grids and more -- easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.
intel  aws  iot  gateway  mqtt 
october 2015
Video | Films, animations, interviews, 3D visualisations by Arup - global engineers, planners, designers, technical consultants
This documentary explores the life, career and legacy of Peter Rice, the celebrated RIBA Gold Medal-winning engineer who died 20 years ago this year. It examines Peter's approach to engineering and to design and shows how his way of working broadened the horizons for both engineers and architects in his lifetime, a legacy that is still relevant today.
arup  innovation  peterrice  iagos  engineer 
october 2015
IoT Kit | Internet of things age
The Store WPP IoT Innovation Kit enables agencies and brands to get the most out of the available IoT technology to create unique retail and shopper experiences.
iot  kit  intel 
october 2015
User Experience Vision - YouTube
How technologies can help shape our business user experiences.
intel  office  future  bco 
october 2015
IoT Frameworks Database - Building Automation Monthly
I have consolidated multiple IoT Frameworks and Offerings into this IoT Frameworks database. You will see links to the Frameworks and Offerings below.
iot  frameworks  intel 
september 2015
UK Business Innovation Projects - Technology Strategy Board - innovateuk
This data includes all funding provided by Innovate UK for innovation projects (except closed KTP projects, which will be added in due course). The projects are entered into the system once contractual arrangements have been completed and this database is updated monthly. The data may differ from information featured elsewhere in this website under 'Competition results' as successful competitors may withdraw, or may fail to meet qualifying conditions, before the start of a project.
innovateuk  innovate  uk  funding 
june 2015
Gateway to Research
Welcome to the RCUK gateway to publicly funded research
Search for and analyse information on the latest innovative research in the UK
data  education  funding  research  innovateuk  tsb  rcuk 
june 2015
Design, customize and 3D print for play! | Autodesk 123D
Autodesk Tinkerplay is a free app that lets you design and customize your own creatures and characters on your mobile device and make them real using a 3D printer.
app  design  codeclub 
april 2015
▶ BBC World News - Click, 04/04/2015 GMT, The pupils combining coding with gardening
A project is teaching school children how to design internet connected devices.

The Internet of School Things hopes it will provide an understanding of how the world works and explore the so called Internet of Things.
codeclub  intel  olm 
april 2015
tWall by Exergame
Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, T-wall tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge.
codeclub  lightwall 
april 2015
Program anything with Temboo
Devices, languages, APIs, code utilities, databases & more. Reimagine programming for the connected world.
api  arduino  development  library  datastore  iot 
october 2014
Meet the New TempoIQ
Three years ago, we set out on a journey to make sense of the measured world. Along the way, we engineered new ways to handle time series data at scale, found an incredible set of customers, employees, and investors who believed in our mission, and gained a deeper understanding of the challenges companies with large amounts of data face.
datastore  data  sensors  iot 
october 2014
The Array of Things
The Array of Things (AoT) is a network of interactive, modular sensor boxes around Chicago collecting real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use.
air  iot  L3  chicago 
october 2014
Plenar.io - A spatio-temporal open data platform
Plenario is a centralized hub for open datasets from around the world, ready to search and download.
cities  data  library  opendata  datastore 
october 2014
UK.gov: Forget Google and those other chaps... Use THIS open Internet of Stuff specification • The Register
"What HyperCat does is it unlocks the ability to 'Google' IoT data effectively. You can now crawl it, you can index it, you can do all the things that machines might do,"
june 2014
BBC News - UK's Hypercat aims to spur on 'internet of things'
A group of 40 UK-based tech firms has developed a way to help apps and machines communicate in a bid to spur on smart cities and smart homes.
june 2014
Kinematics study of a delta-3 robot
The DELTA-3 Robot (DR-3) is composed by two parallel platforms named as End-Effector and Fixed-Framed; and three symmetric legs (see figure below).
delta  frame  make 
june 2014
Canny Edge Detection — OpenCV-Python Tutorials 1 documentation
Canny Edge Detection is a popular edge detection algorithm. It was developed by John F. Canny in 1986. It is a multi-stage algorithm and we will go through each stages.
delta  python  opencv 
june 2014
Contours : Getting Started — OpenCV-Python Tutorials 1 documentation
Contours can be explained simply as a curve joining all the continuous points (along the boundary), having same color or intensity. The contours are a useful tool for shape analysis and object detection and recognition.
delta  python  opencv 
june 2014
Delta robot with Arduino
These aren’t laboratory prototypes, but commercial robots and they cost about 50-60.000 euros. I tried to build a simple delta robot with Arduino. My Delta robot works like the commercial Delta robot, ie, in inverse kinematics. Given a point x, y, z in space, in real time Arduino calculates the angles of the servomotors that allow  to reach that point in space.
arduino  delta 
june 2014
Sketchy is an Android->Bluetooth->Arduino portrait drawing machine, built as part of Dorkbot Bristol and Draw's mark-making project in November 2011. It uses an Android phone to capture images and process them, and a simple Arduino-powered delta robot wielding a brushpen to sketch them.
june 2014
Making an Arduino-controlled Delta Robot | Matt Greensmith's Ramblings
A delta robot is a parallel robot that’s designed for precise and high speed movement of light payloads.  They’re generally used for pick-and-pack operations.  I’ve wanted to build a delta robot since I saw this video, so I took a weekend last summer to put something together as a technology demonstration for the high school robotics club that I coach.
delta  arduino 
june 2014
Drawing Delta
Initial inspiration was from this sweet little delta by mjcbruin. Maths and geometry code (which built on Arduino with no change) to convert XYZ to servo angles came from this marvellous post by mzavatsky. A point to note - the constants for the machine base and effector dimensions in there (e and f) are the sides of the triangles that comprise the base and effector, not the center->pivot distances! Multiply the radius by 3.466, 2/tan(30) to get the side length.
delta  arduino 
june 2014
Delta robot kinematics - Tutorials
If we want to build our own delta robot, we need to solve two problems. First, if we know the desired position of the end effector (for example, we want to catch pancake in the point with coordinates X,Y,Z), we need to determine the corresponding angles of each of three arms (joint angles) to set motors (and, thereby, the end effector) in proper position for picking. The process of such determining is known as inverse kinematics.
delta  arduino  math 
june 2014
Raspberry Pi • View topic - HOWTO: Use Android Tablet as a screen / keyboard
Allows you to use your Android device as keyboard input and terminal display for your Raspberry Pi
may 2014
<Stuff about="code" />: Raspberry Pi Reading Car Diagnostics (OBD-II) Data
I read about a guy called salgar on pistonheads.com who had used a raspberry pi to read data from his motorbike via an OBD-II USB reader and I thought, I've got to have a go at that.
motorbike  rpi 
may 2014
Project summary | MACPoll
MACPoll addresses the need for improving the metrological traceability and comparability of measurement results in current air monitoring techniques and the need for setting-up the metrological bases for the new sensor technology used in air quality applications.
airquality  project  measures 
april 2014
AirMonTech database - Air pollution monitoring technologies for urban areas
AirMonTech is an EU FP7 project compiling information to harmonise current air pollution monitoring techniques and to advise on future monitoring technologies and strategy. It collects existing information on current and future air quality (AQ) monitors.
The AirMonTech Consortium is made up of nine partners from many of the leading research organisations in Europe. The consortium brings together unique and complementary skills and expertise in the areas of measurements and instrument development. The Consortium is made up of air quality monitoring experts, measurement technique developers and health effect researchers from renowned research institutions.
airquality  eu  project  database  sensors  L3 
april 2014
AirPi Air Quality & Weather Project
The AirPi is a Raspberry Pi shield kit, capable of recording and uploading information about temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and smoke level to the internet.
airquality  diy  weather  projects  rpi 
april 2014
London Air Quality Network || The comprehensive source of information about air pollution in London || Home
Primary AQ site for London run by Kings College Environmental Research Group - lots of projects linked from here.
airquality  project  london  L3  data  environment  Kings  KCL 
april 2014
System Energy Efficiency Lab
CitiSense - Adaptive Services for Community-Driven Behavioral and Environmental Monitoring to Induce Change

The environmental impacts of our daily activities are largely invisible to us - Carbon dioxide from our cars, fertilizers from our lawns, environmental noise and human stress from driving - yet the impact on our long-term health is inevitable. By pervasively monitoring ourselves and our immediate environs, aggregating the data for analysis, and reflecting the results back to us quickly, we can avoid toxic locales, appreciate the consequences of our individual behaviors, and together seek a mandate for change. Today, the infrastructure of our regulatory institutions is inadequate for the cause: sensors are few, often far from where we live, and the results are slow to come to us.
airquality  L3  wsn  project 
april 2014
Citizen Science: Enabling Participatory Urbanism
In this research we highlight an important new shift in mobile phone usage – from communication tool to "networked mobile personal measurement instrument". We explore how these new “personal measurement instruments” enable an entirely novel and empowering genre of mobile computing usage called citizen science.  Through the use of sensors paired with personal mobile phones, everyday people are invited to participate in collecting and sharing measurements of their everyday environment that matter to them.

Our research hypothesis is that this new usage model for mobile phones will:

improve the science literacy of everyday citizens through active participation in basic scientific principles
provide professional scientists with access to richer, finer-grain data sets for modeling and analysis
create new experiences and usage models for the mobile phone as a tool for grassroots participation in government and policy making
by choice of sensors and software create a deeper and more informed understanding and concern for our climate and environment - hopefully effecting positive societal change
airquality  L3  wsn  project  citizen  citizenscience  urbancomputing 
april 2014
Air Quality Egg
The Air Quality Egg is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect very high resolution readings of NO2 and CO concentrations outside of their home. These two gases are the most indicative elements related to urban air pollution that are sense-able by inexpensive, DIY sensors.
airquality  L3  wsn  project  crowdsourcing  environment  hardware  health 
april 2014
Living Environments Lab » inAir
People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, which makes indoor air quality a major contributing factor towards their health. For non experts, measuring and understanding air quality is difficult without special tools and expensive equipment.

We designed inAir, a tool for measuring, visualizing, and learning about indoor air quality. inAir provides historical and real-time visualizations of indoor air quality by measuring tiny hazardous airborne particles, Particulte Matter, as small as 0.5 microns in size.
airquality  L3  wsn  project 
april 2014
Smart Citizen : Landing
Smart Citizen is a platform to generate participatory processes of the people in the cities. Connecting data, people and knowledge, the objective of the platform is to serve as a node for building productive open indicators and distributed tools, and thereafter the collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants.

The Smart Citizen project is based on geolocation, Internet and free hardware and software for data collection and sharing ( Smart Citizen Kit - SCK , RESTful api, Mobile App and, the web community
airquality  L3  wsn  project  citizen  iot  visualization 
april 2014
AFSZ: Basic
Asthma Free School Zone (AFSZ) is a project of Real World Foundation, a NYS 501(c)3 non-profit organization since 2003. The AFSZ serves nearly 150 NYC schools and their surrounding communities by designating school zones with special signage; conducting environmental assessments and ambient air sampling; providing asthma and environmental health information to school and community members. Learn about joining the NYC program. The program won the top Excellence award in Children's Environmental Health from the US EPA in 2005.
airquality  L3  wsn  project  schools  distance 
april 2014
Citizen Sense
A project investigating digital sensors and environmental practice. Funded by the European Research Council.
airquality  L3  wsn  project  iot  sensor  urban  EU 
april 2014
AirCasting is a platform for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data using your smartphone. Each AirCasting session lets you capture real-world measurements, annotate the data to tell your story, and share it via the CrowdMap.
airquality  L3  wsn  project  bluetooth  crowdsourcing  diy  iot 
april 2014
SNAQ-Heathrow has deployed a high density air quality sensor network in and around London Heathrow airport. This uses state of the art low cost sensors for selected gases and for particulates, providing an unprecedented data-set. The project has wide ranging support from DfT, BAA, BA, OMEGA and the London Boroughs adjacent to Heathrow Airport. It is funded by NERC from January 2011-December 2014.
airquality  L3  wsn  project 
april 2014
MIT Center for Civic Media | Innovating civic media tools and practices together with communities
The MIT Center for Civic Media works hand in hand with diverse communities to collaboratively create, design, deploy, and assess civic media tools and practices. We are inventors of new technologies that support and foster civic media and political action, we are a hub for the study of these technologies, and we coordinate community-based design processes locally in the Boston area, across the United States, and around the world.
community  media  mit  urbanscienceconvening 
february 2014
The Enfield Experiment | Cities | The Guardian
The Enfield Experiment focuses on the fortunes of the London Borough of Enfield, home to some of the wealthiest parts of England – but also some of its most broken, where manufacturing has gone, to be replaced with deprivation. The local council is trying a series of big and risky manoeuvres to bring back industry and create jobs – but will it work? How will businesses respond? Are council staff up to their immense new task? The Guardian will track their progress over the next couple of years, in the paper, on the web and in films. The project is led by the Guardian's senior economics commentator, Aditya Chakrabortty
enfield  L3  cities  icricities 
february 2014
A Rich Seam How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning
This report is about three new forces that are converging to break open prodigious learning
possibilities. The first force, ‘new pedagogies’, springs from the new learning partnerships that
emerge between and among students and teachers when digital tools and resources become
pervasive. The second, ‘new change leadership’, merges top-down, bottom-up and sideways
energies to generate change that is faster and easier than anything seen in past efforts at
reform. The third, ‘new system economics’, makes the powerful learning tools and resources
that accelerate the first two forces more affordable for all. These forces are nascent, but we
see them expanding rapidly – together acting as a form of positive contagion that becomes
unstoppable given the right conditions.
distance  nesta  digital  ict  schools  pearson  economics 
february 2014
Home - Pearson Efficacy
Learning is a life-changing opportunity - and a great education should have a measurable, proven impact on learners’ lives. That’s what Pearson’s efficacy programme and tools are all about.
distance  nesta  digital  ict  schools  pearson  measures 
february 2014
Alive in the Swamp: assessing digital innovations in education | Nesta
This report is a practical tool for navigating digital innovations in education, and suggests where more innovation effort is needed.
Key Findings:
We should seek digital innovations that produce at least twice the learning outcome for half the cost of our current tools
To achieve this, three forces need to come together: technology, pedagogy, change knowledge or how to secure transformation across an entire school system.
distance  nesta  digital  ict  schools 
february 2014
Decoding Learning | Nesta
Our Decoding Learning report looks at the impact of digital technology in the classroom.
Key findings
Schools spent £487 million on ICT equipment and services in 2009-2010. But this investment has not yet resulted in radical improvements to learning experiences or attainment.
No technology has an impact on learning on its own right; impact depends on how it is used. 
Rather than categorising innovations by the type of technology used (eg, do games help learning?), it’s more useful to think about the types of learning activities we know to be effective, such as practising key skills, and exploring how tech can support these activities.
We identify eight learning themes that show significant promise of impact when combined with digital technology.
distance  nesta  digital  ict  schools 
february 2014
Home - schema.org
This site provides a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers. Search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages. Many sites are generated from structured data, which is often stored in databases. When this data is formatted into HTML, it becomes very difficult to recover the original structured data. Many applications, especially search engines, can benefit greatly from direct access to this structured data. On-page markup enables search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results in order to make it easier for users to find relevant information on the web. Markup can also enable new tools and applications that make use of the structure.
distance_interop  interoperability  html 
january 2014
Research | NYU Center for Urban Science and ProgressNYU Center for Urban Science and Progress
The principal scope of CUSP’s research is urban informatics — the acquisition, integration, and analysis of data to understand and improve urban systems and quality of life.
cusp  urbanscienceconvening  nyu  overview 
january 2014
StreetCred connects your civic actions to ongoing campaigns so the community can achieve big goals together. Designed in partnership with the City of Boston, StreetCred is a game-based civic badging API that is meant to expand the types of civic actions people take using existing tools like Citizens Connect or Foursquare.
urbanscienceconvening  bari  street  cred  citizen  participation  emerson 
january 2014
EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Environment: New policy package to clean up Europe's air
The Commission is responding with new measures to reduce air pollution, adopted today. The clean air policy package updates existing legislation and further reduces harmful emissions from industry, traffic, energy plants and agriculture, with a view to reducing their impact on human health and the environment. Air pollution causes also lost working days, and high healthcare costs, with vulnerable groups such as children, asthmatics and the elderly the worst affected.
airquality  L3  enfield  FCC  futurecities  eu 
january 2014
AWS | Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis is a fully managed service for real-time processing of streaming data at massive scale. Amazon Kinesis can collect and process hundreds of terabytes of data per hour from hundreds of thousands of sources, allowing you to easily write applications that process information in real-time, from sources such as web site click-streams, marketing and financial information, manufacturing instrumentation and social media, and operational logs and metering data.
amazon  data  hub  iot  platform 
december 2013
EnergyDeck - A powerful platform that helps organisations save energy costs
A powerful, community-based platform that helps organisations save energy costs
data  energy  hub  iot  platform 
december 2013
Feel, Act, Make sense • Sen.se
This is why we have created Open.Sen.se an open platform for all those who want to imagine, prototype and test new Devices, Installations, Scenarios, Applications for this globally interconnected and immersive world. Designers, developers, tinkerers, students, hobbyists, R&D departments, artists, self quantifiers, dataviz maniacs, whatever your skills are, we tried to make Open.Sen.se easy to use and yet powerful for you. Needless to say Open.Sen.se is free.
data  iot  quantifiedself  sensors  platform  hub 
december 2013
draft-jennings-senml-10 - Media Types for Sensor Markup Language (SENML)
In adition to the units in this table, any of the Unified Code for
Units of Measure [UCUM] in case sensitive form (c/s column) can be
prepended by the string "UCUM:" and used in SEML.
distance_interop  units 
december 2013
Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code | Video on TED.com
Coding isn’t just for computer whizzes, says Mitch Resnick of MIT Media Lab -- it’s for everyone. In a fun, demo-filled talk Resnick outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies -- but also create them. (Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.)
codeclub  education  programming  kids  mit  scratch 
december 2013
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