Interview with Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founder of Zingerman’s Food Empire - Eater
Really interesting podcast transcript about building a business ecosystem. Sustainability; diversity; all those good things.
food  organisations  business 
7 weeks ago
李子柒 - YouTube
Making things out of local stuff: China style.
craft  video  china 
7 weeks ago
Todd & Marlon | Daring Elegant Watches
Some interesting quartz 24 hour watches.
24-hour  watch 
march 2018
Lum-Tec Watches – LÜM-TEC Watches
Nice range of combat-inspired premium watches - but only two 24 hour models and they're both a bit large.
24-hour  watch 
march 2018
Mapping businesses. Interesting link given at a Webstock workshop.
business  maps 
february 2018
Fantasy Map Generator - bl.ocks.org
A great site creates a new world for you each time.
maps  fantasy 
february 2018
24 Hour Watches
Really nicely priced quartz 24 hour watches.
watch  24-hour 
december 2017
The Kea Database
Listing all the banded kea, aspects of their personalities, and photos.
birds  kea  web-tools 
august 2017
Social Cooling
A great, easy to understand website about personal data.
june 2017
JoyRide – MTB Skills Courses
Ash! And some other people. Probably a better place to spend money than on more fancy gear.
wellington  cycling  education 
june 2017
Tūtira mai ngā iwi – Stand Together People
This is a great idea. Even the least bicultural person ought to be able to muster an “Aue!” Or two…
new_zealand  sport 
june 2017
Isolate Ear Protectors
Looks like super-good ear protection, and yes, I did see these on an Instagram ad.
protection  ears 
may 2017
Cool text game about space colonisation.
science_fiction  gaming 
april 2017
New internally geared hub from Norway
Interesting modular design that allows the hub to be swapped between wheel sets.
gadget_lust  cycling 
march 2017
Listen To The Clouds
Live air traffic control chatter / ambient music mashup.
music  travel 
march 2017
Onya eBikes
Interesting, lightish and reasonably priced compared to others, folding eBikes.
cycling  ebikes  new_zealand 
march 2017
Interesting Linux-based OS.
linux  os 
january 2017
Strange New Star Realms
Some alternative ways to play Star Realms. Might not be completely serious.
cards  game 
december 2016
Windows 10 install
A page of explaining how to get Windows 10 reinstall media directly from Microsoft. Handy for the cheapy laptop I bought for school BYOD.
november 2016
Relive and share your cycling adventures
Site that creates a kind of route video from your Strava activities, incorporating any photos you may have taken.
maps  video  cycling 
august 2016
Quest Bike Trailers
Looks like just the thing for long bike trips where your fellow riders might prefer to carry less.
mountainbike  new_zealand  cycling 
july 2016
From a Remain perspective, but makes some good points about the shoddy way the Brexit referendum was done.
uk  politics 
june 2016
Hi-Viz, Low Effect
A study shows that for some interactions with traffic, the wearing of hi-viz by cyclists has little effect.
cycling  safety 
june 2016
The Sumo Matchup Centuries In The Making | FiveThirtyEight
Great article with stats about sumo and its champions.
sport  sumo 
may 2016
A handy price comparison website for things like Mobile Phone plans.
april 2016
Apple's high ideals and low tax bill
Radio New Zealand podcast from John Campbell.
iphone  podcast  apple  new_zealand 
november 2015
Air New Zealand - Wenza - When's a good deal
Graphical tool for finding the cheapest fares on AirNZ.
travel  new_zealand 
october 2015
Maybe some useful photo links
Links to sites with Free Stock photography.
photography  photos  free 
october 2015
The myths of Online Voting
Interesting counter to the "online voting is awesome" viewpoint.
september 2015
Serial Box
Episodic novels in chunks of 40 minute reads, released weekly. Think prose done TV-style.
books  ebooks  online  serials 
august 2015
The Glad Hosts
Something interesting to read.
august 2015
irb in the browser
Interactive Ruby—in JavaScript. Interesting.
web  ruby 
july 2015
Backbone Fundamentals
Handy free eBook. Could be useful when learning this particular JavaScript framework.
JavaScript  web-tools 
june 2015
Crucial Custom Cycles
Wellington-based Frame Builder. One day…
wellington  bike  mountainbike  cycling 
may 2015
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Petunia married a professor, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction.
march 2015
earth :: an animated map of global wind, weather, and ocean conditions
Amazing and fascinating page showing world wide wind speeds. Great for storm spotting.
web  weather 
march 2015
Home » Pioneer
A bike race for the bucket list.
cycling  mountainbike 
march 2015
Deregister and Turn Off iMessage
In the unlikely event that someone needs to move away from iOS, here's a way to make sure you can still receive SMS messages from iPhones.
march 2015
What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic
Interesting and far deeper analysis than we usually get.
february 2015
Interesting stats & visualisations.
new_zealand  statistics 
february 2015
Editorial -> Tumblr
How to get Editorial posting to Tumblr.
ipad  tumblr  ios 
february 2015
Internet Archive
Playable in browser classic video games.
november 2014
Guide to iPhone resolutions
Need an equivalent for the iPad!
ios  design  iphone  apple 
october 2014
Chrome Warm™ Work Shirt
Can I have one of these for Christmas?
cycling  clothing 
october 2014
straggler rear rack options
A useful MTBR forms thread on Surly Straggler rack options.
surly  straggler  cycling  rack 
september 2014
WARNING: All Our Things Don’t Always Work With All Our Other Things
In which the Surly folks talk about what racks might work on their bike, the Surly Straggler.
cycling  surly  rack 
september 2014
Bike to Work
Interesting collection of clothes that you could bike to work in and not have to get changed out of at the end.
cycling  commuting  clothing 
august 2014
Lorem ipsum text in Maori
july 2014
The Science of the Best Sorbet
A great article via Metafilter. Quite keen to give these a crack in the summer.
food  sorbet 
july 2014
What is WORD?
A nice little video that showing the local MTB for kids classes.
mountainbike  learning  cycling  kids 
may 2014
Eastern Trails
MTB in the Gisborne area - a potentially useful resource.
mountainbike  cycling  holiday 
may 2014
Strava Global Heatmap
Useful for figuring out where the good rides might be at a new place.
cycling  maps 
may 2014
Jem on Star Wars
"Thanks for all the love on my Star Wars piece! You can read a bit about the reaction here: http://jemshed.com/2014/05/a-story-of-representation-in-two-acts/ pic.twitter.com/n3ipem09ab"
may 2014
Heikki Vipukirves
This is an axe. I want one.
axe  tools 
april 2014
Elgin "A-11" 24H
An album of photos of a very nice Military-style 24hour watch.
24-hour  watch  military 
april 2014
Eclat Watches
An interesting local online watch retailer.
watch  online  shop 
april 2014
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