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Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism - Columbia Journalism Review
A nice, even-handed discussion of tech critique as well as technomessianism.
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april 2018 by dsalo
Contains Henriette Avram's scathing rebuttal of Ellsworth "computerators" Mason.
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march 2018 by dsalo
Virtue Ethics on the Cusp of Virtual Reality - Internet Ethics: Views From Silicon Valley - Resources - Internet Ethics - Focus Areas - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics - Santa Clara University
Vallor pointed out that technology has been part of the human story from its very beginning, and that from the earliest tools developed, our technological enhancements have had social and ethical impact. As Vallor put it, “The ways we use technology have always shaped our affordances for moral life.” She argued that “it is absolutely incoherent to be anti-technology and to be a human being”—but no, she is not a tech-infused-Silicon-Valley-apologist; she is adamantly opposed to what she calls “technocratic disengagement from human values other than efficiency, productivity, and innovation for its own sake.”
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may 2016 by dsalo
Will digital books ever replace print? – Craig Mod – Aeon
"New technologies are easily dismissible. And so an optimism and faith are critical to using emergent products. You must believe in what the thing might be moving toward, not what it is."
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october 2015 by dsalo
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Tech­nol­ogy keeps im­prov­ing, thereby ex­pand­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties for us. So we have a choice. We can ei­ther ig­nore those pos­si­bil­i­ties, and merely ac­cept what tech­nol­ogy of­fers, which will ul­ti­mately make us lazy. Or we can ex­plore those new pos­si­bil­i­ties. But to do that, we need to ex­pect more of ourselves.
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march 2015 by dsalo
Study Proves Why We Need Digital Literacy Education | DMLcentral
Another debunking of the "NO CAN LEARN WITH COMPUTERS" nonsense.
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august 2014 by dsalo
Continuations : It is OK to Worry about Work (& Doesn't Make you a Luddite or Socialist)
the "Turkey fallacy," and why "it hasn't happened so it won't happen" is wrong
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august 2014 by dsalo
Reading Comprehension: Paper or Screen? | DMLcentral
There's been a lot of really bad "research" purporting to demonstrate that screen reading is automatically inferior to paper reading. This post demolishes it.
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february 2014 by dsalo
On Reverse Engineering — Anthropology and Algorithms — Medium
When culture and technology mix... as they inevitably do. Thoughtful.
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january 2014 by dsalo
Memento mori. (Or, how Worldcon’s youth problem will resolve.) | Dangerous to those who profit from the way things are
Why some segments of genre publishing are -- to put it politely -- fucked. And why they damn well should be.
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september 2013 by dsalo
10 Rules of Internet - Anil Dash
"When a company or industry is facing changes to its business due to technology, it will argue against the need for change based on the moral importance of its work, rather than trying to understand the social underpinnings."
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july 2013 by dsalo
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Obsolete Anonymous
An allegory on media-technology obsolescence.
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march 2013 by dsalo
Librarians and the Book: A Marriage of Convenience
Number of times the word "book" appears in the ALA Code of Ethics: 0.
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october 2012 by dsalo
RETURN OF THE LIBRARY DRAGON by Carmen Agra Deedy, Michael P. White | Kirkus Book Reviews
Let's teach children that computers have no place in libraries! YEAH, THAT'S THE TICKET.
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october 2012 by dsalo
Nice contrast to the "computerators" abstract.
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january 2012 by dsalo
A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design
"A tool addresses human needs by augmenting human capabilities."
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november 2011 by dsalo
Encourage More All-Night Hackathons - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com
'The reason to teach computer science isn't to turn everyone into a coder. It's to share the insight that today, more than ever, the world can be shaped by good and rigorous ideas hatched by "mere" teenagers or other outsiders, and that these ideas transcend technology.'
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june 2011 by dsalo

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