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Finding a path – wardleymaps – Medium
"Throughout our history, it has always been standardisation of components that has enabled creations of greater complexity."
standards  innovation 
june 2017 by dsalo
When UConn broke up with Adobe: A parable of artists and copyright – Found History
How open technologies protect jobs; how copyright in software holds software users hostage.
copyright  opensource  standards 
june 2017 by dsalo
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One piece on going from MARC to linked data. Another on DACS/EAD/EAC-CPF. Another on e-records standards.
551  linkeddata  dacs  standards  marc  recordsmgmt 
december 2016 by dsalo
Appeals court upholds Microsoft’s legal win over Motorola | Ars Technica
Standards-essential patents need to be licensed on a FRAND basis -- which the court said means "super-cheaply."
644  patents  standards 
july 2015 by dsalo
Notes for Stuff, Standards and Sites | Miskatonic University Press
We have stuff. We use standards to talk about it, and you can too. Here's how. (Context: "augmented reality")
658  standards  datareuse  linkeddata  gis  datacuration 
april 2014 by dsalo
NSA & GCHQ Covertly Took Over Security Standards, Recruited Telco Employees To Insert Backdoors | Techdirt
NSA infiltrating standards bodies to get encryption weakened, as well as putting moles in telcos and ISPs. Greeeeeeeeeeeat.
644  nsa  standards  privacy  security 
september 2013 by dsalo
Natural Collections Descriptions Group - NCD
RDF-based. "Natural Collections Descriptions (NCD) covers all types of collections of natural history material; specimens, original artwork, photographs, archives, published material or a mixture."
metadata  biology  ecology  standards  datacuration 
march 2012 by dsalo
The ISA Commons is a growing community that uses the ISA metadata tracking framework to facilitate standards-compliant collection, curation, management and reuse of datasets in an increasingly diverse set of life science domains.
standards  fileformats  datacuration 
january 2012 by dsalo
HTTP Status Cats
HTTP status codes illustrated by cat pictures.
644  standards 
december 2011 by dsalo
PREMIS in METS Toolbox
Includes PREMIS in METS validator, guidelines.
standards  metadata  premis  datacuration 
october 2011 by dsalo
Metadata and Cataloging Online Resources (Steven Miller)
"Typology of Metadata and Cataloging Standards" especially useful; this is hard to explain, and he does a good job.
644  metadata  853  standards 
january 2010 by dsalo
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