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Law, governance & security - Nuffield Bioethics
Why "informed consent" may not even be possible for personal data reuse.
epdcourse  reidentification  irb  privacy  ethics  datacuration 
february 2015 by dsalo
Privacy challenges | MIT News
Date/store/location/rough cost metadata from four credit-card purchases identifies 90% of credit-card holders in a deidentified dataset.
351  reidentification  datacuration 
january 2015 by dsalo
Click Dataset | Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research
HORROR STORY WAITING TO HAPPEN. Zero consent! Where the hell was the IRB?
reidentification  horrorstories  datacuration 
january 2013 by dsalo
Disruptions: Privacy Fades in Facebook Era - NYTimes.com
Shows just how easy reidentification is -- even for total amateurs.
644  facebook  privacy  reidentification 
december 2011 by dsalo
You’re not so anonymous | Harvard Gazette
Latanya Sweeney is doing amazing CS work aimed at protecting individuals' medical privacy.
hipaa  horrorstories  reidentification  ethics  datacuration 
october 2011 by dsalo

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