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NeuroDojo: Publishing may be a button, but publishing isn’t all we need
On "publishing is a button" and why that is stupidly reductionist.
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april 2014 by dsalo
Collaborating with startups - Tools of Change for Publishing
"Our experience in this area has demonstrated that management in the cultural sector tends to consider these new companies potential competitors, for which reason they are ignored. Other management teams agree to meet them with a view to extracting information on their vision of the future in the sector, without any real intention of working with them. Other, more arrogant, publishers feel that their broad knowledge of the sector, coupled with certain internal resources, are quite sufficient to face any digital challenges."
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june 2013 by dsalo
Why I don't self-publish - Charlie's Diary
Straightforward about what publishers do and don't do.
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march 2013 by dsalo
VQR » What Is the Business of Literature?
Historical look at publishing, challenges to print system.
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march 2013 by dsalo
Douglas County, Smashwords Refine Selection Tools for Bulk Ebook Purchases - The Digital Shift
Interesting take on the coll-dev challenges of selecting ebooks where the usual review apparatus isn't present.
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january 2013 by dsalo
Tucker Max: Attention, Authors: I Tripled My Royalties, and You Can Too
Big-hit author goes self-. Decent if not comprehensive discussion of what trad pubs actually do.
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november 2012 by dsalo
Generation Y Beating Baby Boomers in Book Sales | The Mary Sue
Additionally, about 43% of Gen Y’s purchases are focused online, and the shift to digital channels is increasingly undeniable.
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august 2012 by dsalo
Doubling Down on DRM
Hachette tries to tell author not to allow Tor to provide un-DRMed ebooks.
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august 2012 by dsalo
Press director talks about clearing image rights for books.
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may 2012 by dsalo
Amazon E-Library Is Publishing’s Profit Model: Virginia Postrel - Bloomberg
Good summary of the agency-vs.-wholesale argument, and the Macmillan vs. Amazon fiasco.
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november 2011 by dsalo
No New Normal – The Value Web | Eoin Purcell's Blog
"That as the impact of digital distribution begins to be felt along the trade publishing value chain, what will emerge is not a NEW VALUE CHAIN as much as a new VALUE WEB, an environment that sees, not one way to generate value in the industry but many ways of doing so. What’s more, this state will persist because no particular method will emerge as the single ‘way’ of trade publishing (if that term even retains relevance), at least not for some time to come."
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may 2011 by dsalo
Works Cited: The visible hand
Our tendency to efface the digital laborer, as well as the work of editors, designers, etc., is precisely what enables the widespread belief that e-books are necessarily cheaper to produce than paper books, as if the cost of the book lay in the printing.
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may 2011 by dsalo
Views: A Truly New Genre - Inside Higher Ed
Scholarly multimedia "book" publishing.
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may 2011 by dsalo
Rights of Writers: No Competing Works: The Third Nastiest Clause in Book Publishing Agreements
When "no competing works" in a book contract means "you'll never write anything again, ever."
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april 2011 by dsalo
Netflix Goes Back Into The Production Business
How Netflix uses aggregated user data to place bets on creating content. Is there a player in epublishing-land ready to do similarly?
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march 2011 by dsalo
Journal Response - F1000 - Posters
Journals that consider an online poster posting to be "prior publication." At a guess, they're not keen on preprints either.
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february 2011 by dsalo
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