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Let’s talk about libraries and digital humanities and publishing – Roxanne Shirazi
On the hypocrisy of publishing about OA/DH in closed venues, and why it happens anyway.
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4 weeks ago by dsalo
Scientific Search Engines Are Getting More Powerful | WIRED
Excellent, historically-aware explainer. DOES NOT explain the Big Deal, however.
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december 2017 by dsalo
Chan pre ifla2010
Earliest "1% solution" slide I can find.
september 2017 by dsalo
The Rewards of Predatory Publications at a Small Business School
Lays it out there: predatory journals are a smart move for many academics.
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may 2017 by dsalo
Humanities Open Book Program -- Cornell University
Final grant report, including access information.
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april 2017 by dsalo
Newsroom | Taylor & Francis
Max Planck gets T&F to agree to its OA mandate.
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january 2017 by dsalo
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