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Mass Digitization, Archives, and a Multiplicity of Orders & Arrangements | Trevor Owens
On discovery breaking out of the prison of original order via linked data and digitization.
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december 2013 by dsalo
All Text Considered: A Perspective on Mass Digitizing and Archival Processing - American Archivist - Volume 76, Number 2 / Fall-Winter 2013 - Society of American Archivists
"This article explores the idea of coupling robust collection-level descriptions to mass digitization and optical character recognition to provide full-text search of unprocessed and backlogged modern collections, bypassing archival processing and the creation of finding aids."
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december 2013 by dsalo
Lost in the Sands of Internet Time « ASCII by Jason Scott
An impassioned (and for once, SFW) argument for MPLP digitization.
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november 2013 by dsalo
On Discovery | inkdroid
Saying that there is no discovery in libraries and archives, because all the discovery has been pre-coordinated by librarians and archivists is putting the case for the work we do too strongly. It doesn’t give enough credit to the acts of discovery and creativity that library users like Papaioannou perform, and for which our institutions depend.
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june 2012 by dsalo
PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project » Project Blog
Lots of wonderful posts on minimal-processing applied to major collections.
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july 2011 by dsalo

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