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The Rise of Phone Reading - WSJ
Chalk another one up to "things Some People thought would never happen."
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august 2015 by dsalo
Beware the Listening Machines - The Atlantic
How "personal assistant" voice-activated gizmos are a surveillance vehicle.
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june 2015 by dsalo
Website Screenshots & Responsive Design Screenshots | Modern.IE
Shows how a site will look in a bunch of different browsers. DO NOT use live; it's very, very slow.
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september 2014 by dsalo
Get a Peek Into Your Site or App's Usability | Peek by UserTesting
"5 minute video" of person using your site/app. Not clear whether you can set tasks.
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august 2014 by dsalo
Forget “post-PC”—pervasive computing and cloud will change the nature of IT | Ars Technica
A lot of the "retail" stuff in here could be replaced with "library" and not much would change!
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august 2013 by dsalo
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