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Xena - Digital Preservation Software
Detects original formats; migrates to open formats.
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december 2015 by dsalo
Reading In — On Archivy — Medium
A great example of how to extract file metadata and what it might tell you.
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july 2015 by dsalo
Embedding random files in random formats in a PDF is potentially problematic for preservation. WHOODATHUNKIT.
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february 2014 by dsalo
TrID - File Identifier
"TrID is an utility designed to identify file types from their binary signatures. While there are similar utilities with hard coded logic, TrID has no fixed rules. Instead, it's extensible and can be trained to recognize new formats in a fast and automatic way."
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march 2013 by dsalo
PRONOM | Welcome
PRONOM file-format guide. Searchable.
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january 2013 by dsalo
format-corpus/pdfCabinetOfHorrors at master · openplanets/format-corpus · GitHub
PDF Cabinet of Horrors: PDFs containing preservationally undesirable "features."
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november 2012 by dsalo
DAITSS Action Plan Service
An action plan is an xml document which specifies how the format will be treated in the short-term and in the longer-term, and when the plan will be reviewed. These treatments might include "forward migration" - converting the format to a newer version of the same format, e.g. PDF 1.2 to PDF 2.0. Or they might include "normalization" - converting the format to a different format that may be easier to preserve, e.g. PDF 1.4 to PDF/A. In all cases, the file in its original format and version, will be archived in addition to any migrated or normalized file formats.
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july 2012 by dsalo
Life-Saving: The National Software Reference Library « The Signal: Digital Preservation
Data file containing tracking info on bad batch of Botox was in a file format too old to open. Software library to the rescue!
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may 2012 by dsalo
The ISA Commons is a growing community that uses the ISA metadata tracking framework to facilitate standards-compliant collection, curation, management and reuse of datasets in an increasingly diverse set of life science domains.
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january 2012 by dsalo

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