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Opinion | Deleting Facebook Won’t Fix the Problem - The New York Times
Story of a military mother who worried that her Facebook DMs could endanger her child if breached.
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5 weeks ago by dsalo
How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met
Shadow profiles, data brokers, and how Facebook connects dots.
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april 2018 by dsalo
FACEBOOK sanctioned for several breaches of the French Data Protection Act | CNIL
Facebook tracks logged-out users who have not consented to tracking.
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may 2017 by dsalo
Take This Lollipop
Great class warmup exercise.
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october 2013 by dsalo
Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than 'Privacy' - Woodrow Hartzog and Evan Selinger - The Atlantic
Discusses privacy through the "obscurity" of records being difficult to find or laborious to obtain.
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january 2013 by dsalo
Three years later, deleting your photos on Facebook now actually works | Ars Technica
If there's anything I've learned from covering this issue for the last 3 years, it's that this—and other privacy-related issues on Facebook—are quite widespread. Users have an exceptionally hard time getting anyone at Facebook to listen to their complaints, too; I know this because they usually Google around, find my old coverage here at Ars, and start begging me for help in finding a real person to answer their inquiries. I have received almost unreal levels of e-mail on just Facebook-related privacy problems over the last 37 months.
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august 2012 by dsalo
Disruptions: Privacy Fades in Facebook Era - NYTimes.com
Shows just how easy reidentification is -- even for total amateurs.
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december 2011 by dsalo
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