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Publisher interest towards a role for journals in data sharing: the findings of the JoRD project
The specific objectives of the study were: to identify the current state of journal data sharing policies; to investigate the views and practices of stakeholders; to develop an overall view of stakeholder requirements and possible service specifications; to explore the market base for a JoRD Policy Bank Service; and to investigate and recommend sustainable business models for the development of a JoRD Policy Bank Service.
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november 2013 by dsalo
Machine Readable Rights Statements | Open Data Institute
Rights and provenance statements for datasets. Extends Dublin Core.
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august 2013 by dsalo
Press release archive: About NPG
Open for submissions this autumn, Scientific Data is a new open-access, online-only platform for the publication of descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets. Scientific Data will initially focus on experimental datasets from the life, biomedical and environmental sscience communities with future plans to expand to other fields in the natural sciences.
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april 2013 by dsalo
Data Pub | Thanks in Advance For Sharing Your Data
"Will you be required to share your data next time you publish? If you are looking for a short answer, it’s probably not." Includes list of journals that require data sharing.
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november 2012 by dsalo
Data Citation and Publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres | Ariadne: Web Magazine for Information Professionals
What Makes a Dataset Citable?

Before assigning a DOI to a dataset, certain criteria must be met, namely that the cited dataset has to be:

Stable: not subject to modificaton.
Complete: not subject to updates.
Permanent: by assigning a DOI, data centres are committing themselves to making the dataset available for the foreseeable future.
Of good (technical) quality: by assigning a DOI, data centres are giving it a ‘stamp of approval’, stating it is complete with all metadata made available.
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may 2012 by dsalo
PLoS Computational Biology: A Review of 2011 for PLoS Computational Biology
We are also contemplating a new article type: Data Pages. Data Pages would be brief publications about datasets, in which the data are not already well described in other papers yet are considered of great value to the community. Such brief publications would bring a traditional reward to the producers of these shared datasets.
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january 2012 by dsalo
Public availability of published research data in high-impact journals
"Overall, only 47 papers (9%) deposited full primary raw data online. None of the 149 papers not subject to data availability policies made their full primary data publicly available."
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september 2011 by dsalo

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