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Data Citation and Publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres | Ariadne: Web Magazine for Information Professionals
What Makes a Dataset Citable?

Before assigning a DOI to a dataset, certain criteria must be met, namely that the cited dataset has to be:

Stable: not subject to modificaton.
Complete: not subject to updates.
Permanent: by assigning a DOI, data centres are committing themselves to making the dataset available for the foreseeable future.
Of good (technical) quality: by assigning a DOI, data centres are giving it a ‘stamp of approval’, stating it is complete with all metadata made available.
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may 2012 by dsalo
Less Talk, More Code: Modelling and storing a phonetics database inside a store
Introduces additive, "sheer" data curation. Also interesting Fedora bits.
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march 2011 by dsalo

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