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BishopBlog: Journals without editors: What is going on?
Another Elsevier scam journal. Citation gaming via self-citation.
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february 2015 by dsalo
PLOS ONE: Rising Publication Delays Inflate Journal Impact Factors
Another way to game impact factor: delay print publication so the citations pile up, b/c JIF is calculated from print publication date. Clever. Evil.
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november 2014 by dsalo
To some a citation is worth $3 per year | Bits of DNA
Another way to game rankings: hire a crapload of highly-cited adjuncts. Disgusting.
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november 2014 by dsalo
Egyptian British Biological Society
Sad story of JIF: perfectly good journal shuts down because it publishes 10 articles/yr, and to get an IF you have to publish 20.
november 2014 by dsalo
Steal This Research Paper! (You Already Paid for It.) | Mother Jones
A useful history of the open access movement, through an Eisen-specific lens. Also good background on impact factor.
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september 2013 by dsalo
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