Doxed by Microsoft’s Docs.com: Users unwittingly shared sensitive docs publicly | Ars Technica
People upload stuff to cloud, don't check privileges, share with entire world when they shouldn't.
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possibly has workable holddowns for LaX
4 days ago
Computer Science Learning: Closing the Gap
Brief on women in CS; companion to earlier Google report on ethnicity.
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6 days ago
Advanced File Conversion Software
Possibly worth buying for RADD and PROUD.
13 days ago
XN Resource Editor
For can-opening Windows executables (e.g. from CD-ROMs) to get the juicy juicy content out.
15 days ago
Blame bad applicant tracking for the soft skills shortage at your company | TechCrunch
There are two solutions to this supposed soft-skills shortage, neither of which involve soft skills (which are harder to assess and train).

The first is giving all millennials a chance to become visible to employers through last-mile technical training.
500  hiring 
15 days ago
Amiga Forever - Introduction to Data Sharing
Lots of good stuff on getting data from an Amiga.
19 days ago
Uber's 'hustle-oriented' culture becomes a black mark on employees' résumés | Technology | The Guardian
The standard you walk by is the standard you accept. I'm not really crying for Uber employees; I'm intrigued that they're actually seeing consequences.
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21 days ago
Validate (X)HTML in Python - Stack Overflow
How to validate student HTML in Python.
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22 days ago
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