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Learning to Learn
The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn" was the capstone course by Dr. Richard W. Hamming (1915-1998) for graduate students at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California.
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september 2018 by drmeme
Books for Budding Engineers – UCL Engineering favourites!
A list of books on engineering thought that are tailored towards younger readers.
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december 2017 by drmeme
Making Engineering Team Communication Clearer, Faster, Better | First Round Review
A design document includes:
1. Background
2. Design goals
3. System diagram
4. Design summary
5. Design details
6. Tradeoffs made

Socialize the process and have a meeting.

Dealing with dissent.

Force focus
1. Send a reminder
2. Review the rules
3. Have each person read their question out load
4. Open up the discussion
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july 2017 by drmeme
Notes on Startup Engineering Management for Young Bloods
Managing people at startups is different because you have no safety net.
Coordination is very hard.
If the set of projects going on can fit into your head, your project list is probably trivial.
If the set of people is small enough that everyone knows everyone else, politics is trivial.
“The team is moving too slow” is the hardest problem you’ll ever debug.
Implement trust and communication throughout your team.
Metrics are not the only way to get your job done, but they can be useful.
Learn to estimate your capacity, and your team's capacity.
Prepare for long feedback loops, and look for opportunities to shorten them.
Choose your structure (or lack thereof) wisely.
People can do more than they think they can.
People will quit.
Your job is to survive.
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august 2016 by drmeme
Eng Interview Guide · Asana
Preparing for the Asana engineering interview.
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march 2016 by drmeme
Engineers Shouldn’t Write ETL: A Guide to Building a High Functioning Data Science Department | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
Instead of having a "waterfall" approach to data science and engineering aspects of a team, have the engineers build generic horizontal building blocks that can then be used by the data scientists to build their own end-to-end solutions.
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march 2016 by drmeme
Code as Craft - Blameless Post-mortems and Just Culture
So: failure happens. This is a foregone conclusion when working with complex systems. But what about those failures that have resulted due to the actions (or lack of action, in some cases) of individuals? What do you do with those careless humans who caused everyone to have a bad day?
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august 2014 by drmeme
Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering
Important issues (e.g., complexity, people, quality) related to software engineering. That people often forget or do not apply.
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november 2008 by drmeme
Robert Full on engineering and evolution | Video on TED.com
Springy legs overcome obstacles. Tiny hairs provide geko adhesion.
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june 2008 by drmeme
Rhetoric for Engineers: Introduction
Introductory tutorial on how to use rhetoric effectively.
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february 2008 by drmeme
36 Startup Tips: From Software Engineering to PR and More! - ReadWriteWeb
Software engineering, hosting infrastructure, conference marketing, legal and fiancial tips for startups.
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december 2007 by drmeme

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