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Harlem Reacts to 'Harlem Shake' Videos - YouTube
Harlem says the Harlem Shake is not the Harlem Shake: "That's West 4th Street dancing."
harlem  harlemshake  dance  youtube  video  music  interview  people  place  nyc  hiphop  from twitter_favs
february 2013 by driscoll
Google’s YouTube Blocks Film Behind Protests in Libya- Bloomberg
is Google right to block access to a controversial video because it is linked to attacks in Libya?
internet  censorship  religion  islam  representation  platform  video  youtube  google  netneutrality  hate  from twitter_favs
september 2012 by driscoll
The pirates of YouTube | Technology | guardian.co.uk
I dont agree with blatant piracy but I fully expect it is within "fair usage" or "reasonable use" that I could take a snippet or a clip of something I saw in a programme and upload it ?

I'm not entirely against this statement... but I can see a problem with it from a legal point of view...
words such as "blatant", "snippet", "clip", "saw in a programme", "upload" are very easy to stretch to breaking point
publicdomain  dmca  copyright  google  industry  speech  freespeech  fairuse  freeculture  contentid  video  youtube  piracy 
january 2012 by driscoll
Some clarification on what can be posted regarding Prince music/videos
sad how locked down the prince fan forums are bc of his bizarre 'tude re: fan production
copyright  freeculture  prince  fandom  fan  video  youtube  dmca  remix  from twitter
may 2011 by driscoll
YouTube - Waiting For Godot: The Video Game
legit lol! i really love this. RT Waiting for Godot: The Video Game (). I love the music.
youtube  literature  adaptation  remix  freeculture  gaming  from twitter
february 2011 by driscoll
YouTube - Together As One - A DJ Earworm Mashup
great video mash, UMG claimed (c) and is now MAKING MONEY OFF OF. unreal.
advertising  youtube  copyright  mashup  remix  video  pop  freeculture 
january 2009 by driscoll
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