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The AUDMCRS Underground Dance Music Collection of Recorded Sound
HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE: "the music we hear as teenagers is..the most important music for the rest of our lives"
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august 2013 by driscoll
The Archive on Vimeo
the owner of the largest vinyl collection in the world. astonishing.
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august 2008 by driscoll
bass / booty / techno / juking super record label
booty  bass  techno  house  juke  vinyl  dj 
april 2007 by driscoll
House 100 — Discopia
100 hit records from chicago's Warehouse parties in the 80s
disco  house  techno  chicago  dance  music  dj  records  songs  vinyl  jackthehouse 
april 2006 by driscoll
online hiphop vinyl
looks like it ships from ohio but the front page is in japanese?
hiphop  vinyl  records  web  dj  hip-hop 
december 2005 by driscoll

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