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Observations of an Internet Middleman | Beyond Bandwidth
Excellent blog post by internet backbone provider @Level3 about the facts behind net neutrality.
Internet  network  infrastructure  neutrality  netneutrality  peering 
may 2014 by driscoll
Obama's Bad Pick: A Former Lobbyist at the F.C.C. : The New Yorker
Some good people say former telcom/cable lobbyist might be okay FCC hed. But this seems more to the point.
Telecom  lobbying  regulation  fcc  netneutrality  from twitter_favs
may 2013 by driscoll
Google’s YouTube Blocks Film Behind Protests in Libya- Bloomberg
is Google right to block access to a controversial video because it is linked to attacks in Libya?
internet  censorship  religion  islam  representation  platform  video  youtube  google  netneutrality  hate  from twitter_favs
september 2012 by driscoll

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