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YouTube - Mario ft. Lil Wayne Crying Out For Me (Remix) VIDEO
i listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song
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september 2008 by driscoll
Oxford American.com - how lil wayne helped a teacher
Every few weeks, Michael or another student—for this piece, the names of my students have been changed—would have a new burned CD that was supposedly Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne’s long-anticipated sixth studio album. “This one’s official,” they would say. I learned to be skeptical even as I enjoyed the new tracks. Nothing “official” would come around until school was out for summer, but Lil Wayne created hundreds of new songs in 2007 and the first half of 2008. Vibe magazine took the time to rank his best seventy-seven songs of 2007, and that was not a comprehensive list. These songs would end up on the Internet, which downloaders could snag for free. He also appeared for guest verses on dozens of other rappers’ tracks.
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september 2008 by driscoll
ESPN - ESPN The Magazine - lil wayne first blog post
Lil Wayne is a commercially successful rapper and major sports fan.
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september 2008 by driscoll
todo mundo » Blog Archive » lil wayne on his work ethic
i've blogged, reblogged, fwded, twitted, whatevered this about 1000x

this is how i liveeee
lilwayne  work  ethic  hiphop 
september 2008 by driscoll
Video: Cassie (Feat. Lil Wayne) - Official Girl
ugly comments section but interesting video. wayne greenscreened into the whole thing? really weird. dialing in a verse (missy with isdn in her home!) is one thing, dialing in the video appearance seems less common. also... nokia n82 anyone?
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august 2008 by driscoll
VH1.com : Lil Wayne : Lil Wayne Beats The Bootleggers: Tha Carter III: The Leak Coming On December 18 - Rhapsody Music Downloads
"I can't stop it," Wayne said about his music being bootlegged. "I think there is no stopping it. I'm creating a new thing. When my stuff comes out it's, 'Maaaan, you heard that song?' I'm starting a new trend."
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december 2007 by driscoll
Lil’ Wayne beef with Jay-Z « Crunk
2006 complex article in which lil wayne states he is better than jay-z

creates the narrative of jay-z as jordan, wayne as lebron
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december 2007 by driscoll
village voice > music > Dj Drama & Lil Wayne; Lil Wayne: A Weary New Orleans Rapper Grows Up by Jon Caramanica
reaction to first dedication
discussion of lil wayne's growth, college
differences between earlier work and later
lilwayne  biography  hiphop  mixtapes  people  dj  drama 
december 2007 by driscoll
dj crew.. including dj infamous, producer of "workin em" beat used on dedication2
lilwayne  dj  hiphop  dedication2  mixtapes 
december 2007 by driscoll

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