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YouTube - Game: Space Monkey 2
kids playing the choking game. i feared this deeply as a kid and it really freaks me out as an adult.
teenagers  danger  body  games  spacemonkey 
february 2008 by driscoll
rRootage linux port
INSANE doujin / danmaku shmup
doujin  danmaku  shmup  kentacho  diy  games 
april 2007 by driscoll
Niniane home page
female hacker with an awesome home page. must show her work to the 9th/10th grade classes next year!
school  hacker  female  women  computing  computerscience  programmer  graphics  google  microsoft  games  search 
june 2006 by driscoll
3d game engine w/ python bindings
mmorpg  3d  code  free  games  graphics  programming  coding  python  software  school  gaming 
january 2006 by driscoll

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