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قلب: لغة برمجة
"قلب is a programming language written entirely in Arabic ... classical algorithms rendered as traditional Arab art."
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january 2013 by driscoll
jmechner/Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II · GitHub
get to it, ! RT release le code source de Prince of Persia pour apple II
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april 2012 by driscoll
David M. Berry (UK) - Thinking Software: Realtime Streams and Knowledge in the Digital Age on Vimeo
Thinking Software: Realtime Streams & Knowledge in the Digital Age (David Berry)- UnlikeUs conference 2012
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march 2012 by driscoll
Codecademy and the Future of (Not) Learning to Code
the people who want to learn to code want to learn to code and the reward should be that knowledge
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october 2011 by driscoll
Asciiflow - ASCII Flow Diagram Tool
superslow on netbook but really fun RT ASCiiFlow: Drawing package for the born-ascii generation
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august 2011 by driscoll
Stack Overflow
useful portal to programmer subcultures ==
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august 2011 by driscoll
ThoughtMesh: Critical Code Studies
psyched // Critical Code Studies 2010 Conference Proceedings: //
#critcode  critcode  from twitter
january 2011 by driscoll

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